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  1. More sense in Union because they're worth the 3 points, but yeah, definitely not as regular as they were
  2. Without meaning to be rude, I wouldn't put a penny on it haha. The only way to get an odd points score for a team is from a drop goal and unlike Union they're only usually taken if needed
  3. No mate, I think what is happening is that due to weather they will play games in the UK for the start and then they'll likely have a number of home games in a row later on. Let me see if I can find something: "Due to early season weather concerns and stadium availability in Toronto, the Wolfpack’s Home Opener will come to Lamport Stadium on April 18 against Hull FC, the first clash of a three-game home stand for the transatlantic side. The Wolfpack will host 11 of their 14 home games at The Den, excluding potential postseason fixtures, meaning every Super League team will visit Toronto in 2020. The Wolfpack’s additional three home games will take place in Europe at neutral venues in rounds one, five and eight."
  4. You put your name down first after me I believe Sir, that's the only reason I can give haha
  5. Their game is a double header with FC vs Leeds, in Leeds. So while they are classed as the home team for this, it's not in Canada.
  6. They are indeed the were promoted in place of the relegated London. Also, yes, they are actually the Canadian Toronto haha
  7. Right then, here we go! 20 people have their name on this list hoping to challenge me, last year's regular round league topper and David, last year's Grand Final winner! Other than me we have @david1111 @Brownman24 @Kev40 @Fredthedog1 @Sgt_bilk0 @1pstaker @Jok3st3r @Solario333 @therealwintersoldier @Triggered101 @Crunchie @Hacko 1 @margate1985 @4houghts @Blampy @adamuk @RB91 @VillaLad @ColourMeUp Below are this year's round 1 TGC fixtures and also the games you will need to make your choices from. For those new to the comp' basically I want from you who you think will win each match (or choose draw, but a draw in rugby league is not too common). Secondly I will need to know a points margin you think your team will win by. Choose from: 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21-25, 26-30 and so on and so on. If you choose a draw for a match, obviously no need to list a margin. Any questions then just give me a shout, or failing that, one of the wonderful players from last year will help I'm sure. Hopefully this year will be just as enjoyable as the last, best of luck to everyone!!!
  8. RichieFC

    Slots4fun Giveaway

    179x Good luck mate
  9. RichieFC


    Wow, just wow. The first I had any idea all this was going on this morning was when the notification that @Solario333 had sent across the £390 he was holding. Anyone who was in the joint bullet will know I predicted someone would react like this, maybe a few have and not spoken up too but yeah, I thought it would cause a stir amongst some. @Miller26 I know, for the most part, your heart is in the right place for the majority of the posts you write but you don't half go about things the wrong way mate. I do also get what you was saying about me feeling the need to stream, or specifically streaming slots. I said myself about it in the first post. I'll stream as and when I can, the same as now and I won't be streaming slots which aren't on behalf of someone else or a community bullet. I want to thank @Solario333 and also @adamuk for their parts in putting this together. I would NEVER have done any post such as this myself, the thought never crossed my mind and I didn't know what I felt about it when it was first put on. Probably came across really ungrateful to be honest. Anyway, either way thank you also to every single person that has donated anything and thanks to those who have 'had my back' I'll be honest, and I've not said it... or at least straight out said it but if I was to keep having the issues with my current laptop and the headache it gives me then I was very close to just saying sod it unfortunately. If anyone at all wants their donation back then please just let me know, I never expected anyone to put in but on the other hand knew some would. I hope this is because they actually enjoy the streams and the community feel of them. I'm babbling now.
  10. RichieFC


    At the moment the reason behind a laptop rather than desktop is just having somewhere to put it, fully understand your point on it being a better option I'm just not sure I can make it work lol
  11. RichieFC


    Ok bud, I'll leave it with you
  12. RichieFC


    Pass on my thanks please Adam
  13. RichieFC


    @Solario333 CraigSlots' £70 from the joint bullet is added in also, I believe the amount you have organised should be ample without the need for people to further their generosity
  14. RichieFC


    Appreciate the thought Kinks but really a contribution isn't needed, you have an awful long time to wait until the 256th though. Let me know if you need any baked beans shipping or what not