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    BTG & KFC Free Giveaway!!

    Hope my guesses are low 13,456 total 289x
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    Always! Check the T&C's Some Are Shocking!

    CherryPi why are you defending these horrible t&c's You own the shithole?
  3. damncows

    Always! Check the T&C's Some Are Shocking!

    pray tell, what haunted horror house is this?
  4. damncows


    VegasHero is the only casino to cashout winnings directly back to my credit card.I use a rogersbank mastercard to make deposits at ANY site I play.This is a long list of casinos including casumo leovegas vidioslots and on. Most casinos insist on bank transfer, to pay me, this involves fees from 15 to 30 bucks. Only one sends a cheque. When my average deposit is 50 to 75 bucks, that's unreasonable .Vegashero, however DID withdraw back to my card no fees, Should mention I'm Canadian and the bank transfer fees are for currencies exchange and other bs the banks steal.Thought it a significant distinction to make in Vegashero's case especially for others who may not have known, or may benefit like me
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    £50 Giveaway RESULT

    191.65 rockin chicken feet
  6. 5672.50 About 100x but I hope you smash it, Paul
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    The big introduction topic!

    love the site
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    The big introduction topic!

    Ah fudge,chair, busted door pigeon kicker starting, degen rum drinkin swearing gamblin twat. I love it all