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  1. Has paul left any info anywhere of upcoming possible streams?
  2. You have to have account to see his recent tweets?
  3. Oh wow hes been streaming on twitch too.. Where does he announce the streams or just randomly starts up?
  4. Yeah i was wondering this too when i checked the channel. What was the latest videos of him which got deleted? I heard something about massive razor shark hit on his latest stream, but didnt catch it. Was it even rolla's hit?
  5. @Rocknrolla How bout little sneaky friday JP chase stream? If you have free night today
  6. Enjoyed your JP chase streams/parts of it on your streams. You should someday just do one of those example? Or do you prefer do those without stream then
  7. Exactly has no viewing entertainment just a big fucking clown show.. actors rolling fake slots, fake money what ever and the worst fucking reactions i cant stand them even a second. Viewers mostly underage kids cheering up etc.. If rolla quits there aren't many left.. hypa and bandit and to be honest rolla hits me the most with is persona, chat etc other aspects of his streams, so wouldnt have anyone left to watch expect hypas vids max. Letsgiveitaspin is a great example for myself. Loved absolutely loved watching him in the old days with his laptop, but after he grew and grew it got worse in my opinion and these days i cant even watch his videos.. full of random dudes (paid to play?) absolutely ruined in my eyes, no offence to him tho.
  8. True becouse when its real money you live within it so thats the thing there and you hope for a huge hit for him so you'll or atleast i get my gambling fixes by just watching him roll degen. Its like watching good movie everytime lol but with various unpretendable endings.
  9. Theres still se slight chance i guess if bandit delivers happy news from mrvegas/vs and they would give rolla a decent deal with bonuses etc. And i can't see why wouldn't they? Rolla has good viewbase and is known streamer so its profit for them too.
  10. Btw rolla, we're you in touch with mrvegas/videoslots?
  11. Yeah im mostly talking about the big ones not small mediocre etc as these days there is hundreds of them. Like example the biggest one i bet has no problem to payout unless you win trillions lol. But ofc its still risky.
  12. I want to add that as i myself know top tier crypto casinos themselves are trusthworthy in terms of withdrawals etc and they even offer cooldowns etc so thumbs up for the trial from me, but you yourself know it then is it the proper way or absolute shit in the end. What ever you decide, just dont quit streaming forever
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