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  1. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    trixie Xian Express @6/4 5:00 Wolverhampton - Win Mount Wellington @9/4 6:30 Wolverhampton - Win Cat Tiger @EVS 2:30 Plumpton - Win
  2. 4houghts


    Chiefs 1-5, 36-40, 6
  3. 4houghts


    Watched it today, felt like a video game how it was filmed and cleverly edited into a single shot* Didn't watch it at the cinema so maybe wasn't as tense for me, would give it a solid 8.5 but I thought it could of been slightly better. Also you cant really compare it to other war films but was a breath of fresh air and will probably be copied again, would be cool to see from the german side.
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  5. 4houghts


    41 conformed deaths and the media is going wild, its sad... but I would guess the common cold has probably killed more in that time frame Wasn't birdflu linked to bats also?
  6. wigan 16-20 wakefield 11-15 saints 11-15 catalan 11-15 castleford 6-10 hull 6-10
  7. he didnt you bloodys shit for brains
  8. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    I made a comment on here when she won the jockey of the year award or whatever it was, clear politics... Frodon is the perfect horse for her but I do feel she gave him a cracker of a ride in the ryan air
  9. Going to take it more serious this time
  10. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    won easy even though the apprentice looked like a statue
  11. 4houghts

    Cheltenham Ante Post Bets, Discussion & lays

    Quite happy Paisley Park won earlier today, pushed his price in even more, fancy laying it if even half suspected runners turn up for that race @philinvicta have any big fancies? paddy power gone non runner money back I think on a few markets
  12. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    queen constantine
  13. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    Smart Champion 7.30
  14. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    poor start, ran well
  15. 4houghts

    Today’s selections

    comes up on the side bar, normally on a friday at 8 oclock ish