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  1. is this what you mean by celebrity couples regard for wedding vows?
  2. he's not terrible because its 17k, he's terrible because he got caught haha

    Online Stake Restrictions

    maybe now that poker is supposedly a solved game perhaps that what the powers that be want lol
  4. wasn't slash from stoke-trent?

    FOBT - Fortune spins.

    yeah i vaguely recall, but i never played them then that ladbrokes didn't have a cap and remember hearing one of the chinese takeaway onwers winning or losing 50k in a day max betting nonstop i believe. long time ago all a bit fuzzy. i know the guy they were talking about to look at, owned a chain of takeaways and who knows what else.

    FOBT - Fortune spins.

    I saw a woman playing on three terminals she had massive balances. (this was before the £2 limit was introduced). later that day the bookie and the woman her self told me she won 17k, unreal. upon another conversation a year down the line new workers in the same bookies asked me what the biggest win i had had seen or heard of. three times arounf the 17k mark taken from fobts in a session. my personal most from one session on one machine was just over 2k. they said 2k was believeable but not 17k as overa certain amount(cant remember the figure they said) would be, as to what they refer to, as "a super jackpot" or rather multiple super jackpots.

    UKGC to ban VIP Offers and 'Advantage Play'

    interesting, I curious whether some don't even acutally move to malta but play remotely. I dont mean use a vpn but actually remotely access a computer situated in say malta from another country. any thoughts on this?

    300 shields

    yeah couple years ago on the normal 300 playing on my phone I hit massive cant remember the stake , no more than £5 though, paid about 2.5k ?

    300 shields

    thought I would share one of my early wins enjoy

    £10 deposit

    thanks. after withreawing the 1st £100 and leving myself about £27 got down to £2ish got and built that up to £144, withdrew another £100. got up to £60ish, withdrew another £30 then spaffed the remaining £30 odd. The withdrawls were thanks to my friend who said, "don't be a d*ck take it out !" lol.