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  1. Williamhill are offering a £1 free bet So sticking that in a 100/1 shot seems the sensible option haha.
  2. Count me in to the snooker ball party competition
  3. And that result proves why if you're in the stadium don't leave early just to get out the car park a few minutes earlier. With all the added time these days, anything can happen.
  4. Hi all. I'll join in the horse party competition
  5. Yeah they've snuck to the top from knower it seems. Just like last season though, strange year to win any trophy
  6. Even the thought of lumping a grand on united fills me with anxiety haha. Glad you didn't get to do it. So many shock results this season. Just like the Liverpool one the other day.
  7. Lower stakes are the way to go
  8. Villa 1 - 0 Newcastle Brighton 2 - 0 Blackpool Aberdeen 2 - 0 Motherwell Man U 1 - 1 Liverpool Livingston 1 - 0 St Mirren Bournemouth 1 - 2 Crawley
  9. Fantastic win in time for Xmas.... spend it wildly not wisely on anything but slots haha
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