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  1. DegenerateJR

    Streaming/ FS giveaway!

    Hey guys, Delete if not allowed... I am streaming some slots on twitch and giving away some free spins if anyone is interested in joining ?
  2. Hey Everyone! I have been playing online for a few years (Semi Degenerate lol) however I have just recently started to record everything and put it on the WORLD WIDE WEB ? If anyone has any questions or feedback it would be much appreciated, I am looking forward to get to know you all ? I am also going to start streaming soon to!
  3. DegenerateJR

    Bonanza Big Win Videos :)

    Heyo! I wanna see everyone’s biggest wins on Bonanza! 500x or over! I will start it off ?
  4. DegenerateJR

    The big introduction topic!

    Hi Everyone, Paul still gambling with his mom's money?