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  1. to deposit a few grand on a casino and expect the world from them isnt realistic,i use only one online site after a few months of mid to high stakes i contacted their VIP department and negotiated a 20% cashback on deposit losses which is all withdrawable i have never took a bonus for sign up or any that has to be wagered at all. You have to remember your not the only one using their casino there are people probably depositing thousands a month or even weekly these are the ones that "get looked after" :)
  2. dandanthfc

    Up for Debate.

    great question I personally would of lost 200 as over the years you learn this is the best way to deal with a loss,you have to get your mind round the fact that you lost 200 not 1200 for me makes it easier to deal with losses.
  3. dandanthfc

    What Do You Get From Live Streams?

    This isn't directed at any streamer in particular,I'm a gambler have been for longer than I care to remember (35 plus years) I don't really understand when people say "if I watch a streamer it stops me from gambling" basically from my perspective and just to add I don't want to stop gambling but if I wanted to stop gambling the last thing I would do is watch someone else gambling,personally I feel if I wanted to stop gambling watching someone else hit big wins (which I fully understand isn't a daily occurrence!) definitely wouldn't help me but probably encourage me to try and hit a win,this isn't obviousy how the majority feel just my own personal view,there are certain streamers and youtubers I only watch and it's mainly Paul and The Bandit purely for the entertainment value and that they both genuiely seem like good guys that care about their viewers........needless to say when I'm not watching them I'm probably going degen myself ?
  4. sorry Shades wasnt directed at you was more of a general statement. ?
  5. If your depositing your net worth all the time for example on your payday then you have a gambling problem and should seek advice from GA or another reputable organisation,I hope this doesnt sound derogatory but it's me being honest.
  6. I normally start with a minimum of £1k rather than keep depositing over and over again,there are times I deposit a lot more it depends I have never taken a deposit bonus as the site i use gives me back 20% back of my deposits if I have a losing run this is withdrawable as well.
  7. dandanthfc

    I Really Can't Be Arsed With Slots/Stakes

    here is my recent example of different stakes to win ratio.
  8. dandanthfc

    Favourite/Worst Jockey Past or Present

    Willie Carson!!
  9. I imagine a lot of us are the same the amount of times I've deposited 2k and said ok when I get to 4k or 5k I'll withdraw and when I've got there or surpassed it I've just carried on and say ok when I get to 10k then it disappears ?
  10. it definitely can be hard to know when to stop!!
  11. I was doing £30 spins on Montezuma and hit £16,5k on a bonus got a 10x retrigger and some other hits on it and hit a big one on raging Rhino I normally only play these two slots.
  12. Sizzler29 I've gambled for over 35 years you get used to losses if you don't learn to deal with them it would drive me crazy,although I do play high stakes when I lost the 26.5k i had been up about 45k at the time so although wasn't nice losing it I was still up for that month but thats the swings gambling online and these are the swings that you need to be able to deal with,as well as having a bankroll to carry on and get the illusive big hits!! Also chasing losses doesn't help ?
  13. dandanthfc

    Some Wins

    Thanks Guys.
  14. dandanthfc

    Some Wins

    here are some wins of mine im an old sod and not to good on pc's,so havent screenshot individual wins but its my history of some recent hits,these wins are really more about stake size and you don't have to always play big stakes for decent hits,I know my stakes are quite high but its what I enjoy to play and am within my bankroll.