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    Millionaire hit

    Great game never in doubt! Well in my man enjoy the wonga!!
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    It must be something visa is doing lol, withdrawn Saturday morning about 2.30am and it was in the bank at half 4 Monday morning haha
  3. JakefraserSufc


    Did you cancel the bonus? Or was it one of those that you start wagering with the cash balance.
  4. JakefraserSufc


    Make sure you've sent in source of wealth aswell as your documents, they ask for it from the off
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    App Thingy

    You can click the 3 dots at the top of your browser and select add to home screen and it will create a little icon so you can just click that and it will bring you straight to the forum mate.
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    Dunover The Hypocrite!

    So ive just watched dunover's latest video on fake streamer's and all i could do was laugh at it .All this is from a man that when questioned about his bonanza sessions took all the videos down and was given a chance to show transactions on a casinomeister thread and still wouldnt! oh and he said he wouldnt show transaction history from his casino accounts only his bank account.. Hmmm, also another thing i find funny is how he has stopped his bonanza sessions all of a sudden .. hmm bored of bonanza? or down to the fact the UKGC have banned all free play slots for uk players!!
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    The true cost of gambling

    p.s ill be here for a few hours ????? .where's hotshots when you need him . all the best miller and make sure its the last time your on here and get yourself on the straight and narrow!
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    Streamers can be good for the community

    This Just basics fella dosnt half stick around to say he hates everything about affiliation and the streamers . My man I think you need to take up a hobby before this obsession ruins your life more than it already has . I'm genuinely concerned for you this isn't hate it's an obsession .
  9. JakefraserSufc

    Streamers can be good for the community

    Jesus when did this forum turn into a place full of princesses and snowflakes . Bring back the old mcsplooger anyday and let's have a bit of fuckin drama!!!
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    Casino affiliate streams are parasites. Discuss

    Just do abit of digging on companies house and you can see how much a few of the streamers made the past year or so lol
  11. I've always said they are the absolute scum of the gambling community! And some of the shit that they promote baffles me . Curacao licence! They obviously don't give a fuck about their sign ups or any kind of player protection.
  12. JakefraserSufc

    Mod factor

    A man that speaks nothing but the truth #topmod