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  1. RB91

    Helios Fury Bonus Buy

    Imagine that was your comeback you wet chinned fuck.
  2. RB91

    Helios Fury Bonus Buy

    A known drug dealer does Cocaine Anonymous near me… it’s mental
  3. RB91

    Helios Fury Bonus Buy

    Imagine crying about someone posting a win on a gambling forum…
  4. RB91

    Do you tip your bookie?

    You’re not wrong there. Can’t get ahold of the fudger anyway so he’s getting a lift nowhere
  5. RB91

    Do you tip your bookie?

    I can’t actually remember the last time I was in a bookies. Might’ve been the day before they changed the FOBTs, went in and lost a bunch for old time’s sake. said I’d drive my mate into town later so maybe we’ll go to the bookies like the old days.
  6. RB91

    Do you tip your bookie?

    Yeah, I tip them every time I lose. They’re doing quite well.
  7. RB91

    Tombstone R.I.P Review

    First bonus. Not bad I guess. Still down about 300 for the day.
  8. RB91

    *BANNED WORD* Andrew

    Aye I’ve seen that photo everywhere for the last couple of days, enough to make you vomit.
  9. RB91

    *BANNED WORD* Andrew

    It’s just to let his mum save face. Royal family can all get fucked anyway.
  10. RB91

    Bye Bye Boris

    All the fucking morons will want to keep him because of Brexit.
  11. RB91

    New Business

    And you’d think the plumber would’ve mixed a bit of the stone dust in with the mortar he’s put round the tap just so it almost looks like it’s supposed to be there
  12. RB91

    New Business

    Sparky was there first.
  13. RB91

    New Business

    Have you seen the market for second hand motors? 50 quid motors are about 600 now. Although it is going back down now.
  14. RB91

    Decision for Novak Djokovic:

    Made his choice to not compete in the tournament. Don’t see why it’s even a talking point.
  15. RB91

    PDC World Darts Competition

    The standard that Wright played at in the last three sets was phenomenal, had way too much for smith.