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  1. Whilst I do agree it CAN be a little misleading, the x win is accurate based on the stake. Irrespective of the cost of the bonus buy, the win is based on the stake size so it would, technically, be 1700x or whatever it was.
  2. Sorry, I missed all of this...been doing stuff at home being forced to isolate. I havent seen any results either. Can I have the faves in the remaining 3 races? 3pm, 3.15 and 3.35? Good luck all.
  3. Really? Even if I don’t have it but it seems to be company policy?
  4. I've been doing a little double bubble these past few weeks due to shit thats been going on at home like cars breaking down, washer broke, drier broke...they all come at once sticking me in a £4000 hole on the old credit card. Figured i'd do the overtime in the week, Saturday and Sunday and that'll be paid off by christmas. Wife sent me a message today saying she's been tested positive for covid on one of the lateral flow tests. Not a problem I say...daughter can still go to school and I can still go to work. Phoned the director to let him know as a common courtesy (bearing in mind I didn't need to as I'm double vaccinated and they state I don't need to self-isolate)...he sends me home and tells me I have to self-isolate as they've just changed the policay at work and i'll get sick pay. Costing me about £1500, fucking balls. Might need to start selling my body...
  5. SATURDAY 20TH NOVEMBER (1330 - 1600) ITV HAYDOCK PARK 13:50 - Bravemansgame (NAP) 14.25 - Rightplacerighttime (Each Way) 15:00 - Imperial Aura (Each Way) 15:35 - Potters Corner (Each Way) ASCOT 14:05 - Pistol Whipped (Each Way) 14:40 - Buzz 15:15 - Monsieur LeCoque (Each Way) Good luck everyone.
  6. Yep, crazy money and they said no and went somewhere else for more. They all get on my tits tbh. Xposed is always screaming and is a fucking idiot. Foss is tolerable though he tries to be cool. Ayezee is tolerable. Jimbo and Craig are like scraping nails down a chalkboard and thats just their voices.
  7. Yeah, I watched an interview with him where they talk about one of his friends being offered 2 million a month to exclusively play there. Foss gets paid something similar to do the same. I'm sure Ayezee gets paid something similar at the other place.
  8. Totally see your point mate. I signed up and didn't do anything then I got an email saying hi and giving me a £30 bonus (or equivalent)...went to mines and the rest is history.
  9. You'll need to remortgage for the Southwell fish and chips.
  10. Dave. Comedy series about a jewish rapper. Sounds awful but cringeworthy good.
  11. I presonally don't know anyone that have had a bad experience with them pal but I suspect there are some. I didn't even win my money on a slot, I won it on that mines thing. Granted I took mine out in 3 x £1000 chunks but still, worked fine regardless. I know people that have won more and won less and every one of them got their money. I don't watch Craig, personally gets on my tits as he moans far too much and his voice grates on me but if he was that scared about getting any winnings back...why did he deposit in the first place?
  12. I played at Stake...I won £3197 off a free £30 bonus they gave me. Withdrew it fine, money in to my crypto wallet in minutes...no complaints from me.
  13. Southwell, any time. I'm not far from Kev so it's only 40 mins or so for me. Cheltenham, yes I believe i'm there every day with friends so I don't mind breaking off for an hour or so and spending time with you guys. Keep me posted.
  14. The slap head of Salisbury? The hairless wonder of Hereford?
  15. What a fight that was. Anyone who thinks he would lose to AJ must be mental. Clear number 1. I don't even see Joshua beating Usyk in the rematch and Usyk vs Fury would be a skewed match. Give Tyson all the belts and let him retire a champion.
  16. Douvan


    Very interesting, pointless but interesting nonetheless.
  17. Congrats. Enjoy the winnings.
  18. Looks an intriguing slot. I like Hacksaw, they put some nice games out.
  19. Unreal mate, i've never seen this game pay ever. Congrats.
  20. Congrats on the big win. Get something nice and don't give it them back.
  21. Didn't understand a single thing that went off there.
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