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  1. TJFF

    Wrong adress

    You got your own name wrong?... Ive got my digits crossed for you too bud... toes included...
  2. TJFF

    Currently Listening to...

    Gotta love the tunes...
  3. TJFF

    Currently Listening to...

    Its great to see this thread living...
  4. TJFF

    Verify Your Account

    200!, you have been whoring...
  5. TJFF

    Only in Glasgow

  6. TJFF

    I'd like to welcome a new member

    @h0tsh0t87 ~ youre difficult and irritating...
  7. TJFF

    What I’ve been up to

  8. TJFF

    What I’ve been up to

    Is this a ladies thread?, i only lurk nowadays but fuck me, its embarassing reading some of this... WTF is going on?, try and relax people. Life is tough enough... TJ...
  9. TJFF

    What a Bobby Dazzler!

    Gottle of gear...
  10. TJFF

    Scott Brown - Old fashioned footballer

    Yup, youre angry, try and relax a little...