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  1. Sirbetsalot

    Today’s selections

    After a shocking day at Ascot (Not even had a place). Gone for Mountain Angel to win (10-1) the last and a small ew on global giant at 50-1 Need a winner. Cmon!
  2. Sirbetsalot

    Today’s selections

    Standard Ascot race. No one, anywhere
  3. Sirbetsalot

    Today’s selections

    I've gone for Lauren's in the first at Ascot on Skybet. I have a terrible record at Ascot so will most likely stick the the first races races day unless I get a hit. Gl all!
  4. Sirbetsalot

    U.S Open 2019

    I read Steve Palmers tips from the racing post and have followed his selections. Woods - 12-1 £20 win (betway offer) Cantley - 20-1 - £5 win Schauffee - 28-1 - £5 win Michelson - £2.50 ew - 45-1 (10 places) Snedekr - 40-1 - £2.50 ew (10 places) Good luck all and cmon Tiger!
  5. Sirbetsalot

    Last Leg of Season Long - Nadal 🤞🤞🙏🙏

    GTFI MAN! Hope you won loads, 9/2
  6. Sirbetsalot

    Today’s selections

    Shanroe and La Chanteuse in the 5.30. GL all!
  7. Sirbetsalot

    Last Leg of Season Long - Nadal 🤞🤞🙏🙏

    Withdrawn 1 grand. Hands down biggest withdrawal and win I've had ha @Miller26 I'll be having a small punt 5.30 no1 and no13 ew GTFI thanks for the well wishes all!
  8. Sirbetsalot

    Last Leg of Season Long - Nadal 🤞🤞🙏🙏

    Nadal went beast mode in the 3rd set, what a player. £900 profit from the original bet. Couldn't be happier £900 getting withdrawn leaving £135 in. GTFI!!!!!
  9. Sirbetsalot

    Last Leg of Season Long - Nadal 🤞🤞🙏🙏

    It all started cause I was in tenefife for the Ryder cup and wanted to start an acca with Europe winning Its been good entertainment for the year, will be doing more next season
  10. Sirbetsalot

    Last Leg of Season Long - Nadal 🤞🤞🙏🙏

    I've layed £100 on theim just a saver as I would be sick to get no return from the season long
  11. Sirbetsalot

    Last Leg of Season Long - Nadal 🤞🤞🙏🙏

    Gonna leave some money in my account for the US open and Royal Ascot. Everything else is being withdrawn and saved, had a shit month gambling so would be happy for the returns!
  12. Not sure if I've mentioned this in a post before but today marks the final leg of a season long I put on last year! 1 of multiple bets I've put on (including free bets), staked £35 pounds and returns £1035! Put it on for exactly £1000 profit coming in if Nadal wins today Let's go!
  13. Sirbetsalot

    Everything is lost again : I'm lost!!

    Good job man! So close to that 100 mark. Keep it up!!
  14. Sirbetsalot

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Haydock 1.45 - paradise boy 2.25 - mrs sippy (nb) 3.00 - Intense Romance (Nap) 3.35 - Mankib Beverly 1.25 - love dreams 2.00 - execlusive 3.15- dream shot Newmarket 2.10 - Riveria nights 2.45 - the Glasgow warrior GL all!
  15. Sirbetsalot

    Self excluded

    All the best mate! I hope this helps you loads, take it a day at a time.