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  1. zdesperadosz

    Is Evolution gaming really fair ?

    Lightning roulette is the worst how can they get away with this you have legitimate casinos but games from unregulated countries pure bull
  2. zdesperadosz

    Is Evolution gaming really fair ?

    This is so true I believe this fella
  3. zdesperadosz

    Work? Isit all worth it?

    Do need to be a turn coat ether bud ( to a rival company) you no go be happy thier also with that attitude, were you wronged by your employer, loyalty is key for me and I'd like for my employer/, employee to be trustworthy and loyal that if problems arise we can chat about it,
  4. zdesperadosz

    Work? Isit all worth it?

    I'm not in love not important too me at the moment caring for people is one thing but love Love is blind if you love some one or thing they can do 10 bad things and one good thing and the person in love can only see the one good thing,
  5. zdesperadosz

    Work? Isit all worth it?

    I can relate here a bit I gave up a job that I'd for long time loved it for years good pay on a 1/3 of the pay now I miss the money but for my mental health it was the best I didn't like the direction the company was going miss the new vehicle the most used to make me fell like some but I was living to work no time for anything only a fue charity cycles, but I had ultimately gave. It up at the worst time and wasn't prepared to eg living expenses n all, I was very wrong to rush my thoughts then, I ended up moving and life been much harder now but mentally it was best I just rushed it too soon,
  6. zdesperadosz

    Is Evolution gaming really fair ?

    A to fair play to you, believe you are 100% correct lovely reading and clear as day proof, pitty about the one major clown that's blind, or maby under some sort of a d trump contract
  7. zdesperadosz

    not being able to be honest

    Like can you explain how you were gambling @ 5years old, I personally could not remember when I was five but I do remember throwing rubber rings at a board with hooks for fags in 6 class eg 11 years old so that technically gambling, so back to you on gambling @ five
  8. zdesperadosz

    Upset at Rocknrolla

    Not if its the missus undercover ? And lots can relate too it
  9. zdesperadosz

    2 x £100 forum givaways for the regulars

    Lol just copped it my bad, I feel silly now but giggling my head off
  10. zdesperadosz

    2 x £100 forum givaways for the regulars

    Fair play I'd like to go with, 316 cheers Good Luck all
  11. zdesperadosz

    Long time gambling

    Hi fellas thanks for yer in put ano it's personal to a lot and ye been open and honest with yer opinions fair play, But ultimately its our own choice to do it and in the end of the day if we saw them off a cliff or in d River we no go do it, I will have to look deeper in to me instead of trying to blame anyone for my own actions, I would like to thank ye all as I will take from this and go away with a different opinion IbhTed
  12. zdesperadosz

    Anyone had a letter about a scheme? payday loans

    Could be a scam, easiest way to scam is make someone believe they are going to get money n so on shur time will tell.
  13. zdesperadosz

    Long time gambling

    Lol thanks 4 reply
  14. zdesperadosz


    It's not the same ps of years ago, don't see many streaming their casino, one thing I do notice is after a deposit eg today don't play their for a week or two youl be sure of a win nearly instantly when ud play again, but some times I think just some people are lucky and some people are more unlucky