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  1. RB91

    Happy Hogmanay Folks

    The football is tomorrow pal
  2. RB91

    Happy Hogmanay Folks

    And yourself pal. Hope it’s a good one
  3. RB91


    That was exactly my parents and I were talking about when I spoke to them, although my mother claims to like the queen but not the rest of the royals. The old fella reckons the stamps will need to be twice the size to “get the fudgers ears in”
  4. RB91

    The Joys of Motoring

    I wish, I’d have to deal with far fewer fucking idiots
  5. RB91

    The Joys of Motoring

    Nah just oil and electricity for me. 27 grand a year leccy bill.
  6. RB91

    The Joys of Motoring

    Just working all the time pal. All worth it though
  7. RB91


    NOT @Gkell727’s QUEEN!
  8. RB91

    The Joys of Motoring

    Well, your teachers have no chance of laughing ya geriatric old bastard Nah, you’re some man, a mainstay on here and an all round good fucker.
  9. RB91

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    That’s just not an option pal. People can’t have a trail of debt following them around.
  10. RB91

    Through the Eyes of a Mathematician

    It’s actually a thirth you thick fuck. 🥰
  11. RB91

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    My leccy costs have gone from 9k - 27k pa, and that’s before the next inevitable rise. Brutal. i know the owner of the local ski resort that they’re going from about 9k per month to 32k per month. One bad ski season and they’re absolutely finished.
  12. RB91

    The Joys of Motoring

  13. RB91

    The Joys of Motoring

    Are you the only fucked left on this site pal? good to see you’re still about shagger.
  14. RB91

    East coast INSANE!

    I’ll stop whining. 50 deposit and three minutes got me back about even for the week.
  15. RB91

    The End is Coming for UK Gambling???

    Aye that’s just a sign of the times though, the only difference is that things are changing at a far quicker rate than they used to. To be fair it’s been happening for as long as civilised society has been established, it’s probably just a little quicker and involves less bloodshed now.