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    @Jok3st3r let’s go
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    Anybody got any vera’s lovely
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    Little things that PISS you OFF

    When you’ve got 3 rows of tiles left to put down on a floor and the owners cat decides it’s a great place to empty it’s bowels right where the next tile is going, what a little fudger, stank to high heaven I’ve had to clean it up myself, I will be adjusting my invoice accordingly.
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    Funny Shit

    Pretty much sums up my life, I’m laughing but I’m crying I AM DARREN
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    I believe there was around 2700 ton sacks of product that had been in storage for some time which had been confiscated from a Russian guy who had gone bankrupt, it was bought to be sold as a fertiliser most likely in pellet form which has a slightly different chemistry to what is used in explosives manufacturing however as seen the effects are the same. There still had to of been a detonator of some description which is where the fireworks theory came from, if you watch the video at the start before the massive explosion you can clearly see small flashes going off all over the place then the boom. The Texas city explosion in the 1940’s was the same product it’s on YouTube if you want to watch it.
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    Today’s selections

    Good to see you back Miller lad hope your doing ok. Im ok now cheers a couple of months of hard graft have seen me right.
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    Today’s selections

    You having a laugh it’s the bloody school holidays now @Denman I’m posting this song for your kids
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    Thoughts are with you @Brownman24 hope everything turns out ok for your bro mate.
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    Thanks all!

    All the best to you @Fredthedog1 hope everything works out for you.