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  1. lucy_tgc

    Top 50 Free Giveaway!

    Nah i'm not back yet but will be eventually i'm just working abroad at the min and only came back for my dads bday.
  2. lucy_tgc

    Top 50 Free Giveaway!

    In please
  3. lucy_tgc


    375x for almost a full screen of top symbol is s**t i would of expected alot more
  4. lucy_tgc

    Supreme Box Logo

    You don't need to i believe you, but i would make a good video if you lined em all up and filmed em going across. But that will be just showing off lol
  5. lucy_tgc

    Supreme Box Logo

    I can see why you would be a collector of supreme but don't you ever get tempted to check to see if you have gem items like really rare stuff or owt? or would you be too tempted to sell it if you knew
  6. lucy_tgc

    Everything is lost again : I'm lost!!

    You're doing great @Antonin are you thinking of extending your target once the 90 days are up? Because it would be a mega achievement if you could make triple figures gambling free
  7. lucy_tgc

    Supreme Box Logo

    Will they value increase if you wait then? I would of tried to sell them instantly for a profit
  8. lucy_tgc

    Supreme Box Logo

    You must make some money @MrUKHackz from all the hipsters trying to be unique with this supreme limited edition hustle you have going on lol
  9. lucy_tgc

    Everything is lost again : I'm lost!!

    @Antoninyou are dong absolutely brilliant keep it up 73 days gamble free is f**king amazing x
  10. lucy_tgc

    back so soon?

    Jake dont buy a lenovo notepad, i got one and it's been nothing but trouble i get the blue screen of death every couple of hours.
  11. lucy_tgc

    Game of Thrones

    It's all f**king bulls**t the writers are s**t and rushing all the losose ends to the back stories with s**t outcomes. Jamie and Cersei died together crying and hugging is just bulls**t, she should of died by being bummed by a dragon or something dramatic atleast since she was this psycho queen who beheaded Missandei. Daenerys turning into the mad queen was s**t and done too fast with no explanation of what caused it other than bells ringing triggered it. Euron Greyjoy and his sexy eyes died fighting on the beach after a quick battle with Jamie, f**koff more bulls**t. Varys burned alive by a dragon = b**lox I'm just hoping now that Daenerys gets her fanny bit of by her dragon or something because this series is just too disappointing and the new writers are s**t and have spoilt the whole franchise for me so far. I have a good mind to search for the writers addresses and send them a home made poo parcels the f**king eejits
  12. lucy_tgc

    Turdy Aluminium?

    Can't you just use a book or something to sit it on and save some money, i would
  13. lucy_tgc

    Days since ive had a bet...

    That's a nice milstone to reach here's hoping you can keep it up
  14. lucy_tgc

    The pursuit of happiness

    Im not binnin him yet and Timmy is mid 30s i think alot older than me