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  1. PureDogToffee

    magic mirror off it's tits

    Cracking hit. I hope you cashed most of it out and didn't give it back to the Bastards.
  2. PureDogToffee

    Finally the big one

    Cracking hit there, well done. Hope you cashed out and topped up on Buckfast
  3. PureDogToffee


    Cracking hit Mikey, hopefully you get a few more decent hits.
  4. PureDogToffee

    Hi all!

    Welcome to the forum of knowledge.
  5. PureDogToffee

    Frosty's Irish Lotto Giveaway

    07,14, 28 GL
  6. PureDogToffee

    Anyone still working?

    I had a heart attack the other week, thank fuck fer the nhs, they were all amazing, from the Ambulance crew getting me in there fast an the surgeons getting me on the table and the lovely nurses looking after me on the ward. All of them were outstanding, was a bit shocked at how little they get paid. I for one wouldn't mind paying a bit more national insurance to give them all a decent pay rise. Sat at home for a few weeks watching porn hub an netflix. Then back to work fixing heating systems.
  7. PureDogToffee

    Getting Paid by a Casino?

    Transparency and integrity is everything in my book, something more than a few streamers lack. You have always been honest and open with us and I suppose that's why you have such a big following. Like you said, you don't have to plaster their links, so take their money, hit big and cash out.
  8. PureDogToffee

    Few wins today on my phone

    Few spins in between fixing heating systems, not bad for starting with a tenner and grinding on book of dead.
  9. PureDogToffee

    Jam Jars

    Cracking wee hit.
  10. PureDogToffee

    Book of dead

    Cracking wee hit, always found that on the lower stakes on Book of Dead you can get some decent hits. Best of luck fer a few more.
  11. PureDogToffee

    Reactoonz 1572x (Base Game)

    Very nice win. Dont really play this one as I dont really understand it.
  12. PureDogToffee

    Please help

    A lot of fantastic advice above. Better than I could put it but in the end only you can change. Gambstop is a start but unless you self exclude from the bo0kies you will carry on. You will always be looking how to get around it, self exclude and after a bit you will accept you cant and start taking the next steps on your journey through life. I wish you well and hope you can take that final step and self exclude.
  13. PureDogToffee

    Me Again!!! ???

    Congrats on the win, hopefully you managed to withdraw some off it.
  14. PureDogToffee


    Very nice win mate. always good to get some money out of the casinos.
  15. PureDogToffee

    Nice start to the day