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  1. Cheers Paul, very generous! But I’m more excited to see these upcoming uploads with your decent wins! Glad you’ve had a good run of late Aston Villa 1-0 Brighton 2-0 Aberdeen (draw) 1-1 Man U 1-0 Livingstone (draw) 0-0 Bournemouth 2-0
  2. Tricky0212

    Liverpool v Manchester utd

    I hop we (I’m a Man U fan) get a penalty so we can watch Klopp and Liverpool go into a crying meltdown
  3. Tricky0212

    I would appreciate your opinion...

    Happy to give my view for what it’s worth, but all the best with whatever you decide. My background is a lawyer, and a reasonable amount of experience with mortgage/house prices etc. (To be clear the below is all speculative advice and not legal/financial advice). To give my full opinion, I’d like to mention some of the surrounding factors. Firstly, your current job is stable and has a good salary, if the new job does not work out then you have the dilemma of finding something new very quickly, otherwise you risk having to start to eat into your house deposit whilst you job hunt - not ideal, but it sounds like you’re good at what you do and should be able To source a new job fairly quickly. Secondly, the housing market is heavily expected to decline in the coming months. Unemployment will reach an all time high, demand and eligibility for mortgages/properties will decline and the market will suffer. Only short term, but it will. This is further strengthened by the fact that the SDLT holiday ends 31st March. You may therefore find that if you were to wait another 6 months or so before buying you not only have a bigger deposit, the CCJ is even older (and other credit factors probably also improved) and the price of what you are looking for may well have come down. Even the government are anticipating an 8% decrease in average house prices but in real terms it probably won’t be this bad but maybe consider a 3-4% saving on the purchase price. The other factors above would also suggest you would become more favourable to a lender and perhaps get a better rate which over the course of 25 years on that kind of money could be a big saving in itself. Umtimately, like others have said following your gut is always a good instinct to follow and you have to do what is right for you and your family. I think what I would be looking to do is take the new job, but put off the house purchase for 6 months. During that time your deposit will at worst stay the same, but you may earn a payrise with the new company given the scope for progression and then when you do buy might find yourself in a much stronger position. There’s of course some number crunching you need to do regarding the lower commute, but increase childcare cost and a lesser salary to begin with which only you can assess. Hope this helps and all the best with whatever you decide.
  4. Tricky0212

    Squeaky bum time?

    Its actually a really interesting topic Black - I specialise in probate/taxes etc handing estates when people die and there’s a whole world of problems with “digital assets”. Even things like your online betting/casino accounts you might have a hefty balance, which the estate would be entitled to, but your family would have to know it’s there to begin with and very few people keep a record of all these accounts. Same goes for a lot of these digital trading platforms like eToro etc they don’t send paper statements it’s all electronic and there are usually forfeiture fees in these types of things (I.e if you don’t log in for a year we take £5 a week maintenance etc) so if it’s never found eventually they will get all of the funds for themselves. Theres a lot of discussion at the moment in the industry about incorporating digital assets into Wills because times have changed.
  5. Tricky0212

    p0t3nt1al gambling journey

    Sorry to hear of the severity of some of your problems, but respect for speaking openly about it. However, what made me comment was the term “super degen monkey tilt”. We all know exactly what you mean but that phrase is brilliant actually made me laugh out loud and spit my tea out
  6. Tricky0212

    BTG & KFC Free Giveaway!!

    Good luck Rolla! Ill go £11,900 and 173 x
  7. Tricky0212

    It happened.... in the bookies

    I was in a bookies once and saw the FOBT get the chair put straight through the screen and then it got tipped on the floor. It was a coral. The chap left the shop and the staff made 2 calls, one to coral to report it and one to the police to report it. The thing that sticks in my memory is the coral maintenance guys turned up, Replaced the screen and restored the unit and it was up an running again before the police even arrived so when they did they were very confused as they could see no damage in the shop
  8. Let’s gooo great idea Rolla I hope You profit from as do some members
  9. Tricky0212

    1st of Jan 2021

    Is that to make sure you don’t accidentally back it ?
  10. Tricky0212

    Bring on 2021

    You too mate, and to everyone else here
  11. Tricky0212


    Cullen took Rollas 2/1 on MVG
  12. Tricky0212


    Your camera skills are improving - if I recall last time you tried to take a photo you ended up changing your profile pic to some roast beef
  13. Tricky0212

    King George

    Santini for me, think he’s a great value bet at 5/1
  14. Tricky0212

    Canelo v Smith Predictions

    For me it’s a lump on it not going the distance, and a semi-lump on Canelo by KO/TKO
  15. Top stuff great to see the regulars scoop the enjoy!