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  1. Freddy from the hood

    Tinkering on Mystery museum 20p

    very nice
  2. Freddy from the hood

    First time for everything

    fuck casino's
  3. Freddy from the hood

    Land based slots

    Yesterday i went to the most populair and big land based in my country, and it was terrible. Every slot starts at like 75p and WHEN you get a bonus its all dead spins. It def feels weird. So i will only play slots online and land-based roulette/blackjack.
  4. Freddy from the hood


    I know. but to this day people still think England are favorite's for this World Cup. And i dont understand the England hype. They been shit.
  5. Freddy from the hood


    England's record. The World Cup is good. Fucking 1966.
  6. Freddy from the hood


    I really dont get the whole '' It's coming Home '' shit. One prize. Thats it. But always top 3 favorite's in every tournament. How ? Every game i seen England play, they are dog-shit. My wild guess it has something to do with the link to Premier League. But then ya'll forget that all the best players that make the Premier League, the league that it is, are all foreign players. Al lot of the '' predictions '' of the World Cup on Youtube put England above Argentina,Netherlands,Germany,France... fucking joke lol. But yea.. next Champions League it's coming home for Red Star Belgrade.
  7. Freddy from the hood

    first epic win in almost 10 years

    it actually kinda pissed me off that it was 10's. if only it was any other symbol. but cant moan still amazing win.
  8. Freddy from the hood

    first epic win in almost 10 years

    thanks guys
  9. Freddy from the hood

    first epic win in almost 10 years

    Before this hit i had 2 more 1000+ x also on Hacksaw games. But this one was the biggest. Deposit : 15+15 Cashout : 3000
  10. Freddy from the hood

    This is a story about Kyle and Sandro..

    Edit : There is another person involved in this on my ( the good ) side, i left them out because i dont know if they want it to be told with them in it.
  11. Freddy from the hood

    This is a story about Kyle and Sandro..

    I was streaming some slots on my Twitch and i got approached in my Dm's on Twitch by the official Rollbit account. 57k followers ! They want my discord, i gave it due to it being the official Rollbit Twitch account. We talked and they offert me a really good deposit bonus deal. Tbh i was still not really 100% convinced that they were scammers, because it is still the official Rollbit account, how would scammers get access to that ? So i decided to play a long and see where the scam kicks in. Kyle and Sandro are they called. First Sandro explaining me the deal. A 100% deposit bonus , 1 stream minimum a week and after 2 hours you can cash everything out. You also get your own Rollbit links so you get sign up bonuses. Still no clue when the actual scam kicks in. I'm waiting for a unpatient, bad english speaking, rude kind of guy. But no, not MY MAN Sandro. 2 days later.. He asked me if i already made an account on Rollbit, i said nah i'm going to do that later, they said ok. Soon as i got the account, Sandro asked me if an Admin of Rollbit named Kyle can add me aswell to set up everything. I said ok. He gaves me a whole list what i should do in my acount, and also told me to set up a 2 step verification kind of thing. My mans lookin out for the homie's. I appreciate that. Fast forward another day. I told him that i want to stream TODAY, not tomorrow, but TODAYYYYYY ! . He said ok, let me give you the SPECIAL DEPOSIT ADRESS , that if you deposit thru here you get it 100% matched in your account. Rollbit is a Crypto Casino. ....... i said bet. Alarms going off. I know that i'm special, but i dont need a special deposit adress. Just the normal. please. But that wasnt possible. So i went and checked the adress on, and saw to my suprise, that KYLE IS FUCKING RICH BOY. Mans transferd 20k out of that account earlier today like its NOTHINNNNNN. So yea long story long, we checked Rollbit support IN Rollbit and they ofcourse said what we already knew. This amazing story can lack a bit in details and shit because i get distracted by my boy Kyle spamming me in Discord AS WE SPEAK , if i want to make screenshot of my transaction. NO KYLE ! .... leave me alone Now some pictures of our converstation of today : End note : Rollbit has NOTHING to do with this ! Shout out Rollbit.
  12. Freddy from the hood


    Pirate Chain
  13. Freddy from the hood

    888 refusing to pay.

    I had an issue at landbased 2 days ago. These casino's are a bunch of bitches. Never trust them. Hope you get your money back.
  14. Freddy from the hood

    Folsom Prison Review

    looks like @Bangers
  15. Freddy from the hood

    Dutch takeover of Manchester United 2022/23

    Hello David, i'm doing good. How are you doing ?