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  1. RB91

    Chocolates Review

    Chucked 50 notes in, first bonus in about 50-60 spins. Not too bad. Let’s hope they’re all like that.
  2. RB91


    Nice one, that bastard always rinses me.
  3. RB91

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    You couldn’t pick your nose ya jock fudger.
  4. RB91

    PROFIT and STOP 4 days per week 4 weeks £100 start.

    Love what you do though mate, £13.50 or a £9 profit means absolutely nothing to me. But if you do that regularly it’s a decent enough profit, I’m stupid enough to be up 5 or 6 times my deposit and lose the lot because I’m looking to hit the big wins, that’s why I’ll always be down.
  5. RB91

    PROFIT and STOP 4 days per week 4 weeks £100 start.

    Apart from actual live roulette in a casino, I only play lightning roulette, normally with my last 30-40 quid and I cover tier and zero sections, if I win, it’s a cashout and if I lose I don’t care. Sensible enough to have some kind of system, obviously no system works, but Always sticking with your own isn’t a bad shout.
  6. RB91

    arthurs gold. 4000x

    No, I’ve played it a few times.
  7. RB91

    How was your day?

    Castlemilk is twinned with Monaco.
  8. RB91

    Today’s selections

    I heard that @MrUKHackz sucked off an ‘orse.
  9. RB91

    Today’s selections

    My old site agent on a hydro job was late in one Monday morning. Her fucking horse Literally ate her ear. think she’d rather have ended up with the Gammy toe than half an ear.
  10. RB91

    Does anyone have one?

    @Rocknrolla is a dodgy character - he could probably hook you up
  11. RB91

    Punter takes on Ladbrokes

    I used to use Skybet when I was in New Zealand, on my UK card, from the UK address. Fuck him, silly prick should take the hit.
  12. RB91

    Videoslots - scum?

    Can’t remember the last time it took longer than 7 minutes for a withdrawal on 21
  13. RB91

    Djokovic Disqualified from US Open

    So can John Brown.
  14. RB91

    Djokovic Disqualified from US Open

    The rules are pretty clear. It’s not the first time it’s happened.