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  1. lucy_tgc

    Sad demise of the bdo

    Happy new year miller x
  2. lucy_tgc

    Sad demise of the bdo

    I didn't even know what i was reading at the time but it was an intresting article. Most of what i remember was they shown an old man with really crazy side burns who recently passed away who founded and held the BDO together. Then he died the new directors messed the whole organisation up by trying to update it at the last min or spmething. I dunno i will try and find the article and post here if i can, it was a good read thou because it told the history of British darts and how it all started.
  3. lucy_tgc

    Sad demise of the bdo

    I read a random news article yesterday about this BDO darts business malarkey and i remember the part about an organisation called the WDF. World darts federation or something saying that they don't recognise the BDO as a world championship tournament anymore. And what i read was the WDF rules over all dart's company's or organisations around the world. So anyone competing it that tournament coming up it's worthless now because they broke some sanctions or something. I might be talking s**t i don't know, But i'm sure one of you's would be able to find out.
  4. lucy_tgc

    Happy New Year TGC

    Happy new year to all on the TGC, I hope you have a great night and an amazing 2020 x
  5. lucy_tgc

    Happy Birthday Kinks!!!!

    Happy bday @Kinkerbellsx
  6. lucy_tgc

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas @MrUKHackz @Jok3st3r hope you're having a wonderful day x Ohh @MrUKHackz i believe i owe you the GOT boxset. I will see if i can arrange something ?
  7. lucy_tgc

    Where's Rolla?

    NIICCCCKKKKK ??? ya sexy skinny slag merry Christmas to you and you family and a happy new year x Btw, you need to ditch that Casino Grounds s**t and come over to the TGC #F**kCasinoGrounds x
  8. lucy_tgc

    Merry Christmas

    Yeah i'm only back in Leicester now for Christmas and the new year, then i'm off again to go traveling around Thailand and Vietnamnin a few weeks. Then i plan to go Cyprus, Ayia Napa for some summer work in June. Anyhoo have an amazing Christmas Crunchie eat loads of turkey, chocolate and other c**p and have loads of alcohol until you pass out and and pee yourself and have a happy new year x
  9. lucy_tgc

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas blampy and to all you lovely people here on the tgc x
  10. lucy_tgc

    Top 50 Free Giveaway!

    Nah i'm not back yet but will be eventually i'm just working abroad at the min and only came back for my dads bday.
  11. lucy_tgc


    375x for almost a full screen of top symbol is s**t i would of expected alot more
  12. lucy_tgc

    Supreme Box Logo

    You don't need to i believe you, but i would make a good video if you lined em all up and filmed em going across. But that will be just showing off lol
  13. lucy_tgc

    Supreme Box Logo

    I can see why you would be a collector of supreme but don't you ever get tempted to check to see if you have gem items like really rare stuff or owt? or would you be too tempted to sell it if you knew