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  1. Washington are going to have a serious think about Haskins. He’s a turnover machine.
  2. 30+ year Eagles fan here.
  3. Douvan

    Xbox series x and Ps5

    I bought my wife an Xbox today. She can’t afford one due to being furloughed for the last 6 months. I’ve been sticking a little aside without telling her so she can have one. She’s been amazing during this time raising our kid and looking after the house. She deserves a medal, could only get her an Xbox.
  4. Douvan

    TGC community - generous as Fudge!

    That's a fantastic gesture.
  5. ..but you have to have used Uniswap before September 1st. If you have used it before that date, you can go to it and you're given 400 uni tokens for free. They are currently worth about £1000 or approximately 3 Ethereum.
  6. Douvan

    Today’s Job.

    I got to my machine this morning and saw ghat I’m doing the new packaging for Krakens new promo with the glass jar. Made me think of @Rocknrolla
  7. Douvan

    Name the Movie from the Screenshot #2

    Is number 8 the start of Deja Vu?
  8. Douvan

    Name the Movie from the Screenshot #2

    Which ones are left to get?
  9. Douvan

    Djokovic Disqualified from US Open

    Like you said though wee man, with that kind of money he/she probably doesn't give a fudge.
  10. Douvan

    Djokovic Disqualified from US Open

    Can't be right sharp to be having that kind of bet, deserved to lose the money.
  11. Douvan

    Djokovic Disqualified from US Open

    Someone told me that someone pout £375,000 on Djokovic to make an extra £15,000.....thats one stupid bet.
  12. Douvan

    Djokovic Disqualified from US Open

    Cracking shot. Had to say I did chuckle a little.
  13. I saw it on twitter when they included Paul and Bandit in a competitive tweet. I responded basically saying it’s bullshit. You can’t get 9s and then they don’t appear for 6 spins. Complete load of shit.
  14. Douvan

    Nice way to return

    Really pleased for you Dave, please don't blob it. Buy something nice pal.