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    Anything to talk about

    It is lol i bought a 12ft switch fly rod last week for the salmon headed to donegal for a days fishing and the line weight didnt match the fucking rod "dicks"

    Anything to talk about

    Any idea if i should use a 7weight with a 14 ft poly leader or a 9 weight with 14th poly leader using a 12ft switch? as i find the 7 weight aint working all that great? lol

    Where's Rolla?

    Nick does on a daily basis...........................

    Shutting down threads?

    Your point being? I also use CM at times and i know from reading various posts that Dazz Gs father was in the RAF which prob explains him being born in SA i just cant see what this has to do with the original subject started by the OP..

    New Here

    What the fuck is this all about?/??? someone has obviously busted thru their gambling budget and has to much times on their hands FFS.......
  6. I can say one thing if i was new to gambling and had been unlucky enough to have been watching Rothstien or Nick before deciding to deposit or not, i would have been really really pissed of with the out come of the deposits.. Gambling has and always will be set up so the house wins and how these 2 can constantly cash out time after time (allbeit) with the odd curve ball chucked in stinks to high heaven theres no luck in this what so ever its rotten to the core and seriously misleading to potential new punters..

    Tour De Where the Fudge am I

    Fucking easy pic 1 was taken high mourns looking south east towards kilkeel Pic 2 slieve donard route above maggies leap......................????????????????????

    I can’t believe what I just heard!!!

    Similar to a Statement Mick the prick made the other day. when asked by a viewer if he had any responsibility when it came to people Losing everything his response was (I Don’t give a fuck) it’s not my problem if adults can’t control what they gamble. Hes seriously misguided if he thinks his constant streaming of big bets and big wins does not Encourage people to try the same. So IMHO he’s up to his neck init and he knows it it’s only a matter of time before the UKGC set their sights on this sort of streaming and fucking it up for the decent ones out there ..

    New member

    No i love porridge but it dosnt love me the 1st thing to give me heartburn and the 2nd is irish stew ffs lol you got my vote as the one Jess made took me back to 1992 and eating cold porridge out of a bag lol

    New member

    Whats this porridge comp your harping on about???

    Currently Watching

    Im a bit behind the times when is comes to these streaming channels started on netflix last month watched 3 series of NARCOS great show El paco wasnt bad letting it down for me was the voice overs which didnt some times make sense. i have poppped back to my 20s and started watching men behaving badly again very funny theres no way the BBC would sail as close to the wind nowdays

    Casinos Exiting UK market

    There’s absolutely no reason for them taking this long for debit card if I withdraw on WH tonight before 23:00hrs I will get it after 15:00 tomorrow same with Trada.. Yet if I made a withdrawal on 32red today I wouldn’t see it until Tuesday at the earliest which is fucking shocking..

    Casinos Exiting UK market

    The last few days I’ve had at least 6 emails informing of casinos leaving the UK market. which has got me a thinking there is absolutely no need to have so many bloody casinos operating in the first place it just gives us more places to lose our money. which casinos would you least like to see leaving the UK market. If the 5 below were the only 5 left I’d be more than happy. William Hill LV Bet Sky Vegas Rizk Betway (contentions) I know but they have never give me any shite apart from slow withdrawals.

    Mega Holy Shitballs 😲😲😲

    @Jok3st3r take your money and run mate dont give the Bastards a penny back................