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    Book of Dead - 5000x Win

    So I hit this a few weeks ago and been dying to share it! From a £30 deposit, got the balance up a bit playing bonanza then hit this monster on BOD!
  2. pritmist

    BIG BET Tonight!!!

    Pretty sure this bet is coming in. If it doesn't then I'm gonna become a buddhist monk and only eat cornflakes or coco pops from now on!
  3. pritmist

    8250x Stake On High Voltage

  4. pritmist

    pritmist in the house!

    Been waiting for this site for a long time and looking forward to getting to know some of the more familiar names from the stream! GTFIT!
  5. pritmist

    Do Slots have a memory?

    Right so i've been playing bonanza and DHV a lot recently and i mean a LOT! Not had a bonus on them for a long time but playing at £3-£5 stake depending on the game and balance. It got me to wondering, do the slots somehow have a way of remembering the player via their IP address so it is consistent across casinos? In the same manner that a bonus hunt works and the game remembers where you last left off. Do you think the games have a way of knowing how much has been staked/wagered over time and pays out according to that somehow? I know i sound like a bit of a crazy man saying this, but just wondered and the world of slot alogrithms fascinate me into how they are configured. But i'll never know and just sit here waiting for that massive win that will never come
  6. pritmist

    3500 X ++ 300 Shields win

    Get in there mate! Nice hit again! @Cai
  7. pritmist

    Knights Life - Could have been Uber EPIC

    Ahh no way! Didn't know that. Better go try hit a epic win on all of them then! :-)
  8. I can't remember what my end result was on this, but was playing with winnings from free spins and never seen three retriggers on this before! But hitting 500x was nice to see!
  9. pritmist

    Reactoonz 1331x win

  10. pritmist

    1000X Win on Wish Upon a Jackpot!

    very nice!! did the fat fairy come out to play?
  11. pritmist

    Knights Life - Could have been Uber EPIC

    what do you mean? this slot or merkur completely??
  12. pritmist

    Love Montezuma

    Wow! Insane win mate!
  13. pritmist

    908x Buffalo Blitz

    Sweet hit!
  14. pritmist

    1247x Medusa 1

    Thats an insane hit! Didn't even know this game was capable of such wins. Loving the music by the way!
  15. pritmist

    3 6x Multiplier base game on danger !

    Beautiful win. Hit this the other day but with Jacks all the way across on a £1 stake. And the last reel had 3 skulls on it and one on the second, but nothing on the first. Gutted but still pleased to see it
  16. pritmist

    Book of Dead - 5000x Win

    mate, my reaction was just a feeling of numbness and disbelief. I literally kept going to check the balance and even asked support to confirm it was in fact real money! So pleased.
  17. pritmist

    Cheltenham Festival

    Loving this commitment and prep work for the festival. Shame i have to work, but best of luck to you!
  18. pritmist

    Flame Busters 720x Fire Drill

    wow! Nice work @MrUKHackz
  19. pritmist

    Big hit on scruffy duck

    Wow! That is pretty epic in the base!
  20. pritmist

    Hugo 2 WTF is Wrong with you? xD

    Nice hit on that stake mate!
  21. pritmist

    Bonanza over 1000 x stake!

    I've been playing this game a lot recently and must have done several hundreds if not thousand spins since start of Feb and not hit a bonus once. The teases are killing me but then i'm wondering is it just collecting to payout a big epic win! Nice win @kretz1