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    I’ve stayed indoors for nearly 2 weeks, been very careful to protect my family from this virus and the day I choose to go out for essentials I’m put at risk from none other than a policeman of all people, utterly disgusting in my eyes. If the general public witness the people that are their to protect you blatantly flaunting the rules that they preach then I’m not surprised that some people are acting in this way. It can’t be do as I say not as I do kind of thing.
  2. Hacko 1


    The annoying thing for me yesterday was getting stopped at a make shift road block on my way to go shopping at the supermarket, I’ve not got a problem with the actual stop policy but what I do have a massive massive issue with is the big letch of a copper that was ungloved and unmasked shoving his big fat head into my car not 4 inches from my face to check inside the vehicle. Did he think he was bigger than the virus, did he not care if he infected me whilst checking my car. It can’t be one rule for one and not the other you see, if that copper was a carrier of the virus he would of passed it on to every person he stopped, paperwork was being passed from driver to copper and back again with gloveless hands. People have a right to be annoyed when the police don’t even adhere to the relevant safety advice.
  3. Hacko 1

    He is alive after all !!

    That’s not the year, this account was in profit Feb 2020 I’ll do a break down in a bit of deposits and withdrawals
  4. Hacko 1

    He is alive after all !!

    I think that speaks for itself mate, but I’m not complaining I’ve enjoyed it.
  5. Hacko 1

    He is alive after all !!

    Had a massive blow out mate, off my little titties for a bit but I’ve done it now and back to boring reality and working for fudge all to pay for my losses. A few little hits I’ve had
  6. Hacko 1

    He is alive after all !!

    Back to reality with a bump after a mad 2 week gambling session, off my fudging trolley I’ve been, thought I’d get it in before I met my maker, I’ve lost shitloads, I’ve smoked shitloads and I’ve drank shitloads. If ever there was an appropriate song for these times it is this, please feel free to strip off all clothing, turn this song up to the max and dance in your front garden in all your glory
  7. Hacko 1

    The HAPPY BIRTHDAY thread!! THE LIST!! NEW!!

    Happy birthday @Chair Slots hope it’s been good.
  8. Hacko 1


    Sounds like you’ve had a little whitey there mate , too strong for you
  9. Hacko 1

    Idea for new comp

  10. Hacko 1


    Happy birthday hackz, have a good one.
  11. Hacko 1

    David1111 Moderator!

    Where’s me orange gone too
  12. Hacko 1

    David1111 Moderator!

    Congrats to you both, your new uniforms are well smart.
  13. Hacko 1

    Cobra Meeting

    Kinks I’m thinking of you, I hope you’ve kept your kids off school and at home with you? Im sure your going to be fine lady, I understand how scared you must be feeling and it must be horrendous for you at the moment but you’ve got to stay positive and level headed making sure your doing everything you can to protect yourself. Those fairy’s you made a lovely home for in your garden will look after you
  14. Hacko 1


    Well done @Blampy good effort. Thanks as always @1pstaker good work. @centipede
  15. Hacko 1

    Today’s selections

    Bristol De Mai looks well.