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  1. RichXTuta

    Bonanza revisited

    wheyyyyy, get in lad!
  2. Well done to the winners!
  3. RichXTuta

    Football Acca Bets Here

    I've sat and watched a 5k cashout turn to 0, full return was over 10k - needed Liverpool to beat Everton away where it finished 0-0 about 2 seasons ago - felt so bad I just got in bed and went to sleep. :')
  4. RichXTuta

    Affiliate fan?

    You're right but there will always be people like this, next week there'll be another one storming in with the same guff, the best bet is to ignore them completely.
  5. RichXTuta

    New Gambling Regulations - UK

    Just saying that's what they'll be announcing next presumably.
  6. RichXTuta

    New Gambling Regulations - UK

    What are you doing with the government's next press release?!
  7. RichXTuta

    Affiliate fan?

    Nobody makes these kinds of videos if they haven't pissed away a large portion of their or other people's money - not that I'm taking the piss out of anyone who has, but it's a way to express how they feel about fucking themselves over financially.
  8. RichXTuta

    Affiliate fan?

    LOL. This guy is surely just hoping for some YT views - basically the guy has just spunked his last giro into the FOBT and now he's on a mission to expose affiliates. What a helmet.
  9. RichXTuta

    New Gambling Regulations - UK

    ...this is April Fools right?
  10. RichXTuta


    Is this for real? Casumo are the most intrusive firm I can think of in terms of SOW and all of that nonsense?
  11. RichXTuta

    What we’ve learned from tonight’s stream

    Yeah unfortunately there was some controversy about him revealing he used to be a fudge packer and then he wanted to show the money he made from it to everyone on stream - controversial for TGC!
  12. RichXTuta

    Absolutely fudged it

    Sorry to hear what's happened
  13. RichXTuta

    Happy birthday Rolla!

    Happy birthday, have a massive ronza you fudger!
  14. RichXTuta


    Well done @Gkell727! Thanks for running the comp @1pstaker
  15. RichXTuta

    Razor Shark 🦈

    Get in!