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  1. You've got automatic promotion though haven't you, no matter what happens. You're just fighting for top spot.
  2. This is the only opponent I think I can see Fury losing his unbeaten title to. It's gonna be a hell of fight, that is for sure...however, saying that, it wouldnt surprise me either if there is an injury before that causing a delay or cancellation.
  3. I think you've snagged it regardless haven't you? I play golf with a load of Leicester boys and they're all buzzing. Yes I agree 100% but when things don't go your way ie penalties, poor decision at liverpool to name just a few, it's hard not to feel aggrieved at what could have been. The inconsistency and the use of the word "intrepretation" has killed it. It was brought in to correct errors and no re-referee the game. So much for that. The show with Michael Chubber Owen gives great insight into what goes off. Some of the ones they are get right are superb but going towards offside where they are drawing a line at the defenders shoulder and then drawing a line at the attackers back to see if his crack is offside is a step too far. The lack of communication is ridiculous at times. Look at the Diaz one, shocking.
  4. I wasn't going to say anything but i'm gonna...i'm a lifelong Forest fan, former season ticket holder for 15 years... 1...I think Forest were wrong to send out that that tweet but hopefully it inspires other teams to stand up for shit. 2...Those 3 penalty decisions were the worst i think i've seen since VAR inception into the league. It annoys me more than anything as 2 out of the 3 were given only a few weeks ago to top tier teams and no, i'm not a believer that there is a heirarchy in VAR decision but there is a trend according to some people. 3...The fact they wont share the VAR discussions publicly is a little suspect to me. 4...The decision against Wolves yesterday was unbelievable. Calm....calm...
  5. Edited. now I get it, duh!
  6. Come on Meredith. Push….
  7. Townened said it best...when the winner went across Bob Olinger he already in front which caused no interference to Blackmore, she never had to stop riding. The only interference was to Langer Dan with him getting sandwiched and bumped but they couldn't promote him from 3rd to 1st so decision had to stand.
  8. Douvan


  9. I went for Zalatoris based on his Masters history but only EW with him being out some times. My only other pick was Max Homa. Come on Max!!!!
  10. They're all the same. Loads of people reducing BOG, bet club free bets etc. Making it not worth for some people to have bets nowadays.
  11. Congrats to all the winners.
  12. Haha! That music still haunts me in my sleep.
  13. I chose not to go to Cheltenham this year due to costs. With everything else e pay for going up, you would have The Jockey Club would accommodate the punter slightly. The fact its shit like a fiver for a coffee puts me off let alone the entry fee. Seems to be fighting everywhere as well.
  14. Ah, thanks mate. Hope everyone is keeping ok.
  15. Sorry i'm late to the party, I never asked if I need to pay for my entry. If I do, can someone give me the details please.
  16. I've sent you PM mate but not sure how to get to it even if you reply. Whats the best way to get a hold of you?
  17. You still need sorting mate? The one i use is bob on, has been for 10 years or so. Shit ton of films and TV too.
  18. Hello neighbour. I'm doing good thanks. How about you? Hows life a couple miles away?
  19. Yeah i'll play, what do I need to do.
  20. Do we need any more prize money, happy to chuck a few quid in.
  21. Back at you and congrats on al your achievements.
  22. Hey Chair. Good to see you, thanks for taking the time to reply.
  23. Very popular nowadays. Had mine for about 8 years now, maybe longer...saves Sky having it.
  24. Hello everyone. It's been a while. What have I missed? As for me, 3 years in therapy, new job etc .. all the usual bollocks nobody is interested in lol. How is everyone?
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