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    Website Builder

    i can make site for you no problem give 1k ill make you best website ever you want iphone 14x ? no you won iphone just now i checked it say adam here in system click link i send you in email you only click and win iphone 14x is real no scam believe me greetings from uwanaga oebofuna from uganda
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    Because a real forum wants the fudging lot!!!

    fuck that, still waiting on my 0.60p
  3. Freddy from the hood

    Impossible Luck

    oh yeah its the statisics my g im the spokesman of eating booty. i was busy last night what was going on last night then ? nah not yet. 21 februari. almost almost my g
  4. Freddy from the hood

    Impossible Luck

    name tag ??? you mean 5x world champion booty eater ?
  5. Freddy from the hood

    Impossible Luck

    @adamuk enjoy it my g. congratulations !
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    just realized that jack is not even possible. false alarm. continue.
  7. Freddy from the hood


    if i see ANYBODY saying jack and the b , ill be on your ass. just a warning. have a nice day.
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    Dead or Alive 5 Scatters

    very nice my g, enjoy it.
  9. Freddy from the hood

    I'm Bi curious..

    Awesome response's from you all. Thanks !!
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    Diet Thread?

    My g. Start with your food, i know everybody says it, but really start with that. I dont know what your body type is and how much fat %, because some people can weight heavy but look skinny. So the whole overweight BMI type shit is bullshit in my eyes, everybody is different. And at the end of the day, YOU have to feel good in your own body. If you think it looks good, stay with it, you dont like how you look, change it. But you want to slim/go down in weight, start with your food, but dont turn it around 180% instantly. Do it a little bit by little bit, count your calories. And i dont know iif you ever did fighting sports ? Buy a punching bag, go rounds on that, sweat sweat sweat. Dont buy anymore soda's, beer and stuff. Live on water, buy a refill bottle that drinks nice, and fill that everytime you get thirsty. The simple/normal things gonna make the change trust me. Walk to place's you normally do on the bike or by car. And most important , dont rush it, just do it make it a part of your normal routine. You can do it man !
  12. Freddy from the hood

    I'm Bi curious..

    haha my g thank you. The myth, the legend... good ol jacky.
  13. Freddy from the hood


    Love ASMR myself. Been watching it in bed for years now. Gentle Whispering got me into it. ( funny story ) The role-play stuff gets me laughing sometimes so not a fan of that, but the unintentional ASMR is my shit. A lot of times i have no inner peace/rest, so i use it for that, to calm me down. ( and for sleeping ofcourse ) Only when i hang with the boys and i open my youtube app around them, you got some explaining to do.... nah joke. Lots of people watch it , look at the vieuws !
  14. Freddy from the hood

    I'm Bi curious..

    Hey, hello there. Sometimes i think about how many of these people on the forum are active gamblers, and how many are (retired) non - gamblers. I dont gamble anymore for long time now, and sometimes feel bit useless on this forum to be honest... because its gambling forum. Plus slot's and other things gambling related dont interest me at all anymore, besides Jack and the b ofcourse >>> picture. So if people ( who want ofcourse ) , can copy the following questions and answer behind it , would be awesome. Just to have a rough picture you know. I, and im sure more people ,are curious.. Is this forum more then an gambling forum ? - Why are you on this forum in the first place ? - What keeps you on this forum ? - What can make you leave this forum ? - And i want to say : That its pretty awesome to see that this forum is so active. Remember the time that it was being mentioned by Rolla that he was busy with something behind the scene's, and this is the result so far. I have seen so many forum's , not only gambling related forum's, but forum's in general, that arent as active as this one. ( in % with the amount of people that have signed up ) Forum's in general is not as populair as it once was after all. Plus the fact that Rolla dont have to do a lot to keep this forum going in sense of posting stuff, its not fully leaning on Rolla, I mean he is the face of the forum, but the people on here really out here posting fun stuff they self, and having some good discussions and talk. I mean i could be wrong, but this is how i see it. So shout out to @Rocknrolla and @MrUKHackz for setting all this up. Having said this , im leaving the forum .... SIKE. Almost did a @Miller26 on y''all asses... ( love you Miller my g , its joke) Love from Rio de Janeiro ! ..... ( Thanks Paul now im stuck here .... lets become millionairs he said, would be fun he said....) Oh yeah here is a picture of jack : EDIT : wont let me post picture of jack, so that's one thing y''all get from me in the future dont worry !