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  1. Markymark


    2.30 Divine Spirit. 10pts ew 3.05 Western Australia. 20pts 3.40 Magical 30ptd 4.20 I Can Fly. 10pts 5.00 Breden 5pts ew 5.35 Karak 10pts Good luck everyone
  2. Markymark

    When Naz Hit New York

    I like the guy, he's done great work in his community. As a boxer he's got nearly everything, we all know his downfall. Unfortunately I also think he's been let down with his management, trainers and financial side. Hope he retires and has a nice life, he deserves it.
  3. Markymark


  4. Markymark

    Rugby League - Season Prediction Comp'

    London 11-15 Huddersfield 1-5 Salford 11-15 St Helens 21-25 Warrington 26-30 Catalans 1-5 Good luck all.
  5. Markymark

    It's a London Ting.....

    I park my car all the time in Essex's
  6. Markymark

    Casino Affiliation Questions

    I thought about this as well. The only thing I can think of for casino's not to do this would be from a legal standpoint, they could be in a lot of trouble due to money laundering laws, that it wouldn't be worth the risk.
  7. Markymark

    Do casinos ever worry?

    Hypothetical question, if a new casino just opened and someone won a pooled jackpot the same day, the casino doesn't have enough to pay what would happen?
  8. Markymark


    Ascot (Day 1) Tuesday 18th June 2019. 14:30 - Laurens. 10pts 15:05 - King of Athens. 10pts ew 15:40 - Battaash. 30pts 16:20 - Two Darn Hot 20pts 17:00 - The Grand Visit. 10pts 17:35 - Latrobe. 10pts Good luck all
  9. Markymark

    Welcome Back Sgt Major Bangers

    He left me a personal message once, one word 'c##t' that's true
  10. Markymark

    Currently Listening to...

    PIL. Brilliant!!!
  11. Markymark

    Rugby League - Season Prediction Comp'

    Ffs!! Am going down faster than my ex-wife knickers. Geezzz
  12. Markymark


    Jesus!! Am confused already!! Will read it again, as I sometimes speed read and only absorb the minimal amount of information, atm I've got 'It's a Knockout Ascot Special' do we have jokers? maybe best I read it again.
  13. Bandits posted a few vids today mate, if you haven't already watched them. Hopefully, Rolla will be back on soon.