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  1. Sirbetsalot

    Gambling implications when applying for a mortgage

    I’m in the exact same position as you mate, looking to buy first time with my girlfriend in the next year or so. Advice I got was pretty much the same as has been put on here, keep everything clear for 6 months. I went a bit further and stuck a year long cool down on all my online gambling accounts. Pain in the arse now that the gov has put everything on lockdown and I can’t go to the bookies but least I’m saving money Good Luck with whatever you end up doing, my personal advice would be don’t look for a workaround. I looked at using PayPal or setting up another bank account for gambling but in the end I think you’re best just knuckling down and getting offline for the 6 months so you can guarantee you don’t have any issues
  2. Well done to the winners and massive props to everyone involved in organising this
  3. Villa 2 - 0 Newcastle Brighton 1 - 0 Blackpool Aberdeen 2 - 1 Motherwell Man U 2 - 1 Liverpool Livingston 2 - 0 St Mirren Bournemouth 1 - 0 Crawley Good Luck everyone entering
  4. You’re some man Paul, been loving the YouTube streams
  5. Biggest X - 165X Biggest Win - £1650 GL Paul, hope you smash it
  6. Cheers @Rocknrolla @MrUKHackz and everyone else involved Lil Devil may have been shit but was cheering you on when the Lightning roulette made up for it
  7. Gl Paul, I hope it’s a spewworthy one 30k+ Fingers crossed My guess is £7,422
  8. Sirbetsalot

    Today’s selections

    No luck on the horses today. Simply the Betts in the early race saved it from being a terrible one at 7-1, only winner Onto the golf tonight ?
  9. Sirbetsalot

    Today’s selections

    Summerville boy in the 3.35 at 8-1
  10. Sirbetsalot


    Had a few small pints today but jump season is so bad. I’ll be laying low until Cheltenham and Aintree. I did 21 days of dry January (booze and gambling) until I finally gave up ?? I've massively reduced my stakes to what they were, for me a massive bet will be £30 on Belgium to win the Euros which is crazy when before I’d be aiming to have a £100/200 so I could get that bag of sand return. Still addicted to the ponies but trying to stay in lower stakes for my sanity mate ?
  11. Sirbetsalot


    @Miller26 hope you’re doing well mate ?
  12. Sirbetsalot

    EURO 2020

    Same boat as Germany I just don’t think Spain are up to the standards of Belgium, France and England at country level. If I was looking outside the favourites I’d be looking at Holland and maybe even Portugal. It’ll be some good matches anyway ?
  13. Sirbetsalot

    Today’s selections

    4.15 - Kybosh to win Earl of Bunnacurry ew