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  1. TJFF

    Lightning roulette?

    wind powered game...
  2. TJFF

    Stop and step botting views ......

    i asked s&s about it - he seems oblivious to them, ?...
  3. TJFF

    Day of days

    red coupon and under 50 - yay...
  4. TJFF

    Day of days

    if i wasnt a boozer before all of this shit - which i was, i am now...
  5. TJFF

    Day of days

    never again...
  6. TJFF

    Day of days

    so instead i got a half btl of rum and 10 pint cans of tennents - the next morning was mental torture - i thought i was brain damaged - the heebie jeebies x 1000...brutal man!...
  7. TJFF

    Day of days

    i love the wine...
  8. TJFF

    Day of days

    where i am - theres no buckfast left on the shelves - im told the monks have closed due to the virus - theres no eldorado also - beers only here... id keep it and punt it for a fortune in 4 months time...
  9. TJFF

    Twin Spin Big Win £125 Stakes

  10. TJFF

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May

    im using this like fuck - what a response...
  11. TJFF

    TGC bullet, Sat 16th May