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  1. Masquerade

    £250,000 win full screen max megaways

    Probably because the odd % here and there will not be thinking straight at the time and people naturally put a slant on what they see to suit what they believe ??? My first exposure to slots was a chance bump into Paul swearing at Goldilocks whilst I was looking into possible reasons, other than bad luck, of getting thirteen black numbers in a row on Billy Hill's 'exclusive' roulette. I only know over time what to believe but I still had a dabble on slots as, after calling Goldilocks a ****** ****, Paul did go on to win. Seemed to a fair shout to play non-compensated 'fruities' after being fleeced by observant bar-staff over the years. Thanks for the videos. Not as good as Dunover's mick-take of 'Coffee Grounds' though
  2. Masquerade

    Free Auto Click for MAC

    Very useful. Thanks for the link.
  3. Masquerade

    Sports Betting Accounts

    I tend to keep money in the account so I can watch the live streams on Billy Hill and take a punt on the 'goal in next 5 mins'. No good having the extra dither when you just know that something's going to happen. Their payment cycles are pants though so bigger bets are done through Virgin - if the odds don't take the mick.
  4. Masquerade

    Watford FC Shirts Sponsored by

    All puns on 'Stake and Chips' - No, seriously, it's going too far with footy. It's great for the kids to enter the club raffle to have a half-time kick about with the reserves but these sponsors are just vultures. Might mean that Watford get rid of that piss-awful insect of a mascot though.... replace it with our favourite flat-capped-fruitie-peddler ??
  5. Masquerade

    Any gamers out there !!!!

    Haha - memories of going in there (or Dixons), removing a mouse-ball and asking for a demo. I'd love to get a console but I only play World of Warcraft and I need the Mac for other things. Maybe when the VR gets better...... but then, there's Pornhub to think about Go for that console and let me know how good it is !
  6. Masquerade

    Speeding Fine 2021 Anyone?

    Likewise. The comments were all about why you have to do something wrong to go on the course. Quite interesting and, yes @Gkell727, the guy from TCC who ran the course must have been a failed copper and did come across as quite patronising but the content was an eye opener.
  7. Masquerade

    Congratulations Andy Williams

    Congratulations both of you.
  8. Masquerade

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    It's a shame they've stopped the advertising. I could just see these coming up again and annoying the snowflakes.
  9. Masquerade

    What pisses you off when gambling

    I don't make a habit of it these days. I never won and was too slow to twig the obvious ..... It was just the only place to go out of the rain when the takeaway next door is rammed. Crap beer anyway out of chrome pipes FFS.
  10. Masquerade

    What pisses you off when gambling

    Thieving bar-staff - whether they play the machines themselves or tell their mates !
  11. Masquerade

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    Bloody Hell - just woken up and there's not an empty in sight. That's how bad it bloody well was. I'm pleased the post got in the way early doors as there is no way I'd be proud to see ENgland go through on that !! Laughable
  12. Masquerade

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    The above was a token gesture to Scotland amidst a blast of trumpets for England scattered over the previous four pages. In any event, agree with the above.... here's to a good game.
  13. Masquerade

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    He did do some awesome passing though - even after that hoof !
  14. Masquerade

    Government Emergency Alerts Service???

    I'd be glad of the compliment of anyone using me for masturbatory material. They're just broadcasts - every device currently attached to the mast(s) that they want to target will get the message. Still doesn't stop the wife giving me the 'who's that then?' look
  15. Masquerade

    Fastest payout?

    VirginBet pay out within a couple of minutes to Paypal - However, they don't have DHV Are William Hill instant now ? I gave up on them after a 'Rolla-style loss on roulette due to a 'technical failure'' - I was doing too well, I guess. </tinfoilhat> I'd agree with @Blacko here..... after all, the best gamble of all has got to be believing the impossible