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  1. 4houghts

    Virgin Games

  2. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    you guys make the AW bearable lol
  3. 4houghts

    Rugby League - Season Prediction Comp'

    im in if you need more people
  4. 4houghts

    Gamstop criticism by mainstream media.

    At the end of the day they make money of problem gamblers so they will do everything in their power to play dumb. This could of been fixed years ago with a cross company gambling card like you need at land based casinos in order to bet but they will never do it as they will loose to much ££££
  5. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    wtf was that ride
  6. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    not fair this is it horses been in the stalls for like 5 mins!
  7. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    got Mulzamm in this
  8. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    huntingdon and lingfield place pots today had nice returns unfortunately didn't win it though lol
  9. I have seen a lot of these fan football channels pushing gambling on their viewers most of which are kids or teenagers, football index being one example where you can buy and trade players for real cash
  10. 4houghts

    ***Horse Racing Lay Competition***

    this is still going! get these guys on the exchanges
  11. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    tin miner trying to kill scumdamore
  12. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    2 to go! lol
  13. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    @Crunchienut are there bulls buying up loads of tickets or something lol? when you look on the placepot wesbite says: 101479.578 units remain thats quite a lot for a meeting at plumpton right lol
  14. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    plumpton placepot, first 3 races all favs so wont pay to much i dont think