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  1. slots4fun777

    Monopoly Live nice Hit

    Nice Win! Congrats!
  2. slots4fun777

    Jammin`s Jar Epic

    I know the feeling, seems that even @Rocknrolla said that he think is the only streamer that can not get a decent win on this slot :))) . You need to play it A LOT :))
  3. slots4fun777

    Jammin`s Jar Epic

    It seems that Jammin`s Jar will remain the slot of the year 2019 for me. Got another nice win. ! Enjoy the video guys!
  4. slots4fun777

    Book of Dead

    Hello guys, is been a while since I have not posted because something showed up and keep me busy , away from my channel and the forum. Today I was having my coffee and had a spare time so decided to play 10£ on book of dead, low stakes , then this...
  5. slots4fun777

    Extra Chilli 1025x

    Nicola you are on fire ! :)) Congrats!
  6. slots4fun777

    Legacy of Egypt

    Nice one! Congrats!
  7. slots4fun777

    £20 Complete Bet On Number 8 Roulette

    Nice win! Congrats! Next time go full Rolla :)) , maybe this is the new bet at roulette (Full Rolla ))
  8. Nice hit. Good to see that this game still have potential. Congrats!
  9. slots4fun777

    Barca & Slot Comp Update!!

    Good Luck Paul! Bring the trophy to UK!
  10. slots4fun777

    Time to take a break

    For sure this is the best option for you. Do not hesitate and look for reasons to not self exclude. Family is more important than gambling, is sad sometimes that we realise this too late.
  11. slots4fun777

    Bonus Hunt

    Here is my last video from today, I preferred to put all wins in one video to give people something to waste their time The deposits was 50£ end up with a good withdraw! Enjoy !
  12. slots4fun777

    Napoleon 782X

    Nice one! Congrats!
  13. slots4fun777

    Dragon`s Fire

  14. slots4fun777

    videoslots wheel

    I think Rolla is on Master level :)) This is what he is waiting for, Videoslots to introduce the master membership for him :)) :))
  15. slots4fun777

    Jurassic Park Nice win.

    I had another decent win today You can check it guys here: