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  1. Douvan

    Kylo and his adventure

    Fantastic pictures, fantastic story. Thanks for sharing with you triple hard tartan skirt wearing bastard.
  2. Crash is insane. There is a very good video on YT showing the mechanincs behind it and how its impossible to ever win consistently on it. I've sat and watch people win 200x on it and then chase another. It just doesn't happen. Sad to say he deserves everything he got. Fair play to the lad for getting to that in crypto but as Brucie and Jim said, look at what you could have won. Hopefully he's learnt his lesson and is smart enough to get on with his life now.
  3. Douvan

    BTG €100,000 Giveaway

    Congrats @LaTeRzuk - treat yoursels to something nice mate. njoy.
  4. Douvan

    Congratulations Emma Raducanu

    At last, something for GB to be proud of again, with a brilliant win at 18 years old......2 weeks after getting A's in her A-Levels.
  5. They all get paid to stream. Ayezee gets a monthly fee. Foss gets a fee per video. Not sure on any others. It wasn't too long ago on twitch that Trainwreckz was hunting a 1 million dollar balance so how hypocritical can you get. He was on 940k and was doing 1k spins on Book of Shadows. Pipe down ya mardy fuck. Can't handle the losses then don't play the game. Imagine if it was money that he had to go out and earn, that would hurt even more.
  6. Douvan

    New Regulations

    Just catching up on a few youtube videos before bed and someone was talking about the new regulations coming in to force, in the UK, no later than the 31st October 2021. No autospins. Wins lower than stake can't be celebrated or shown as a win with on screen messages. Spins have to be 2.5 seconds minimum. One slot to be played at a time. There may be more but thats all I heard. Auto-spins might be a killer for some.
  7. Douvan

    New Regulations

    Feel free to delete then my love, if its already been discussed.
  8. Douvan

    Fire On Hole 5 scatter 💩

    I've never seen that big ugly twat land before. Nice win. If only the bottom ones were unlocked on the 5 scatter.
  9. Douvan

    Bonus Time 👀

    Have to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching that. I'd like to see more of those bad boys.
  10. Douvan

    Mental Review

    If anyone wants to see all the bonuses in action....
  11. Douvan

    Denman exposed

    Just seems a bit of a stretch for me. They got him cheap enough so it's worth a punt I guess but he's knocking on a bit and look at Rooney when he tried playing at an age...struggled with Championship football and some say he's one of the best strikers to wear a United shirt.
  12. Douvan

    Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk

    You hear a lot of how he's a good man, living at home with a kid and a mrs and all sorts. Obviously likely to be over-egged by the media. I'll watch the fight though because I must admit i enjoy the spectacle of it all.
  13. Douvan

    Mental Review

    Informative as always. Looks interesting though and I look forward to seeing some people play. How about a look at the Whild Chilli Megaways. Seen 2 max wins on it already in the bonus. Looks like it can go off its tits.
  14. Douvan

    Tyron Woodley V's That Guy

    Would love to see both the Pauls knocked out. Can't be doing with either of them.
  15. Douvan

    Exeter Races Live Stream!

    I tried the same when i first joined here when I went to Southwell for the night meet (thanks Nicola Currie and Cold Harbour) but it just didn't work. I'd watch big man, might have my kegs down whilst watching but i'll be watching. Won't you get swamped by fans though, what with being Ben Kingsleys doppelganger and all...
  16. Douvan

    Sports Betting Accounts

    For me it was dependant on how quick I could get my money. Sky Bet used to paypal within a few hours which was nice but 365 took ages so used to withdraw from skybet regular.
  17. Douvan

    The Cycling GK

    Does anyone follow him on YouTube? I'm finding his videos thoroughly entertaining and i'm loving the interaction between him and his team mates...i love the Bazzla. Might be right up your street @Rocknrollaas a Watford fan. I've started from the beginning and been binging for ages.
  18. Douvan

    The Cycling GK

    Yeah, seems a proper laaaaaad.
  19. Douvan

    A warning on managed systems

    Scum of the earth they are, if you can't do it yourself then don't do it. I understand some people have time constraints in their life but when that much money is involved, you should at least do it yourself.
  20. Douvan

    RIP Sean Lock

    Sad news. Was a big fan of his dry, sharp sense of humour. I've seen almost every episodes of the 8 out of 10 cats/does countdown. I love his interaction with Miles Jupp. RIP.
  21. Douvan

    BTG €100,000 Giveaway

    Fair play to Paul for getting involved with this. Nice touch.
  22. Douvan

    Football Acca Bets Here

    You've not lost it...and we couldnt get it because you posted after
  23. Douvan

    Football Acca Bets Here

    Salford added the list today. 14 shots and no goal. Hope they all get gout.
  24. Douvan

    TGC Moderator Redundancies

    If Denman is gone, i'm coming back out to play.