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  1. Fix, hate this place. Absolute scandal. Jokes obvs. Congrats to the winners and congrats especially to the 1pstaker, grats on the double mate. Worth every penny for what you put in brother.
  2. Douvan

    Juicy Fruits Slot

    Yes Roberto. Seen some mega hits on this one. Glad you're part of the ones i've seen now. Get in son!
  3. Douvan

    Affiliate fan?

    Can open. Worms everywhere.
  4. Douvan

    Affiliate fan?

    He sounds like a very angry man.
  5. Douvan

    Affiliate fan?

    This guy isn’t lol. Cracks me up.
  6. Douvan


    Always in, never win. Poet!
  7. Douvan

    Go on then coinflip

    My mate, yes i have friends, was sat on it Monday night with 30 quid in, 2 quid on coin flip.....20x landed on top slot thing on coin flip....coin flip landed.....2000x for red......up it side lands..4k off 2 quid. I tried to be happy for him, the prick lol
  8. Douvan

    goodbye my new friends

    9 adverts probably didnt do them any fanancial harm either. I won't watch it because of that, sounds interesting though.
  9. Douvan

    The TGC Lads Every Weekend!

    The likeness is uncanny.
  10. Douvan


    Another example of crazy money paid for an NFT.
  11. I think most people don't see it as monetary value, it's just numbers on a screen. I used to be similar in the respect that i'd place £50 on a horse online but wouldn't ever do it in a bookies because thats more real because its cash money and in my hand. I changed my thinking when i was doing my £10 evens a day thing to help pay for holidays. I saw what the numbers on the screen were actually worth and that changed the way I thought about it.
  12. Douvan

    Bonanza from zero!

    More fucking jam than Hartleys mate, crabbier than John West and all the other one-liners. Congrats Big D.
  13. Douvan

    New evolution game

    Aside from a fix? LOL, I don't know. Another competitor to Crazy Time I guess.
  14. Douvan

    Magic Mirror You Little Beauty

    Fantastic. Great stuff.
  15. Douvan

    Crazy time 20x Multiplier

    I'm back on Gamstop dear friend, I signed up again after a profitable Cheltenham. The flat is upon us, of which I am not a fan. I do appreciate you looking out for me though xxxxx