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  1. Malkychamp

    Should ALL Gambling be Banned?

    Did you watch the video? He says he didn't think it should be banned as well
  2. Malkychamp

    Currently Watching

    Could not agree more, watched it twice already
  3. Malkychamp


    Similar experience myself with paypal, 3+ hour phone calls to try and prove its you making the transactions for them to accept it is you then the next day shut it down again. Gave up after 4/5 attempts
  4. Malkychamp

    Rogue Casinos

    They have even resorted to making apps for it now , I get texts all the time for non gamstop stuff where that is the selling point
  5. Malkychamp

    Are casino bonuses worthy?

    It really depends on the bonus terms, if you get offered 100% match parachute bonus x35/40 wagering on every deposit you would take it all day long, not to would be foolish.
  6. Malkychamp

    I need a Forfeit

  7. Malkychamp

    Biggest ever win

    Happy days, crackin win!!!
  8. Malkychamp

    I need a Forfeit

    Sorry missed this last time i checked the thread. 6 n half stone target no messing about there bud. How you getting on? you have a plan of action or just taking it as it comes?
  9. Malkychamp

    I need a Forfeit

    Any updates? @Rocknrollacan you do a press up yet? @Sgt_bilk0you got some lighter boots fella? @RB91chance of seeing you in a gym? (Slim to none)
  10. Malkychamp

    I need a Forfeit

    Rapid!! Great effort
  11. Malkychamp

    I need a Forfeit

    You done press ups for a warm up at boxing gym? A gym too avoid me thinks
  12. Malkychamp

    Peter Clark's Och aye the noo fun comp.

    Not a clue what keech is, got the rest
  13. Malkychamp

    I need a Forfeit

    Best of luck, very ambitious challenge for 6 weeks.
  14. Malkychamp

    Tombstone 4750x

    Come on, please just 1 comment about his 1000 screenshot wank bank atleast
  15. Malkychamp

    Rolla doing his bollocks in

    Last time i watched it was when he was moving through the stakes changing by levels or bonus or something, thought that was a pretty good way to do it. Not seen anyone else do it that way perhaps onto something there. Take it that was a 1 off? Not seen any recently so not sure if he still doing that