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  1. hellakytta


    Finally an update, glad to hear you are back! Missed the streams so bad
  2. hellakytta

    Favorite Streamers and why?

    Bandit in prison??!!
  3. hellakytta

    Favorite Streamers and why?

    @Rocknrolla Are you alive paul? How long will you planned to be on break? Do we get a sneaky xmas stream atleast?
  4. hellakytta

    Favorite Streamers and why?

    Paul, cuz only one i watch apart from some comp videos from hypa. Used to be letsgiveitaspin back in day, but ruined these days.
  5. hellakytta

    Big Bass Splash -- 20p

    The newest one sucks..
  6. hellakytta

    First time playing the new Max Megaways on 40p

    i love this MW one, gz!
  7. hellakytta

    Crypto casinos

    Yeah i do that already from profits i put small split in to gambling alt coins. So this time wanted to try casino, but have no clue which one to test in terms of somewhat legitimate one. I dont care if i lose it in the end.
  8. hellakytta

    Crypto casinos

    Ehh. Im the one taking the "risk" here and im talking about like 40 bucks deposit here lol. Just dont want to throw it on random shit casino but instead try to ask from you guys first for experiences or recommendations. But as u wish. I've also played many many times on non crypto curacao casinos past years so im not "scared" at all in the end IF something happens, but i've always ofc tried to find the most trustworthy out of all ones. I never deposit big amounts on curacao casinos thought.
  9. hellakytta

    Crypto casinos

    No. E: I missread ur previous post. Why can't you mention it on DM? I understand not in here public to promote any crypto casino, but why not in DM?
  10. hellakytta

    Crypto casinos

    Can u DM me it?
  11. hellakytta

    Crypto casinos

    I know, but if i still choose to play few bucks with crypto $$ atleast i'd like to know some experiences or recommendations first.
  12. hellakytta

    Crypto casinos

    Is there any legit / popular crypto casinos out there which will pay out withdrawals painless? Do you guys have any experiences of any crypto sites / recommendations? I only know bitstarz which has been long time around so probably that one? The licensing is problem tho.
  13. hellakytta

    TGC Summer Cup...Event 1: SNOOKER

    Congratzz chairslots!
  14. hellakytta

    Decent win Hot Fiesta / withdraw nightmare

    Damn nice win. Pretty sure u will get every penny after verifed.