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  1. 4houghts

    Stopandstep has a channel to help the UKGC

    I remember skipping that on 2nd viewing what a strange episode
  2. 4houghts

    Anyone playing Apex Legends?

    disagree your making out pc gaming is hard when it really isnt your nerd pc master race is showing Maybe loading into a game full of hackers is going to be tough on pc lol The only reason I dont play pc more is because of comfort, would rather sit back on a 4k tv with HDR on the couch then up on a desk like im at a work office
  3. 4houghts

    Anyone playing Apex Legends?

    im not saying on a same skill level basis (how would you even test that though) fov, faster frames per second, mouse and keyboard Im just stating this notion that a large proportion of pc players would beat console players is just dumb imo Pc players don't realise how sweaty some console players are 1v1 on RUST £50
  4. 4houghts

    Anyone playing Apex Legends?

    of course but I would argue the top 5% of controller players could outplay most pc players their is a bit of myth that pc players are 'hardcore' when most of them are as casual as rocknrolla most of them play dota/league anyway and hop into battlefield or a few games of csgo and think they are gods on the mouse
  5. 4houghts

    Stopandstep has a channel to help the UKGC

    Your argument kind of reminds me of that scene in breaking bad where jessie goes to rehab and tries selling drugs to the addicts who are trying to quit
  6. 4houghts

    Anyone playing Apex Legends?

    disagree massively only recently with cross play enabled on the new modern warfare a lot of the pc players where getting rinsed by the console players of course consoles have aim assist added into the code but I would argue the mouse gives way above any advantage to the pc players Would also say their is a big difference between xbox and playsation players, I have no allegiance to either but my kd and win/loss was significantly higher on the playstation and I barely played it, xbox players tend to be a lot more sweaty imo.
  7. 4houghts

    Stopandstep has a channel to help the UKGC

    UKGC gets its money from gambling companies/sponsors/lottery operators if im not mistaken Same as the regulators who regulate video games (doing everything in their power to keep loot boxes in video games which is advertising gambling to children) but the regulators are turning a blind eye because .... £
  8. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    James Doyle typical donkey ride from him Late out the stalls........Goes from out wide onto the rail and then let the horse inside of him
  9. 4houghts

    Stop and Step

    I don't watch the guy but its against youtube terms and conditions to make a video if you are sponsored by someone and you don't disclose it, Like most things gambling wise though lots of grey areas. His videos and descriptions do sound like just a advertisement for the bookies so wouldn't be surprised if he is being funded. But innocent until proven guilty and all that. More than likely he is just making bank from affiliations
  10. 4houghts

    Blackpool Review 😲

    I was talking to bangers about it few weeks back for some reason I thought it was much later in the year Having a bit of a break gambling wise, well not a break just betting a lot less you might of had to drag me out the casino betting my train ticket on zero PS: Only I can bet on man utd against newcastle , enable and battash and have them all lose
  11. 4houghts

    Blackpool Review 😲

    If I went on this I think I would of ended up homeless or in hospital great write up Adam
  12. 4houghts

    Var is a joke

    lol god bless var had a bet on crystal palace overturned the offside by a millimetre correct decision though £
  13. 4houghts

    Football Acca Bets Here

    on a random note has anyone seen a player go of the boil more than benteke he is terrible
  14. 4houghts

    Var is a joke

    ok if you say so the leaked uefa documents dont think so and they may be punished at end of season it seems https://talksport.com/football/600278/man-city-ffp-financial-fair-play-punishment/