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  1. RichXTuta

    Richie and Laterz Tinkering on some Thor game

    Get in Wichie!
  2. RichXTuta

    Feeling helpless

    So awful to hear, but also so good to hear that he survived it - hopefully everything will be alright.
  3. RichXTuta

    Rizk Casino

    Gave up on them, they gave me a £250 monthly limit - wasn't even fussed, enough for one go a month, and they wanted to prove I could afford that? Have a day off lads, not worth the fuss.
  4. RichXTuta

    Vaccine Passports

    Ridiculous that they're sneaking this in - can't see how it'll actually be enforced over the country - why would businesses reduce their own custom willingly because somebody chose not to have a vaccine?
  5. RichXTuta

    Watford FC Shirts Sponsored by

    Really disappointing
  6. RichXTuta

    Nolimit City Competition!!!

    Height of pettiness to get myself a win like 2x higher than Jay's here :')
  7. RichXTuta

    Nolimit City Competition!!!

    God was on the sauce replying to this one last night, sorry @jaydublin11
  8. RichXTuta

    Nolimit City Competition!!!

    Just the time spent to get the biggest win haha that's all, I cashed out though, s'all good
  9. RichXTuta

    Nolimit City Competition!!!

    Bro this is a competition no slot player wants to win, who got involved the most, I haven't played for 3 months actually haha
  10. RichXTuta

    Nolimit City Competition!!!

    @jaydublin11 fuck off my t-shirts, if i don't get a no-limit t-shirt i'm going to have to call everyone fake
  11. RichXTuta

    Nolimit City Competition!!!

    Fair play, I splashed out spending 20p a spin, the loan shark will be knocking on my door extra hard come Monday!
  12. RichXTuta

    Nolimit City Competition!!!

    I'm counting on the rest of TGC to be miserable and not bother so I can win a small set of clothing, I will gain the most minor victory over the casino.
  13. RichXTuta

    Nolimit City Competition!!!

    Will have to do I guess!
  14. RichXTuta

    1 MAX BET

    Ridiculous - might as well just pull the plug and get on with it.
  15. RichXTuta

    Prize Wheel Spins June 2021

    Get in guys!