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  1. mac72


    Was a long time member there until the ban hammer fell. Can’t say I miss it , far too much mob mentality and Bryan has way too big an opinion of himself . If you articulate a view that isn’t “good for business” your gone . All their top casinos seem to go the same way , their flavour of the month for a while get great ratings and then start going to shit and then a few more get promoted heavily and the cycle starts over.
  2. mac72

    Jammin Jars MEGA

    Thought hard before deciding to post this as don't want to be responsible for anybody chasing one like this they won't come often if at all. Couldn't sleep so fired a £100 deposit into Unibet , few minutes later this happened! (paid in full within 2 hrs ? )
  3. mac72

    Today’s selections

    Hey i only post them when the info in my opinion is strong, it was in this case and i had a decent punt but no good i'm afraid sorry chaps
  4. mac72

    Today’s selections

    1350 Bangor on Dee tomorrow COMMODORE Strong word for that ? Would of posted it earlier before the post napped it but i was trying to get a rather large wager on at some sort of decent price 11/4 went 5/2 went 2/1 went and its 2's at best (for the moment) 15/8 and 7/4 elsewhere
  5. mac72

    Bandits loss

    Is the whole reel king thing not just an extension of even money betting on roulette?? £40 bet hoping for a 10 in a row even money streak for a 1000x1 payout? .Thats what it seems like to me anyway and why i just take it all with a pinch of salt as it only takes a bad week (even setting his loss limits) and you've done your bollocks in. It's still a relatively short space of time he's been using this system and i just fear it will all come a cropper in the near future. Hope i'm wrong
  6. mac72

    Today’s selections

    just a reminder 120/1 on betfair has to be worth a few speculative pounds can't see them giving it to me if it hadn't some shout but everybody make up their own mind, good luck
  7. mac72

    Today’s selections

    Was given this one for cheltenham tomorrow 1650 Court Maid 66/1 at moment good luck
  8. mac72

    Today’s selections

    Hope you guys got a few quid on that ?
  9. mac72

    Today’s selections

    Got given this one today for saturday 9th 1535 sandown "Commodore" think its about 10's at the moment
  10. mac72

    Well Hello Everyone

    No issue in clarifying for you. It was the "casinomeister" forum i took a certain position re the treatment of an online casino i use (which i believe i'm entitled to do,i'm not affiliated to them in any way just a player) and casinomeister and the pogg didn't appear to like that, so much for free speech! Anyway i'm now banned for "threatening behaviour/PITA" something i would completely refute, but for full disclosure in my tet-a-tet with Mr Garvie from the Pogg (the subject of which the ban came through were done so through private email to which he seems fit to share with Mr Bailey despite his own sites privacy policy) he was probably aware that i might of posted information on him (public information available from Companies house) that he wasn't comfortable with. However he himself was very quick to post other public information on a casino employee of the site i was defending so in my book whats good for the goose and all that. Anyway i'd rather not drag it all up again i want to be as transparent as possible as i'm new here but really would just like to talk about our "hobby" and enjoy the forum and thanks to Paul (and all of you) for welcoming me, i appreciate that
  11. mac72

    Well Hello Everyone

    Hi Guys, new to this forum but i've been lurking for a while and have really enjoyed Rocknrolla's vids. Some of you may know me my handle it's the same as i used for years on another forum which i appear to have run into some issues on. Hope i can engage here properly, Paul seems to run a steady ship and i look forward to being part of "The Gambling Community"