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  1. RB91

    Rigged Horse Race???

    I reckon it was magnets
  2. RB91

    Sick gambler

    I don’t think 4million dollars is a drop in the ocean to most although it’s probably a load of pish, just some Tosser promoting a Bitcoin casino.
  3. RB91


    Do you have a fanny?
  4. RB91

    It's getting personal now

    I’m pretty sure what I said was factual
  5. RB91

    Donald Trump

    It was voter fraud and antifa
  6. RB91

    Donald Trump

    The conspiracy theorists shagging the arse of the wanker who promotes bullshit conspiracies on a global platform.
  7. RB91

    It's getting personal now

    I’ve never seen @MrUKHackz win a hand of computer blackjack
  8. Okay so the syndicate and I have decided 11772 and 874x
  9. RB91

    5000x+ Win on Chaos Crew!

    Alright, for fucks sake, I’ll start playing this game then. This’ll be jammin jars all over again for me... some win!
  10. Hopefully you turn a profit ya mad shagger!
  11. RB91

    Had a Dable

    Get yourself down to the pub and play big red like a real Aussie.
  12. RB91

    Celtic’s well deserved mid season break

    It’s not news that they’re there, this happens every season.
  13. RB91

    Celtic’s well deserved mid season break

    That’s not even this year. Johnny Hayes doesn’t even play for Celtic. Not like Sevco fans to fall for stuff... they still think they’re the same club.
  14. Surely you should be disqualified for not being able to read?