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  1. iamcreator

    Mike Postle Cheating

    Still amazed that exactly Twitter users raised the alarm.. Nothing could be hidden from them, even poker cheating ?
  2. iamcreator

    Respin Circus

    This one is a time devourer. I'm not sure it is worth the effort
  3. iamcreator

    interesting streamer giveaway

    hmm, this maneuver lacks credibility
  4. iamcreator

    Wrong adress

    That's so inspiring to see such cases with a happy end. I remember a lot of situations with wrong account details or verification, and most of them seemed to end up pretty sad. Glad you received your money!
  5. iamcreator

    I can't really choose a title

    So many people stay silent thinking about suicide. You may never know a salesman from a neighbor shop is suffering from depression and fighting suicidal thoughts