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  1. Hotshots is fine - we have had our crossed words before and we have also had friendly chats, it is what it is and often a case that people fail to understand the full picture. I get slated to high heaven for being an affiliate and that nothing good comes from that etc and so on but just this morning, as with a lot of mornings, i have sent £600 to one person to help with costs of a newly diagnosed condition of a little one and i have contributed £1,000 towards a family holiday for someone else who has gone through a tough time with one of their children having had a rare disease. This is standard for me and is very often never spoken about in the open but it is only possible because of affiliation earnings and my current winning run - there is no way that anyone can tell me either of those things are a bad thing. I gave away £25k in December in prizes, free to enter draws, random spot prizes, donations and helping hands - i am not sure exactly how much these burning pitch fork carriers think i am bringing in from the affiliate side of my outfit but all i am doing is taking it off the casino and redistributing it to good causes, i give an unreal amount of money away. I believe if you have played through a link of mine on a casino that you have already accepted that the casino will achieve a revenue share from that at some point. It remains a fact that most of my casinos provide me with a 0% revenue share on any action that they see but that is a conveniently forgotten point when it comes to the abuse coming in - i just wish people could educate themselves as to what actually occurs before firing off. I will discuss any aspect of any of it with anyone, providing what they are asking or saying is actual fact and not fiction, i can't really say fairer than that. That will be the last from me in here as i don't want to hijack Seedy's introduction thread lol If anyone has any questions, you know where to find me!
  2. See the thing is mate - you see me react to a few trolls, a few uneducated people, a few people with misconceptions and you then decide i am a sensitive person. What you don't realise is the ones that get a bite are the ones that i read when i have maybe had a shit day or a row with the mrs or lost one off the top of Reel King and i think to myself, actually, fuck you, this is how it is. What you don't see is the literal 1000's of abusive messages, emails, tweets, DM's i get, Seedy can attest to this as part of his job is to deal with several avenues of communication but if you were granted access to the full picture the absolute last conclusion you would have would to be that i am sensitive.
  3. Haha, i reckon he is happy - i loved watching it tbh at least the person that knocked out Royal Bandit King won the thing lol
  4. Bandit gets shit for giving money away in news of the day shocker ?
  5. Lol why can't you chat, you been giving people grief on there you naughty boy haha
  6. Cheers to all you lads/ladies that took part, it was a cracking evening, i had great fun playing but i tell you what, it was even more thrilling to watch the people who knew what they were doing lol! Same again in a few weeks hopefully! Sort your account out Paul lad! Oh, P.S - I got a Royal Flush... did i mention? ? Top game boys and girls.
  7. TheBandit

    New look

    Haha number one, check out those gnashers! ?
  8. Barbed. Thanks for your sensible posts, not so much for the unnecessary ones but there was some sense around for a while.
  9. I don't remove casinos because i only ever use the big names. I believe it is possible to have a falling out with a casino but for said casino to remain a popular big boy casino, they are still a good casino but you just had a personal problem there - i think to remove all existence would be the wrong thing to do. There is of course always the chance you will sort out the problem, like i did with Casumo, they closed me down in November requesting the world as Source of Wealth, it took until March to reopen the account.
  10. I leave the link up on my site, that is about it. I stop playing there until there is some sort of satisfactory resolution, if none comes then none comes. I could easily delete the link but why do that - providing it is widely known what happened to me and why i can't/don't want to play at said casino anymore, i don't see a problem leaving the link there. There isn't a giveaway for every casino, i don't expect you to know how it works because it isn't something that appeals to you but likewise, please don't be typing things that you "think" happens when you don't actually know. I play at 4 casinos per month as a maximum. I have a casino link page with 8 casinos on, it is that simple, much the same as Paul i think.
  11. Yeah i could do i would say. It doesn't stop them then popping out the old Source of Wealth rubbish on me unfortunately, i've had to move on from a few due to that. Every time i move on, it's because i want to - i'm not happy for some reason, too many bollocks done in or a change in policy or i've just been annoyed by something or someone to do with that particular place.
  12. If you have a little look around the scene, you don't need to go far to see folk with 30 or 40 casinos. I don't change casinos for business is my point, there is nothing stupid in saying that.
  13. I appreciate your views and as i stated at the beginning of my involvement in this thread, i wasn't looking to change anyones minds in relation to their opinion on affiliates, i just wanted to present factual information about how exactly a revenue share deal works and is calculated so that those opinions could be formed from actual figures rather than crazy claims. I think you can spot the "gamblers" and the gamblers. I am in single figures for casinos in 3 years.
  14. Yeah i agree, no way does anything cost that much, tbh it is almost always a fixed percentage of whatever the figure was so far - i think almost a straight 25% deduction, for not much.
  15. No i don't agree. I actually see it as completely the opposite. I used to do 20 videos a month, i was building a channel, it was fun, exciting and made me happy when people were asking for a new video all the time - i was basically playing purely to do a video sometimes and once i realised that, it started to bore me. I am a gambler and always have been and always will be - i play the slots these days when i want. I don't do a video for sign ups, i don't do a video to increase my subs, to increase my followers, to increase anything, i do a video because i want to gamble. I have said it before and i will say it again, my prize draws are a thank you to people that decided to support me and use my link, an afterthought, giving something back - the thought of them "pulling people in" never entered my head until someone accused me of it. I just don't buy that a shot at a £500 cash prize is enough to make someone who otherwise wouldn't have bothered, go through the link. The chances of winning are pretty small but there you go, that is my view on that. I don't think you watch my videos, if you did i think you would know that i promote stuff just as much as i used to, just as much as i ever have and just as much as i always will. Near the start i actually used to tell people about the link once at the start of the video and once at the end, now pretty much, it is once at some random point. I never did understand the people trying to say i promote more now than i ever did, you just missed it when i used to do it then.
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