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  1. Dear Anyone. I'm making up the amounts as I go along here because I don't REALLY understand this. So OK. You're in Vegas. A machine says 'dollar denom' so is that $1 per SPIN or per LINE? If it's got 10 paylines (for argument's sake) is that still $1 a spin or $10 a spin because you're betting per line? Second ghastly question. I'm watching a streamer from Vegas playing 'dollar denom, $12 per spin' (for argument's sake again, I'm making the numbers up as I'm going along, remember!) He then says 'I'm gonna change it up here....' and goes onto 50c denom, $12 per spin. What's the difference? He's still spending $12 per spin, but he's halved his denom, so wouldn't any wins be half value even though he's spending the same amount per spin? That one totally confuses me, I don't get it. I've been asking these everywhere, but nobody's willing to explain it to me and I suppose to you who Understand, it's obvious, right? I wish I was one of you lot - I can't work it out to save my life! Please could someone excuse the fact I'm making the numbers up, get the gist of what I'm asking and tell me what the heck's going on with it all!?! Yours hopefully Chris.
  2. Dear Anyone. Watched a YouTube tutorial on video poker and the machines in the tutorial just dealt you a hand, you held or discarded cards, got more cards and if it was a good hand you won. Fair enough. That, I get. Then I watched a couple of blokes playing a video poker game which was utterly different. They had one hand. Above their hand was row after row of possible hands, like row after row of cards set in bunches of fives but face down. The guy playing it got dealt his hand and decided what to keep/change. Then some - not all - of the rows of face-down hands above got flipped over so they were face-up. That's where I got totally lost as to what was happening. Sometimes he won. Sometimes he lost. I couldn't tell WHY he was winning or losing! Is it you win from all the computer's hands you beat and lose against all the computer's hands that beat you and you get paid the accumulated total of wins-minus-loses at the end? Why were only SOME of the computer's hands being turned over, not all of them? And the big one's - he didn't seem to be getting a chance to bet on his draw. I mean if I got dealt 2 aces in a five-card hand, chucked the other three cards in and by some miracle got dealt the other 2 aces, I'd want to bet more money, right? (I'm NOT a poker expert in any way, shape or form, be gentle with me!) He didn't seem to have the option to actually bet anything, yet amounts were increasing/decreasing under his hand of cards. Please, what was he playing and how does the game work? I couldn't find a tutorial showing anything like that machine, all the tutorials just showed a machine that dealt you a hand and if your hand matched one in its paytable lists, you won. Nothing showed this computer-multi-hand game I was watching. I've attached pictures, dunno if the file names come through - the game I was WATCHING is the one with loadsa rows on a blue screen. The only game I could find an instructional on is the one with the guy in the suit and the one-line game behind him. It's the loadsa rows one I don't get! Yours puzzledly Chris.
  3. Dear Anyone. Hope I haven't asked this here before and missed the answer, tell me if I have! Hokay. So you're in Vegas. Your bandit's got 20 win lines (to keep this simple for me!) And the denom's 1c. Why isn't the max. bet 20c? I've seen people playing 'penny slots' and their money's going down far faster than that and I don't understand what's happening. The same for all stakes, was just trying to keep it simple. Like - I've seen NG slots playing on $1 denom (for example) and it's about fifty bucks a spin, is that because there's fifty win lines? Also, when you see lightning (or dragon, or similar!) link, there's all these coins with big numbers like 4500 on dropping in, and NG goes 'Three hundred bucks. Not bad!' and I'm looking at these big numbers and thinking 'How the heck is that only $300?' Can someone explain it to me? Simply, so I stand a chance of actually understanding it!?! Yours hopefully Chris.
  4. Dear theruffler. Was watching the vid - can't remember which one now - and Hypa said a little drunkenly 'I'm sure my reflection was in that machine just now...' (or words to that effect, y'know!) and I checked back and that's the reflection I found. I think Shocky's bearded as well but is kinda bigger and has a more belligerent expression? Me, I don't trust Shocky as far as I can see him, think he's a user who only pals up to Hypa for the money. But the expressions were different. Yours respectfully Chris.
  5. I've got a picture of Hypalinx, here it is .. Got it off a YouTube vid, using trusty screen capture software. Hope you enjoy! Chris.
  6. ulrichburke

    PLEASE explain Bonanza slot someone!!

    P.S. to the above - Megaways did my brane, such as it is, in for a month and a bit the first time they came out, too! Chris.
  7. ulrichburke

    PLEASE explain Bonanza slot someone!!

    Thanks all, didn't realise they were just extensions of the reels below them because they were 'spinning' from right to left while the other reels were spinning like normal reels. Because they were 'spinning' in a different direction, I thought they were their own set of independent reels and they were tying in via some kind of bonus I didn't understand! Thanks for explaining it to me - feel a bit of an ass now! Yours respectfully Chris.
  8. Dear Anyone. I've joined to ask this question cos I keep asking it in streams and nobody answers me! I don't understand what the reels along the top in Bonanza, and similar slots (some of them have the same reels but along the bottom) do. I really don't understand how they tie in with the main wheels. Sometimes I've even seen all three symbols the same on the extra reels and it doesn't count as a win, sometimes I've seen wilds on the first two extra reels and nothing happened.... I just don't understand them. PLEASE could SOMEONE explain them to me (in detail if poss!) Yours hopefully Chris.