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  1. Douvan

    Laptop advice please

    I've got one going for sale mate, about 6 months old...think it was 500 or more from Currys. We can work something out if you want.
  2. Douvan

    El Paso Gunfight xNudge Review

    I love this game. Although i've never played it i've watched countless wins and people play it and its volatile as chuff. I like that (in some countries) you can buy a random bonus for a little bit and could land the super bonus. I've seen some bonkers wins. My favourite of all the No Limit City games to watch so far.
  3. Douvan

    Government Emergency Alerts Service???

    If you've done nothing or doing nothing wrong, why would anyone worry,
  4. Douvan

    Jammin Jars 2

    I watched a lot of twitch streamers play it. I saw one of them hit the 1000x coin in the base game which was nice to see. I also watched him grind the giga jar like Wild Swarm up to doing spins at 200 quid. Took him 49 (I think) records to get in. Paid very little back. Would have been a massive rip if it wasnt for the base game hit. Seems a lot like Wild Swarm to me...can deliver, can rinse you.
  5. Douvan

    1pstaker - Moderator 🤩

    Congrats @1pstaker - deserved mate.
  6. Douvan

    Weight loss challenge

    I'll be more then happy to join in and increase the pot as i've really releaxed since the original lockdown last march. Though I haven't put a shit load on, I stopped losing it and have only been to the gym once. Hit me with some detail and lets get fit.
  7. Douvan

    Fruit Party 2560x Base Game Hit - Low Stake

    Congrats mate, pleased for you.
  8. Douvan

    4500x Base game El Paso Gunfight WTF!!

    Congrats Ellis.
  9. Douvan

    A kind request

    Well done shag. Made up for you mate. Banger!
  10. Douvan

    Pink elephants 6 Scatters

    Congrats on the win Roberto but gutted it didn't pay any better. I don't think i've ever seen that or 1 go off its tits that I can recall. Did you even get anything for a 6 scatter trigger?
  11. Douvan


    I've sat on discord and watched some proper half a million pound rug pulls/pump n dumps in action. Nothing you can do to stop them. They're horrible to watch because it as simple as GO and everyone buys it and within seconds it drops mahoooooooooosively and they admins can telling people to buy buy buy and spread the word to pump it up. Some people get seriously "rekt".
  12. Douvan

    Israel - Palestine Discussion

    No mate, it was Edwin Starr. You might have been thinking about Men without Hats but they did The Safety Dance.
  13. Douvan

    Bank issues

    I wish you every success in sorting this out shag. It can eat up a lot of time and you could end up with nothing. They could say they offered adequate remuneration and thats that as i'm sure it didn't affect your credit score enough to warrant any drastic changes in your standard of living. I'd take the £250 and the notice of correction that they'll no doubt put on your file. Problem with those is, companies rarely see them as its all done on computer nowadays within seconds so I guess it's just a score rating they go on.
  14. Douvan

    Israel - Palestine Discussion

    War, uh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, sing it again now oooooohhh...war, uh!
  15. Douvan

    Casino withholding money

    Jesus, I was just about to beg for hammer reddit for some onlyfans access then lol Shame it's come to that @Cheryl T, i'd recommend having a sleep on it. You know what they say, if you write a nasty letter, sleep on it before you decide to post it. Wank analogy but same principle applies.