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  1. bturner

    Chipmonkz Slots - All above board?

    I don't know thats why I asked him ? A very brave man that's all I can say. Reading this forum for a while now and if streaming got banned for some reason there would be a lot of people down the job centre!
  2. bturner

    Chipmonkz Slots - All above board?

    Chip said he would answer any questions, so as I can't type a long post on YouTube I asked here. Would never post anything that isn't publicly available. Someone correct me, but are their any other streamers that run their stream as a proper business? I just find it odd Chip is doing it this way, taking on staff and paying additional expenses. Business bank accounts are not cheap to run!
  3. bturner

    Rollas YouTube fake money vid

    Who went bankrupt?
  4. bturner

    Chipmonkz Slots - All above board?

    So Chip never has to pay tax for all the money he makes as a company? Don't think HMRC see it that way lol
  5. bturner

    Chipmonkz Slots - All above board?

    Its public information, you can do it for any company in the united kingdom. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear ?
  6. Ok, for those who haven't seen it, Chipmonkz slots posted a video There is no doubt he uses real money but has said he is open and honest and will answer questions so here are my thoughts. [[[[[[[[[[ Chip, You are running your stream as a business (according to the aff manager I spoke to today) under Chipmonkz Media Ltd - so do you use business bank accounts to fund your 'real money transactions'? Do you pay 19% corporation tax on your winnings (which you should do by law as the stream accounts for your income from affiliate earnings) Was the recent €5000 you received from Big Time Gaming paid into your business or personal account - did the winnings to the players also get paid from a business account. [[[[[[[[[ If Chip is genuine and puts everything through his company, you will be able to see how much money he makes on the Companies House web site: BTW this isn't a troll post, I'm just surprised Chip is running this as a limited company as he has the burden of 19% corp tax and other tax.