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  1. Saw this video the other day and thought of you guys, didn't realise why.
  2. https://youtu.be/4f3PN4UOMA8?si=f7KHQzuyeLMD4zMw
  3. https://youtu.be/nSuregWhlWk
  4. i read halfway through ur post, i did similar math and found myself in a quizzical state
  5. i like the fact ur membership has 777 in it :)
  6. Yeah I just read this myself this second. although I'm sure it's good in alot of ways, something should have been done years ago. Not sure what their 'research' actually means, like you say watch this space I guess. Take it easy Dave
  7. Your quite right, I should have added more context to the post, I thought it was interesting video but shouldn't have been lazy in the post by not adding more about it. Tc
  8. Banks are fudgers for this. consider opening another bank account alongside your current one. some banks are better for different things
  9. @Solario333 brill, couldn't of happened to a nicer person
  10. Doable, back in the day turned zero into £800 on PKR. So good luck
  11. I always like reading your well constructed responses, and appreciate how beautifully crafted they are, a true words-smith. I really should spend longer on writing to this standard, as I am capable, an area I need to work on. But glad tgc has yourself to express these thoughts so elegantly.
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