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  1. Tricky0212

    What is the best way to bet on horse racing ?

    At least with your roulette strategy (whilst 100% a losing strategy) there is some logic behind it and the wheel isn’t biased so it’s likely it will eventually hit a section it hasn’t for a while - although the problem is of course the odds are against you to martingale any pattern/section hence it being a 100% losing strategy. That’s just a mathematical fact. However, unlike a roulette wheel where everything has an equal chance on every spin and has consistent odds, with racing, there is bias in play. Each horse will have different odds and usually if low drawn horses have won the first 5 races it usually means that side of the track is quicker/better ground and so that side is more likely to keep winning. You’re generally better to follow it than go against it if that’s going to be your strategy. As for the odds, let’s take a field of 10 horses. If the first 4 races are won by horses in stalls 1-5 you are saying for the next 4 races you would back all those in stalls 6-10. Laying out 5pts per race across 5 horses means you need a 4/1 or bigger odds horse to win just to break even, and in fields of 10 or less that’s less likely to happen. We often hold racing comps here, so you can employ your strategy in those and see how it does. Ps - I’m not criticising you, everyone can play any game how they choose, I’m just pointing out there are mathematical flaws in your strategies you may want to consider.
  2. Tricky0212

    Do gambling companies really care?

    I know this discussion is primarily around the online scene with Gamstop/limits/source of wealth etc, but I was in a land based Grosvenor this weekend and I saw this sign which I thought was interesting and hopefully a deterrent for those on any kind of self exclusion trying to work around it either online or live.
  3. Tricky0212

    Favorite Streamers and why?

    What about Roshtein , he’s pretty cool too
  4. Tricky0212

    Been dreaming of 500x on danger for years

    Can anyone link the video that the “well done” guy was in I want to re live the laughter on this boring Tuesday eve
  5. Has anyone actually watched his video that explains his challenge ? It appears the goal is not to make money, but to try and have your bankroll of 4,300 units survive for 155,00 roulette spins - no method, no system, no logic just to have at least 1 unit remaining after 155,00 spins of roulette….
  6. Tricky0212

    Tinkering on Big Bass Splash

    Not these witches then ?
  7. Tricky0212


    Haven’t logged in for a few weeks been busy with work, hope you’re ok @Blacko mate like the others say just drop us a line to let us know you’re ok even if you’re just taking a break for a while
  8. Tricky0212

    Glorious Goodwood 2022 Doubles Comp

    Cheers to you too mate, but yeah we had a howler
  9. Tricky0212

    Glorious Goodwood 2022 Doubles Comp

    2.10 Bascule - 25 Win 3.20 Batman - 25 Win 3.55 Zero Carbon - 25 Win 4.30 Rainbow Colours - 25 Win @Aarongeorge1989 good luck for the last day, we feckin need it
  10. Tricky0212

    Glorious Goodwood 2022 Doubles Comp

    Me and @Aarongeorge1989picks today are: 1.50 - Hydroplane 3.00 - Jimi Hendrix 4.45 - Gallib 5.20 - Highland Premiere All 25 win
  11. Tricky0212

    Glorious Goodwood 2022 Doubles Comp

    The rules look tighter than the sign up bonus of a crypto casino I’m afraid mate, I think even if you hit a winner it would have been capped at 5 points max as for me and @Aarongeorge1989 we’ve just been giving you a fair handicap about to pull out back to back 33/1 shots on the final day to take the comp by storm
  12. Tricky0212

    Glorious Goodwood 2022 Doubles Comp

    1.50 - Box to Box 2.25 - Samahram 5.20 - Stockpyle All 20 Win
  13. Tricky0212

    Glorious Goodwood 2022 Doubles Comp

    You too pal, let’s hope for a good start against these old boys
  14. Tricky0212

    Glorious Goodwood 2022 Doubles Comp

    1.50 - Legend of Dubai - 10 Win 3.00 - Lusail - 15 Win 4.10 - Equality - 15 Win 5.55 - Kimngrace - 10 Win
  15. Tricky0212

    Glorious Goodwood 2022 Doubles Comp

    Sounds a great comp. Happy to be paired randomly or with anyone who wants to