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  1. Freddy from the hood

    The truth

    what the fuck
  2. Freddy from the hood

    Honestly has anyone ever seen this?

    '' You've just won 500 euro !!!! '' ................ '' ok ''
  3. Freddy from the hood


    Buy this one.. i heard even Rolla can work with this.
  4. Freddy from the hood

    BIAM forum

    I cringe when people talk shit about other forum's, streamers or people in general, on this forum. Especially when they make a seperate post about it, like this. Causes a chain-reaction of bullshit and no needed drama.
  5. Freddy from the hood

    McGregor v Cowboy - Who wins?

    I HOPE McGregor, but Cowboy been in so many fights, fought so many different fighters, it is going to be very hard for Conor. But then again, Aldo went to sleep fast aswell... yea... i'd say McGregor aswell. The rest of the card trash tho.
  6. Freddy from the hood

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  7. Freddy from the hood

    Rolla, reach out to Bandit

    Fuck that, i love it. I dont like violance persee, but people think just because its the internet that you can act like a dick. The funny thing about it is, people expect that kind of behavior from someone with my name and caracter, but its the Jason's, Mike's, Steven's etc.. that do it. Get em Bandit.
  8. Freddy from the hood

    Anything to talk about

    im here to sell some ass hmu
  9. Freddy from the hood

    Anything to talk about

    what you need
  10. Freddy from the hood

    Old Firm Spectacular

    Looks like me and @RichieFC when we about to kiss.
  11. Freddy from the hood

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  12. Freddy from the hood

    Conor McGregor

    To be honest, i forgot about that incident, thats how good UFC is with cover up bad things the fighters do just so they can use them in the future to make more money. When i was training, there was one rule, dont fight anyone OUTSIDE the gym, only inside. If you do so, you're no longer welcome in the gym. Its all about respect.
  13. Freddy from the hood

    Pure Greed

    Good to see you aswell David, late happy new year !
  14. Freddy from the hood

    Pure Greed

    Same to you bangers, hope everything is good homie
  15. Freddy from the hood

    Pure Greed

    Nah man, im just in and out of this internet shit.