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  1. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Not strictly true mate, I picked the winner of the National but it seems my scores were so bad I didn't even make the list lol.
  2. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    We're smashing Blackpool 3-0 at half-time so i'm doing ok so far.
  3. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Brought down at the first fence, fucking scandal. Bent Scottish racing. Not only do they withdraw horses so they dont have to pay 3 places, they snipe my horse down as well. Grrr
  4. Douvan

    Happy birthday douvan ♥️

    Very true mate. To be fair i've scoffed at people who have said they've had it and just said it was a cold until getting it myself, fucking wiped me out for 3 days, couldn't move. I'll never make jokes again.
  5. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    SATURDAY 2nd April - on ITV 1. 1:15 - Sao (Each Way) 1:35 - Rainyday Woman (Each Way) 1:50 - I K Brunel (Each Way)  2:10 - Valadom (Each Way) 2:25 - Alqamar (Each Way) 2:45 - Nextdoortoalice (Each Way) 3:00 - MInella Drama (NAP) 3:35 - Win My Wings (Each Way)# Good luck.
  6. Douvan

    Happy birthday douvan ♥️

    Thank you all. You're all so very kind. All I got was covid for my birthday, lucky me.
  7. Douvan

    Happy birthday douvan ♥️

    Bless you Betsy, very kind xxxxx Thanks Blamps and Blacko also xxx
  8. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    I think you made a mistake there mate, you only have me down for 7 points in March, should be 37 i think.
  9. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    I'm sorry I missed everything today. I had a 6am drive up to Newcastle and back this morning (6.5 hour round trip). I was going to sort it out when I got back but there was a lot of traffic on the A1 today. Good luck to everyone.
  10. Douvan

    Tinkering on Knight Rider

    The only tinker I know is Thomas Shelby OBE.
  11. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Ah right, didn’t know. Hairy muff brother.
  12. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    I lost 1.5 points before points were amended?
  13. Douvan

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Can you please put me down as all faves. I’ve got a golf match. Just about to tee off.
  14. Douvan

    TGC Cheltenham 2022 competition

    Congrats mate. I think you’ve beat me already. Especially if NR goes to faves. Well done.