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  1. RB91

    Fuel Shortage

    In my petrol car?
  2. RB91

    Fuel Shortage

    I always fill up to the brim. Just a habit because I always have work vans and I’m used to filling up.
  3. RB91

    Fuel Shortage

    Phone the pigs. That’s highly illegal.
  4. RB91

    Best UK internet Provider

    You pretty much only have virgin and BT for the vast majority of the Uk. If you’re not with virgin, you’re using BT’s infrastructure. There are a few small exceptions to the rule though.
  5. RB91

    Fuel Shortage

    It’s Shunsuke Nakamura ya fuckin’ doughball.
  6. RB91

    Fuel Shortage

    Okay Dad
  7. RB91

    Fuel Shortage

    Only talk facts son.
  8. RB91

    Spam texts

    Check you out, even the big boss @Rocknrolladidn’t notice. You’ll be getting @MrUKHackz’ job next.
  9. RB91

    Fuel Shortage

    Brexit is the best! I’d happily swap food, fuel and free movement for blue passports, a wee crown on pint glasses and the imperial measuring system.
  10. RB91

    Fuel Shortage

    99RON, it was 149.9 but it magically jumped up to 156.6
  11. RB91

    Fuel Shortage

    My fuel has gone up to 156.6 a litre.
  12. RB91

    Insulate Britain Protests?

    Maybe they meant “isolate Britain” and they’re a pro-brexit bunch.
  13. RB91

    Any plumbers on here

    Shit flows downhill and payday is on Thursday. - all a plumber knows.
  14. RB91

    Chipmonk gets arrrested ?

    Find your pal’s old man’s videos was always a good one. It really set in stone what a dirty old creep he was.
  15. RB91

    Chipmonk gets arrrested ?

    Myself and a colleague were talking about that a couple of weeks ago, the kids of today won’t know the joy of finding one.