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  1. Hacko 1

    Thanks all!

    All the best to you @Fredthedog1 hope everything works out for you.
  2. Hacko 1

    Darts world match play 2020

    Into the nitty gritty of the tournament now with one of the semi’s already decided between Smith and Anderson and the other one yet to be decided, quarters playing Friday night are Lewis vs van de berg and Durrant vs Van de voort (possible upset on the cards in this Q/F 2-7 Durrant 11-4 Van de voort) Ive been watching this quite closely and I’m really fancying Lewis to win it outright. He is currently priced up at 10-1 with bet365, his darts have looked good so far and getting back to his form of 2014/15 and no crowd there watching can only be a plus for him. Keeeeeeeeeeeemon Lewis p.s for all those that don’t know Lewis’s nickname is Jackpot after he was gambling on the slots in Vegas and he hit a Jackpot but didn’t get paid out because he was only 20 at the time
  3. Hacko 1

    Mourinho new Tottenham Coach

    Great place to be born mate, my dads side of the family are from killie @Blacko your only jealous mate
  4. Hacko 1

    Mourinho new Tottenham Coach

    It’s a great stadium, in the early 2000’s I could get tickets whenever I wanted so use to take the father in law whose a lifetime Utd supporter, the look on that guys face when I took him for the first time was priceless, like a kid at Christmas.
  5. Hacko 1

    Mourinho new Tottenham Coach

    If you call @Denman big daddy and wear a pcso uniform for a week he may allow you to watch a live game from his private box at old Trafford
  6. Hacko 1

    The Tattoos of TGC

    You’d need a big bottle of this stuff on a romantic evening with this princess to give you a clue
  7. Hacko 1

    No Sugar Diet!

    For me couldn’t think of anything worse @david1111 i do a lot of manual work so tend to be able to eat whatever I like without putting too much weight on. I put on about a stone in lockdown around my midriff which didn’t make for good viewing in the mirror or the wife’s eyes but a tough couple of weeks flagging soon put paid to that and I’ve shed most of it.
  8. Hacko 1

    Today’s selections

    You have clearly looked at that gif far too long to come up with that conclusion ive heard you Yorkshire men aren’t fussy but come on it’s not a bag of pontefract cakes she’s hiding down there
  9. Hacko 1

    Today’s selections

    Can’t fathom out whether this lady is wearing any underwear or is that dark shading under her tights indeed a big mass of pubic bush
  10. Hacko 1

    TGC Tumbleweed Town

  11. Hacko 1

    TGC Tumbleweed Town

  12. Hacko 1

    TGC Tumbleweed Town

    Not been on as much for a bit because.........