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  1. RB91

    Sunday Night Quiz

    I saw ELO a couple of years ago. They were class for old wankers.
  2. RB91

    1630 Celtic v Hamilton

    Too easy. Better sober up for driving in the morning.
  3. RB91

    Jammin Jars

    That’s weird, that’s how I feel jars plays for me mate I admit I didn’t rate dragonfall at first, but it’s definitely grown on me haha.
  4. RB91

    Jammin Jars

    I’ve only had one big win on that one, at 1700x in the bonus. Dragonfall I prefer, I’ve played it a lot less and hit 1200x bonus, 1000x base and 1700x base. two very good games
  5. RB91

    Casinogrounds streamer fired

    Wrong, he said he hates Europeans, and @Freddy from the hood is gonna fill the fucker in for it!
  6. RB91


    Aye I’m not either, but that’s because I can’t find a woman who can put up with my shit mate. wouldn’t wish it one anyone.
  7. RB91


    Depends on if they get their money back. Cost my sister a fair amount to postpone hers until next year. But it means they’re not parting with 50 grand until next year. I told the stupid fuckers to get married in Vegas last year.
  8. Here’s my dog, budgierigar.
  9. RB91

    Bilkos Fake, Fake, Fake, Real Comp

    Higgins robertson matthew stevens liang wenbo
  10. RB91

    Big Roulette Wins on Net Ent RNG European Roulette

    It’s his website...
  11. RB91


    I’m A bit gutted I’ve never seen someone like this, walking about wearing Nazi clothing. Be nice to be able to punch the head clean off someone and feel absolutely no remorse or shame for your actions.
  12. RB91

    TGCs Glorious Goodwood Knockout Cup

    I’m not gonna bother. I’ll just end up forgetting about it.
  13. RB91

    Thanks all!

    Enjoy the new job shagger!
  14. RB91

    Casino Error in My Favour?!!

    Aye I always rated them too. It’s no loss to me, I just found it really funny that they closed my account for my protection when I definitely didn’t need it, they needed it more haha.
  15. RB91

    Casino Error in My Favour?!!

    Exactly. They don’t offer anything I can’t get elsewhere. They also don’t offer withdrawals as fast as somewhere like 21 or paddypower.