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  1. Sirbetsalot

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Got my didies felt today lads damn Dundee. On to tomorrow, glad I saw someone get on Southampton 1 down!
  2. Sirbetsalot

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Done a big treble today as I had some luck on the midweek CL. In Amsterdam this weekend so hopefully one of these wins and covers tonight’s beers Hope everyone is having a good weekend
  3. Sirbetsalot

    The true cost of gambling

    Will do mate, I’ll pop in from time to time I still watch Paul’s streams which are always a lot of fun
  4. Sirbetsalot

    The true cost of gambling

    Late to the party but all the best @Miller26 I’m on my own attempt to stop gambling for good which is why I’m never on the site anymore or in the competitions, this way works for me as I avoid anything that might lure me in or tempt me to put a bet on. I don’t hold anything against affiliates of other people who like to gamble, I’m just not lucky or smart enough to win. I’ve closed all my online accounts and that’s done me the world of good. Wish you all the best and hope this is the beginning of a long period for you where you’re not wasting money of gambling
  5. Sirbetsalot

    Fold AA before the bubble

    No worries man, will do
  6. Sirbetsalot

    Fold AA before the bubble

    Just have to agree to disagree on this one. Not about playing for a min cash but playing smart with the amount of chips you have and the money that can be made. Again I'm talking very very specific scenarios, but if you're never even considering folding aces on the stone bubble regardless of how short you are or how many other players are in covering you that doesn't seem correct. Blanket statement of I have aces so it's going in doesn't seem +ev to me
  7. Sirbetsalot

    Fold AA before the bubble

    I'm by no means an expert But my opinion is its more looking at it from a long term perspective. If your a recreational player playing a couple of tournaments then no point folding but if you have a bankroll of 100/200 tournament buy ins then there are definetly situations if you were super short where you fold into the money and just take the 1+buy in from the min cash. Also have to look at your equity in tournament if you win the hand. If it puts you in with a chance of making a deep run then worth going for it but if winning the hand still puts you 333/ get the point. Only talking about very specific scenarios where you would consider folding but agree there are times I could find a fold
  8. Sirbetsalot

    Fold AA before the bubble

    It has been mentioned but only time would be if it were a satellite where I'm more or less comfortable to make it into the prize pool. Or If I'm a small stack bleeding into the money where a double up isn't going to really improve my stack size greatly. Say 5/6 blinds or lower then just give it up and accept the min cash. Every other scenario the chips are going in the middle and I'm high fiving the table till I get coolered
  9. Sirbetsalot

    Bandits Sunday Slots

    Good that it shows the swarm can pay absolutely fuck all, he'd had some luck on i in other videos
  10. Sirbetsalot

    Gambling problem

    I sympathise with how tough it is Miller, even today I was tempted to put something on the Woman's World Cup just cause I was watching it Basically any sport I'm going watching feel like I need to back it. But I didn't and just went on and enjoyed watching it without a bet. I hope you enjoy your time off and have no desire to gamble at all man
  11. Sirbetsalot

    Female gambler, long time reader..time I joined

    Favourite slot for me is Goonies, has treated me kindly and love the music After that DHV and book of dead although they never pay. Mistly play on whatever site I'm gambling on at the time, skybet mostly
  12. Sirbetsalot

    Today’s selections

    So close. Gl lads not to be today
  13. Sirbetsalot

    Sandown part 2

    Club Tropicana for me in the last. Gl all