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    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    SATURDAY 22nd JANUARY - ITV4 - LIVE RACING: Ascot, Haydock & Taunton, ASCOT 13:45 - N'golo (Each Way) 14:20 - Empressive Lady (Each Way) 14:55 - Golden Whisky (Each Way) 15:35 - Energumene (NB) HAYDOCK 13:25 - Richmond Lake (Each Way) - Hopefully my brother destroys everyone in this race. 14:00 - Rockadenn (Each Way) 14:35 - Lord Du Mesnil (Each Way) TAUNTON 15:15 - Yala Enki (NAP) Good luck everyone.
  2. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Well done Kinks, dog shit day by me but well done you.
  3. Douvan

    R.I.P Tombstone Bonus Buy Low Stake

    Just watched this on YouTube. Well done @slots4fun777
  4. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    SATURDAY 15TH JANUARY LIVE RACING (13:10–16:00) ITV4 WARWICK 13:18 - Not Available (NB) 13:50 - Doyen Breed (EW) 14:25 - Party Business (NAP) 15:00 - Not A Chance (EW) 15:35 - Third Wind (EW) KEMPTON 13:32 - Twenty Twenty (EW) 14:05 - Mister Fisher 14:40 - Press Your Luck (EW) 15:15 - Kittys Light (EW)
  5. Douvan

    It finally happened to little old me 🤓

    Outstanding, you're the talk of Robs stream atm...congrats xxxxxx
  6. Douvan

    All British Casino - EDD

    Never be ashamed to go on gamstop mate. I've been on it for years. I normally end it in February so I can have a nice blast on Cheltenham, withdraw any monies and then activate for another 6 months and let it roll till February again. It's a good thing and nothing to be embarrased about.
  7. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Congrats 1p, thats some awesome picking my guy.
  8. Douvan


    Did anyone get the emails to say the HMRC are coming lol I got a few from Coinbase with regards to transactions between certain dates relative to crypto I was holding and the amount of fiat I’d withdrawn. We’ll wait and see what happens.
  9. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Saturday 8th January - The Opening Show 9:30am ITV4 Live Racing - (1310 - 1600) ITV4 SANDOWN PARK 13:50 - Monsieur LeCoq 14:25 - Constitution Hill (NAP) 15:00 - Wandrin Star (EW) 15:35 - Zambezi Fix (EW) WINCANTON 13:30 - Noble Savage (NB) 14:05 - Casa Tall (EW) 14:40 - Our Branco (EW) 15:15 - Killer Clown Good luck all
  10. Douvan

    Some luck after shittiest year of playing slots

    Wowee, never seen that slot hit anything like that. Congrats mate.
  11. Douvan


    Congratulations mate.
  12. I’ve been balls deep in Jonbon for a bit of time. Being Douvans full brother is good enough for me. I still claim my boy would have beaten Altior had he not fallen. Ruby and Paul still say they’ve never felt anything like cruising on Douvan.
  13. Douvan

    4608x on a 40p cash back bonus

    Congrats mate. Happy new year indeed.
  14. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Thanks, in my defence i've been out all day and I did change them before they raced not that it made a blind bit of difference.
  15. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Ok sorry. Amour de nuit nap then and morrman for nb then. Thanks.
  16. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    1:25 CHELTENHAM - Gallyhill (Each Way) (NAP) 2:00 CHELTENHAM - Riders on the Storm (Each Way) (NB) 2:10 MUSSELBURGH - Christopher Wood 2:35 CHELTENHAM - Dolphin Square (Each Way) 2:50 MUSSELBURGH - Amour de Nuit 3:10 CHELTENHAM - Stormy Ireland 3:25 MUSSELBURGH - Morraman
  17. Douvan

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year all, wishing you all every success for the year to come and years after.
  18. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    ASCOT 13:50 - Guy 14:25 - Thomas Darby (Each Way) 15:00 - Grand Sancy (Each Way) 15:35 - No Ordinary Joe HAYDOCK PARK 14:05 - Mackelduff (NB) 14:40 - Remastered (NAP)
  19. Douvan

    Meet Up?

    I'll certainly try. I was kind of in with a facetime call from Jess last time.
  20. Douvan

    Wild frames!

    Boom, get in there!
  21. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    SATURDAY 12TH DECEMBER (13:25–16:00) ITV4 CHELTENHAM 13:50 - Deyraan De Carjac (EW) 14:25 - Gelino Bello 15:00 - Heaven Help Us (EW) 15:35 - Indefatigable (EW) DONCASTER 14:05 - Take It Easy (NAP) 14:40 - Too Friendly 15:15 - Kauto Riko (NB)
  22. Douvan

    Today’s selections

    That Mille Sussurri just did my head in, stupid thing. Was cruising too.
  23. Douvan

    2x50 on Crazy Time

    Boom, congrats my friend. Playing in Litecoin? still a banging win.
  24. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    SANDOWN 13:50 - Third Time Lucki (NAP) 14:25 - Chacun Pour Soi 15:00 - The Mighty Don (EW) 15:35 - Elham Valley (NB) AINTREE 13:30 - White Pepper 14:05 - Imperial Aura 14:40 - Checkitout (EW) 15:15 - Straw Fan Jack (EW)
  25. I'm a long term believer that there should be restrictions on gambling/slots/in-shop activities but i also believe that you should be able to "opt out" of certain restrictions. If you can prove a decent surce of wealth then you should be allowed greater stakes, faster spins, bonus buys etc. If you don't want to go through all that then you should stick to the "default" method/options available to you. Whilst I do agree in freedom of choice/voice etc, freedom can also be used to be able to select what level you want to gamble at. "Opting out" would also eliminate blame etc as you would have to agree to relinquish all blame on the bookie etc knowing full well that YOU selected the option for max bets etc. Freedom for the people but also freedom on your choices.