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  1. Cheryl T


    Me too! Oh to be married to him... Holy smokes could you imagine him coming home and telling you to get upstairs? I’d faint
  2. Cheryl T

    Good bye UKGC lol

    @Blacko 🗣 forget about it! You’re much stronger than that
  3. Cheryl T

    Laptop funding for 1pstaker ??

    Great advice! One to add is don't waffle... I had 52 applications to go through and the ones that caught my eyes were succinct and adapted specifically to the role. Personal qualities are really important also
  4. Cheryl T

    Currently Watching

    This made me chuckle as it reminded me of many times in my early twenties I would watch the darts on BBC and the more they drank the less able they were! Many a world championship was lost after a few pints
  5. Cheryl T

    Crazy time went Crazy...

    Wow what a hit! I never play these types of host games as they usual sound like they have had a sniff of the devils dandruff! They talk way too much and at speed haha Great win, enjoy and don't give it back
  6. Cheryl T

    Laptop funding for 1pstaker ??

    I am really sorry to hear this is happening to you. Awful times. Fingers crossed something comes along very soon. Thinking of you x
  7. Cheryl T

    Had to Work from Home this Year?

    Sadly it has been exploited as we know. Many will be untraceable. The increase in online fraud has also reached new heights. Sad really that we live amongst others with no moral compass. I spoke to a lady today who was exploited to the tune of four thousand pounds and it made her feel so poorly mentally. The company (some South African set up) asked her to have a Skype meeting with them. She thought she would be getting her money back. Had to break it to her that they would only be asking for another investment (con) and to stop engaging with them. Criminal
  8. Cheryl T

    Lewis Hamilton

    Dreadful waste!
  9. Cheryl T

    Lewis Hamilton

    Agreed. Alain Prost v Ayrton Senna Jean Alesi Loved this era in F1
  10. Cheryl T

    Need some advice tks

    Really pleased to read that you have received your winnings. More so this gives you an opportunity to have your own accommodation and start to feel some sense of much needed stability after what you’ve been through. Please don’t give it back and close any gambling accounts. The best thing is to pay for 6 months of rent etc and keep yourself safe. Wish you well
  11. Cheryl T

    Laptop funding for 1pstaker ??

    I would like to give £30 and will send this to @MrUKHackz at the beginning of next week when my replacement bank secure key contraption arrives. @1pstaker gives up so much time counting figures for various competitions and keeping a cool head with us when we run riot in the quizzes
  12. Cheryl T

    Currently Watching

    There was only one book written. The author died sadly a year or so after publication. I’m also not sure where they would go with it as it was about her formative years and impact/coping mechanisms of surviving trauma. Of course this would transition into adult life in some forms of vulnerability. However not to the extreme extents as she individually grew instead of the game being the scaffolding of her structure/escapism. She also overcame the dependency of the tranquillisers which had isolated her more into the safety of her own world. Her crying that one and only time was so telling. What are your thoughts? I have spoken to friends and we have all had different thoughts. That I guess is what is so genius about this
  13. Cheryl T

    Currently Watching

    Just finished watching. Absolutely brilliant and thought provoking.
  14. Cheryl T

    Gambling implications when applying for a mortgage

    Depends on what the lender requires. For example most want 3 months bank statements and some ask for 6. Your future and step onto the property ladder is your best bet
  15. Cheryl T

    Gambling implications when applying for a mortgage

    Hi You must not have any gambling transactions on any bank statements! You will get turned down. A big no no