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  1. lucy_tgc

    Happy Birthday Antonin

    Happy birthday Antonin x
  2. lucy_tgc

    I need a Forfeit

    Just give it a try once a week or something to see if you've improved
  3. lucy_tgc

    I need a Forfeit

    @Rocknrollahow are you getting on with this since the other day? I tried to leave you some kind of motivational comment and now i'm curious on your progress
  4. lucy_tgc

    TGC Bullet

    Ok i'll check my notifcations are on
  5. lucy_tgc

    TGC Bullet

    Are you streaming it tonight @MrUKHackz?
  6. lucy_tgc


    If i remember right the supermarkets removed all offers to try and stop people hoarding when everyone was panic buying towards the beging of the pandemic. Sounds like they haven't tried bringing them back and probably won't because they're making too much money by not doing so. Pennies make pounds, and pounds make rich people.
  7. lucy_tgc

    I need a Forfeit

    @Rocknrolla wax your legs or dye you brows hot pink
  8. lucy_tgc

    Sounds like paul begging bojo

    Lol, yeh it a very close match
  9. lucy_tgc

    How To Make KFC Fake Away With Hackz Ramsay 🍗🐔

    Looks beaut, if i can get the spices i might give this a go as i've fancied some fried chicken the past few days.
  10. lucy_tgc

    Rolla doing his bollocks in

    @howfinbonus hunts seem irresposible but you suggest 10k v woop woop
  11. lucy_tgc

    RocknRolla has a sub button

    Click on the full screen tab and cut the chat out
  12. lucy_tgc

    RocknRolla has a sub button

    @RocknrollaDon't ever feel pressured to stream now just because you have a sub button just carry on as normal. Take you breaks and stuff when need be. And can you please make your head as an emote so i can harass Jimbo and Nick with it. @Gkell727Twitch chat is better than YouTube and their is no requirement to sub to watch pauls stream on that platform. You can still watch live and chat like you would on YouTube or just go full screen or something.
  13. lucy_tgc

    Funny Shit

  14. lucy_tgc

    Ermm hello? 7000x

    Congrets @Jessr amazing win, x
  15. lucy_tgc

    The TGC Limerick Competition *WINNER ANNOUNCED*

    A short poem, i think