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  1. Juniorrr

    Keeeeeemon Barcelonaaaaaaaa!!!

    Come on
  2. Juniorrr

    Rocknrolla Unibet Feature Table *LIVE TONIGHT*

    brilliant, well played mate
  3. Juniorrr

    BooM The Rabbit

    Wow, cracking win nice one
  4. Juniorrr

    Rocknrolla Live On Battle Of Malta Feature Table!!!!

    Brilliant, seems you were the commentators favourite, must be the hoodie. GTFIT
  5. Juniorrr

    YouTube videos will never be banned again

    NickSlots and casino grounds YouTube have been banned.
  6. Juniorrr

    Odds on this??

    Imagine rolla on zero section here!!
  7. Juniorrr

    The big introduction topic!

    What’s happening guys! Watch the stream all the time, all the best with the website Paul and hopefully some big wins!!