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  1. slots4fun777

    Streaming FiFa2020

    I know, just pre-order today, Ultimate edition cost me 90£ :))
  2. slots4fun777

    Brownman's World Cup Rugby Competition

    I am in. Don`t have a clue about rugby but a competition is a competition
  3. slots4fun777

    Got something on my last stream :D

    It happen when I started the stream, went up to 1.1k£ but was not able to wager Got this today, and withdraw 500£
  4. slots4fun777

    Got something on my last stream :D

    Hit the 300 on last stream close to Epic, but still money! Enjoy the video!
  5. slots4fun777

    Streaming FiFa2020

    That was the reason why I quit fifa 19 because was soooo scripted, I played the demo for 2020, and like you said is much slower. I will give it a try to see
  6. slots4fun777

    Streaming FiFa2020

    I will give it a try to see how is it. I played the demo already , will see on 24 how is it. I will open the packs live and let’s see if will get anything good
  7. slots4fun777

    Streaming FiFa2020

    Yeah, I know what you mean, I will try to make a good team and invest as low as possible, because I really want to see if the people who plan to play this game without investing money in ,have a chance
  8. slots4fun777

    Streaming FiFa2020

    You need to play and make points, and when you will make 2000 you will convert into weekend league ticket
  9. slots4fun777

    Streaming FiFa2020

    Hello guys. As the title is saying I am planning to stream on fifa 2020 exactly from the day that is going to be released 24.9.2019 For the ones who don`t know how is work, I am going to build an ultimate Team and play for the weekend league, to qualify for fut championship. For fifa 19 it was like that : The better you play, the more points you'll earn, with a minimum of 2,000 needed to buy into Weekend League. You also earn Champions Points at every rank in Weekend League, meaning players will need to achieve at least Silver 1 rank to earn enough points for re-qualification. Aslo there will be players that will be inform every week(depends how they are playing in real life) and I will try to get them in my team. If you guys have a name for the new team let me know here , if you think I should stay only with the slots let me know All the best!
  10. slots4fun777

    kims donations?

    I have seen the last 30 minutes of the stream yesterday, Kim looks so angry maybe because of the 10k that they lost . With the donations , don`t know what to say really but as crazyrightmeow said, nobody will force you to donate, you are just donate an amount of money to support the stream.
  11. slots4fun777


  12. slots4fun777


    A punter is a punter, no matter what
  13. slots4fun777

    Xbox Giveaway!! (CLOSED)

    Thanks Rolla. It will be 1073£
  14. slots4fun777

    So, I fucked up...

    Nice win Centi! Now, go again gamble free, I would advise you to watch this streamers how they are losing so you will be ok :)).