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  1. Little update... The casino has shafted me Won't payout because the winnings resulted from freespins that they gave me. Apparently all I can withdraw is $50 of it... pretty hard considering the minimum withdrawal amount is $500. Assholes
  2. Thanks mate! Been overboard plenty of times unfortunately. Hopefully I have that sorted now
  3. Was gifted 20 freespins from the casino to play Snake Arena. Won a whopping $1.20. Managed to get the bonus a few spins later and won $8. Took my $8 over to 1 million megaways b.c and landed a minimum stake bonus which paid 200x or so. Then had a nice little hit on Volcano Gold followed by one on Wild Frames! Long story short cashed out $500 from 20 freespins for the second time within a month. Cheering!
  4. Had another nice minimum stake hit. The game wasn't doing much at all and then it rolled this in Would've been nice to land a rottweiler on the end.
  5. Deposited $45 and thought I will give Reactoonz a bash on minimum stake. It hasn't been very nice to me lately. 6 spins in I hit this! If only they were pinks... I'm not complaining though
  6. First time playing this game, banked the first three bonuses to get the plus 4 multiplier. Was just shy of 400x, not too shabby. Unfortunately spunked it all chasing a bonus on that stupid Lucky Neko game
  7. Thanks mate! Cleared the wagering and cashed out $500
  8. Thanks mate. Yeah I have a couple that allow me to play using a VPN, which is good because most casinos that let Aussies play don't have any of the good providers.
  9. Was given 20 freespins on a pretty average game for filling out a survey for the casino I play at. Managed to win $15. Took my $15 over to Wild frames and didn't look like anything was going to happen, then I got all the wilds for a nice 300x win. Went over to Jammin and had my first big win on it ever. Landed a couple of big oranges with two 6x's. Payed a nice 900x! Followed that up with a 250x bonus. Then had another decent win on Honey Rush! Have got my $15 up to $700. Still have a tiny bit of wagering to do, but will make my first withdrawal in a long time. Smiling from ear to ear
  10. Couldn't agree more. Been there before. Great win @Symbol! Congrats! I had a similar set up on $4.5 stake after the 3rd or 4th spin. Just didn't land the wild on reel one so didn't get the wildline or extra spins. Won $1400, but could've been closer to $40k had it come in.
  11. Nice one! Well done mate!
  12. Awesome hit! Congratulations!
  13. Mark8685

    Fairy queen

    Decent bonus on fairy queen. Anyone else like this game? I love the fact that you are guaranteed at least 10 winning spins in the bonus. Hope you have all had a great Christmas ?
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