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  1. Markymark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Wheeeyyyyy , brilliant @Solario333, very much deserved mate, what a great run of tipping. Such a hard comp to win, but chuffed it went to the nicest person on TGC. Wheeeeyyyy ????.
  2. Markymark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    You've let yourself down there mate ???
  3. Markymark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Well done @Player1173, brilliant stuff. Unlucky @groundiskey 2nd twice now mate, still hope you won a few pounds, great tipping. Thanks @Jok3st3r, @1pstaker, @Crunchie, ?
  4. Markymark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    NEWBURY 13:50 - Limited Reserve. Ew 14:25 - Moving in Style 15:00 - Thyme Hill 15:35 - Kapgarry. Nb LEICESTER 14:40 - Prairie Town 15:15 - Little Rory Mac LINGFIELD 14:10 - Seafarer. Nap Good luck everyone
  5. Markymark


    Totally agree mate, it's usually a good time for unders/overs if you can gather info on games. There maybe a few shock scores, but as Phil said leave it as late as you can. Still hurting from changing my mind with Packers. Like the look of Buffalo/unders, Arizona/overs.
  6. Markymark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Big thanks @1pstaker, wheeeyyyyy ???
  7. Markymark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    Thanks mate, got a bit lucky for once ?
  8. Markymark

    I need a chat

    Much love mate
  9. Markymark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    FRIDAY 27TH Kempton 14:30 - Capeland Chepstow 13:35 - All Mankind 14:50 - Potters Corner. Nap(if needed) Good luck everyone
  10. Markymark

    Tipping Comp ***selections Only***

    1.55 - Slate House. Nap2.30 - Verdana Blue3.05 - Cyrname good luck everyone
  11. Markymark

    Nobet364 - Christmas Day

    Agree to a point Nicola, but not everyone has family/kids at Xmas, so watching someone stream and engaging on chat maybe there only contact with anyone over Xmas. Same for going online and having a gamble. I do agree on the principal of what your getting at. Hope your having a great Xmas?
  12. Markymark

    Lonely this Christmas

    You not like my post mate ? what you up to today?
  13. Markymark

    Lonely this Christmas

    I spend Xmas on my own as well mate, I honestly don't mind. Pour yourself a large one, pop some sounds on (Pink Floyd) watch some shit on the telly. Now that's a good day. ??? Much love mate
  14. Markymark

    Finally the family start to come home

    Super stuff mate. Have a great Xmas ???
  15. Markymark

    The joy of Christmas

    Love it mate, what a brilliant thing to do for your family. Your a top top bloke Mr Blampy. ?