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  1. david1111

    Ladbrokes Punter

    Im sure he wishes he'd done that now!
  2. david1111

    Ladbrokes Punter

    Feel for the guy who had 40 quid ew acca. Had the first 6 winners but last one let him down. Stood to win cool one million. Placed bet in shop so no cash out offer!
  3. Great idea by Denman. Can it happen Hackz?
  4. I would feel exactly the same. Unfortunately it's one of them things that us gamblers have to cope with. No easy answer I'm afraid. I still think about losses or near misses from months ago!!. Obviously not a loss but I know it feels like it.
  5. david1111

    Worst acca let down

    That's savage mate. Huge example of cash outs working in bookies favour. I would have done the same though
  6. david1111

    Do Personality Traits Affect Your Gambling

    Sounds like you've done the right thing howfin. You're pretty good at the footy so stick with that!
  7. david1111

    Do Personality Traits Affect Your Gambling

    All I can say is that its very hard to leave a slot with no win when you have thrown so much money at it. I'm not sure it's anything to do with personality, it's just in a gamblers make up.
  8. david1111

    Joker Pro Wildline

    The elusive wild line hits! Well done mate.
  9. david1111

    MM Deluxe has been Kind today

    Perfect timing to raise your stake. Nice. Mm is paying well at the moment
  10. david1111

    Great Novo Session

    Nice wins. You're on a roll
  11. david1111


    That was a surprise. Pogba had to play. He is class although doesn't always show it. Fellani, no comment
  12. david1111


    They were more conservative than Theresa May tonight
  13. That could happen LH. Payday loans are a slippery slope. Yes I have been there. Not good
  14. Yes indeed, although imo there shouldn't even be a facility to lock. As I said a withdrawal should be automatically processed immediately
  15. I agree. There is absolutely no reason why a withdrawal cannot be processed immediately. Everything is automated now so it is just a ploy by the casinos to try and get their money back.
  16. david1111

    The buzz of the win

    I think every gambler is aware of that but we continue to do it. Whether it be for pure entertainment, the thrill of the experience or the dreaded addiction. We'll win some and lose some, hopefully not to the to detrimental affect on our bank balance.
  17. Always the best kind
  18. Nice. Looked like it had blown it at final hurdle
  19. david1111

    The buzz of the win

    So true
  20. david1111

    What is normal...

    Ive gambled long enough to know anything is possible and nothing surprises me anymore. Good winning streaks are rare and never last. Fact is, there is only one winner in the long run
  21. david1111

    How do you control the greed?

    It's very hard to control the greed. If we're on a winning streak we feel unbeatable but as we all know it doesn't work like that. Before you know it you have given the money back still chasing the next big win. I think we all know we won't win in the long run yet we still do it. Why? Because we're gamblers
  22. david1111

    3000x ++ Danger High Voltage

    Wow that's huge. I've never had a decent hit on that. Don't give it back!!
  23. david1111

    Nothing Negative

    Personally I am really enjoying this Forum. Its a place where we can chat and air our views with people who understand and have a genuine interest in the content. I think the forum will go from strength to strength with new members joining all the time. You might just have to give the day job up Rocknrolla to keep up! Its also a great place to chat for people who need help & advice and they are guaranteed to get a non judgemental response as many here will fully relate to their situation. All the best and good luck all.
  24. david1111

    Premier League Top 4?

    Can't disagree with that