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    Wrong adress

    Greetings, Recently I started playing via one legit(aprooved by gamblers) online casino website. I made bunch of deposits to account and no vertification was needed. Buuut I just won pretty solid sum of money (4k) and I just notice that I made few mistakes in my address during my Registration, I skipped few letters ( I just moved recently to New address). Nevertheless all other information is correct including zip code. And now at this point I am really desperate. I had read posts about gambling sites confiscating winnings because of wrong address or issues in general with providing wrong information. What should I do now? Should I try explaining situation to support or maybe I should try providing all documents and hope that they will not notice that small mistake??? Sorry for my bad grammar and thank you in advance for help.
  2. Alfabravo123

    Wrong adress

    Everything went fine. They had no issues with the address!!!
  3. Alfabravo123

    Wrong adress

    I will do that tommorow then! Thank you
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    Wrong adress

    Instead of willem hubertstraat I typed Willem huberstart. You think I should just try submitting documents?