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  1. Andymitzy


    Well done winners
  2. No way that’s ace. Thanks again guys
  3. Andymitzy

    Upcoming competition thoughts

    If fury vs Joshua happens maybe a boxing comp for the whole card 6/7 fights pick rounds or points or draw etc for the fight card... maybe bad idea but
  4. Andymitzy


    I’m a summer fisher but 99% of the time I’m an air gun pest controller. Rats rabbits pigeon etc just about to go for my shotgun and firearms but waiting till all this over as taking over a year with Covid
  5. Andymitzy


    Happy birthday pal ur a star 🥳
  6. Andymitzy

    I’ve found u finally lol

    U and Paul mate haha
  7. Andymitzy

    I’ve found u finally lol

    Only same clothing that don’t mean nothing haha
  8. Andymitzy

    I’ve found u finally lol

  9. Andymitzy

    I’ve found u finally lol

    Fuck thought it was a new one lolol
  10. Andymitzy

    I’ve found u finally lol

    @MrUKHackz all the things u have shared that look like me and I’ve finally found ur twin. U should deffo get a gif made of the yes yes yes and the no no no no also for a funny reply lol.....don logan (sexy beast)
  11. Andymitzy

    AJ v Fury Confirmed

    4-8 Joshua stoppage but I do feel stupid thinking it as u can’t underestimate fury haha he hasn’t fought that many top level fighters even wilder couldn’t box. Joshua best he’s faced so...
  12. Andymitzy

    He did it! He finally fudging did it!

    But the bandits hit on jammin....oh wait this beats it haha great hit that wow
  13. Andymitzy

    News Topics

  14. Andymitzy


    The only game I ever play now ha don’t know why always dead spins like mad in The bonus
  15. Andymitzy

    Belated happy birthday Kev

    Happy birthday pal