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  1. slots4fun777

    Quitting Smoking

    I have smoked for 10 years or maybe more, tried this new thing called IQOS also with nicotine and after done this Iqos I managed to quit , now 11 months free Try to replace the cigarettes with something else and you will be ok
  2. slots4fun777

    TGC Meet Up

    When and Where ?
  3. slots4fun777

    "Extreme" Book of RA :D

    Will go extreme live soon
  4. slots4fun777

    Bit of fun comp

    77 ft
  5. slots4fun777

    Giveaways, a good idea??

    Nice Idea Paul, just took me a while to read everything, do not know where I put my glasses :)) . I hope @MrUKHackz have a lot of free time just in case he need it , can do 2 giveaways , one for people that are on gamestop nothing to involve money, ( they can get a free TGC hoodies , t-shirts etc) You got my point, seems that you do not have something more important to do, then you can stay here online 24/7 and do giveaways , I think people will appreciate I will for sure
  6. slots4fun777

    A wild line for a non-streamer? The f**k!

    One day Freddy, one day !
  7. slots4fun777

    Legacy of Ra EPIC win!

    Epic Win! Congrats!
  8. slots4fun777

    Is this ok Blampy? :D

    Thanks @Kinkerbells
  9. slots4fun777

    Is this ok Blampy? :D

    Thanks Freddy, we need to”operate” Jack next
  10. slots4fun777

    Is this ok Blampy? :D

    No "problemas", I will choose something else , at the end of the day we need to enjoy playing
  11. slots4fun777

    Is this ok Blampy? :D

    Thank you Blampy, I will start then with Diamond mine , I remember back in the days I managed to cash out on Diamond 1200£ on 0,40£. Will give it a try tonight hope will not be a short session (30 minutes ) Now what I want is 5 wilds on DOA 2 :)))
  12. slots4fun777

    Is this ok Blampy? :D

    I know, maybe one day, I will get all symbols, for now, I am not going to play it for a long time :))) 500£ already out , keep rest to have some fun tonight , maybe a small stream, I am waiting for @Blampy as I don`t know what to play . I am looking for something with 1500x if he don`t mind
  13. slots4fun777

    Is this ok Blampy? :D

    Yeah , I know, more then 1000x and could hit it easy with so many symbols.. not this time Happy with the withdraw anyway
  14. slots4fun777

    Is this ok Blampy? :D

    Sorry that video has no sound, was recorded on the phone.. Did I managed to get all symbols in free spins?? Check it out!