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  1. RB91

    Amazing hit on Immersive roulette

    Do you want to see my slot wins?
  2. RB91

    few other Sick hits today 21/04

    Leave me alone
  3. RB91

    The Joys of Motoring

    My pal just paid £71,000 for an RS3 a few weeks back.
  4. RB91


    I’m happy for it it go anywhere pal!
  5. RB91


    I’ll read through the thread when I’ve got 10 mins spare.
  6. RB91


    I would also like the prize to be donated I’m not sure what the prize is but I’ve read that I won something
  7. RB91

    2022 Grand National

    I’m just here to steal other fudger’s picks. It’ll be a lottery as per. Last decent one I had in the National was Ballabriggs in 2011 and I only had a tenner on the nose at around 16/1 because I thought I was skint. Didn’t realise a ten grand loan had gone into my account that weekend until the Sunday, for a car I never even bought.
  8. RB91

    BET365 Free Bet

    One week posting ban @MrUKHackz?
  9. RB91

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    Tell you what. I didn’t smell too fresh this morning I’ll admit. Spewing my ringer all morning.
  10. RB91

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    Devastated I’m not on building sites anymore. Might actually look for a day sparkying just to noise half the fuckers up. I’ll give my staff time and a half to cover.
  11. RB91

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    They banned Celtic fans because we kept celebrating too much.
  12. RB91

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    What are you saying ya wee tart?
  13. RB91

    TGC Moderator Redundancies

    Bet you’re on here every day you faggot.
  14. RB91

    TGC Moderator Redundancies

    I’d take a draw if I’m honest, but I think we’re just gonna edge it. Probably 6-0
  15. RB91

    TGC Moderator Redundancies

    You shouldn’t be anywhere to be fair, because you were deemed a prick and unwanted by the fudgers who run the site.