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  1. Douvan

    Lampard Sacked!

    Loads of my mates are raving about him. Said he would change the club when playing for them, never happened, too old, couldnt run. They blamed it on position, team around him etc. Now they think he's going to take them to dream land when in actuality, they're the ones in dreamland.
  2. Douvan

    Lampard Sacked!

    I think a little anger that he dumped them for the job he actually wanted might play a part in it, they're very happy with todays news. In other news, fuck Derby County and everything about them.
  3. Douvan

    The Night Stalker on Netflix

    No, i'll give it a go. I drive an hour to work and an hour back so i'm able to get through podcasts quite quickly. In my playlist at present are: Hit Man, The Magnus Archives, Solve (really good, tells stories like a whodunnit based on true stories and you have to identify the killer), Sword and Scale, CaseFile True Crime, Covert, Hell and Gone, Insomniac, Paper Ghosts, Serial, Someone Knows Something and Where The Bodies Are Buried. I've added The Apology Line...nice to see it's done by Wondery. They've made some great podcasts in the past.
  4. Douvan

    The Night Stalker on Netflix

    Had anyone watched this? As a fan of true crime and the listener of a shit ton of podcasts, I know the story of Richard Ramirez so this appealed a lot. If you like true crime, I’d definitely recommend it.
  5. Douvan

    Stopandstep has a channel to help the UKGC

    Are you on it? I bet you are. #legend
  6. Douvan

    Lampard Sacked!

    Every Derby fan I know is rejoicing.
  7. Douvan

    Rollas Nemesis 67000 X

    That’s what I’m talking about. Outstanding. Makes it all worth it.
  8. Douvan

    Nfc/afc Championship games

    Can’t believe Rodgers didn’t tuck and run on that 3rd down. Not going for it on the 4th down is puzzling as well. Maybe Le Fleur is feeling the heat.
  9. Douvan

    Jammin Jars

    Yes Rob! Banging mate. Get in.
  10. Douvan

    What you think David

    Damned kind of you, sir.
  11. Saw it last year with that woman that won the ITV Pick 6 or whatever it was on one of the days at Cheltenham. They interviewed her and she said she doesn't bet at all, just signed up and had a go picking random horses....£250,000 richer later that day.
  12. Douvan

    What you think David

    Outstanding @Blampy, you're gonna be giving the Bonanza Boomer @david1111 a run for his money before long.
  13. Douvan

    Virgin Games

    I'm still banned from that family of casinos. Heart, JackpotJoy, Virgin et al. Got banned for taking too much money off them using the monopoly glitch.
  14. Douvan

    Currently Listening to...

    Haha, such a chilled piece of music. I tried to learn it on the piano, We never had a full size keyboard and only a kids one that my daughter had. Not big enough.