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  1. Winningbird

    Bandit vid

    Now now xbob
  2. Winningbird

    Guess the Easter Egg/Product

    Is 23 the lindt mint bunny? You've got my head thinking with this one
  3. Winningbird

    Guess the Easter Egg/Product

    Chocolate is chocolate, especially when it's not worth the risk going to morrisons for my cake bars Yeah, I'll be there when hes on next
  4. Winningbird

    Guess the Easter Egg/Product

    Probably not, but shes only got 1 and a small hunt box.. I'm trying to be good
  5. Winningbird

    Guess the Easter Egg/Product

    18 is twirl I think
  6. Winningbird

    Guess the Easter Egg/Product

    It's just taken me a step closer to my daughters easter eggs. I dont think she will notice if I pinch one.. will she? Cheers, probably most are wrong but my chocolate senses are going crazy hope you're all well too!
  7. Winningbird

    Guess the Easter Egg/Product

    1 I think is role 2 mini egg 5 is either munchies or malteasers.. thinking munchies 16 oreo 19 aero? 21 m&ms I know theres a few dairy milk ones in there but I cant tell which ones freddo faces and which ones buttons haha
  8. Winningbird

    Happy birthday Richie!

    Happy birthday
  9. Winningbird

    Sunday night discussion

    I forgave you for that. Sorry andy, I got caught at a bad time earlier.
  10. Winningbird

    Mod abuse

    Afraid not denman. I'm the one who 'gambled her daughters coat money', got threatened to have a hole put in my head, and was called a bad mother. All fun and games there when the trolls start I have a good sense of humour I'll have you know
  11. Winningbird

    Mod abuse

    You make me sick.. but cheers for the welcome
  12. Winningbird

    Mod abuse

    You've not scared me off at all, I just prefer not to comment here
  13. Winningbird

    Bandits stream

    Hilarious. Shame I don't gamble though sweet.
  14. Winningbird

    Bandits stream

    I got like that at 25 someone asked me how old I was the other day, and it took a while for me to work out.
  15. Winningbird

    Bandits stream

    I'm good cheers Blacko, how are you? Did you have a good birthday?