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  1. Freddy from the hood

    Little things that PISS you OFF

    Richie's penis.
  2. Freddy from the hood

    Do you ever read casino blogs?

    yea no idea wtf he is saying
  3. Freddy from the hood

    Me and Myself??!?

    yea i feel you. im not attacking your point. this is from my eyes/point, i wouldnt question her post BECAUSE... >>> my last post. i just hope its not gonna be forum for people trying to head start they streaming career because there are so many stream vieuwers.
  4. Freddy from the hood

    Me and Myself??!?

    More people of forum know Huda and know that she was serious about the whole streaming thing, and she got the host thing on this forum when ever she streams. And to be honest, at the end of the day its the MODS/Pauly that have to make out if its allowed or not. But for '' normal '' members like us, its sometimes annoying because we welcome everyone with open arms and thinking they want to be part of this cult i mean forum.
  5. Freddy from the hood

    Me and Myself??!?

    yea i was thinking the same.. we are not going to see him again i think.. thats why i asked a question. But hope he proves us wrong,
  6. Freddy from the hood


    Learn from it my g... all you can do.
  7. Freddy from the hood

    Me and Myself??!?

    Welcome my g . One question, do you accept slot requests ?
  8. Freddy from the hood

    New to the car community!

    Welcome G
  9. Freddy from the hood

    Great Sporting Moments

  10. Freddy from the hood

    Would you take up a job offer in ANTARCTICA??

    Damn 10k a month... some dope shit there my g congratulations. Yeah ask the question yourself , do you want to go ? And remember if it was the bahama's the salary would be way less.... no money come's easy my g. Its an adventure.
  11. Freddy from the hood

    Strange Roulette Behaviour

    my only big win was on roulette land based. it did a weird thing that more people knew of. if it lands on 23, 24 will come next round. then bounce back to 23, after that 24 again and so on so on. same with a number like 11. most likely next number is a number from 10 to 20... 14,15,17,18 etc. i know its bullshit but the 23 situation got me my only huge win and i will always remember that.
  12. Freddy from the hood

    Quick (Easy) What's on my shelf to Welcome Miller back....

    Crackpipe from the 1800's. Easy.
  13. Freddy from the hood

    What I’ve been up to

    i like booty
  14. Freddy from the hood

    What I’ve been up to

    Welcome back my g