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  1. Thanks man, yeah it was! Preying for no tie. That has happened to me before, as well.
  2. I don’t know if table game wins can go on here, but this was definitely my biggest win ever. Was a dumb idea, but $8500 deposit along with $150 from free credits. Free $75 require 1x play through on Red. Anyway, what a rush. Betting so much you can hardly breathe for a few seconds. Note: I was betting a dollar a round for some rounds until I found a spot I liked. I couldn’t get the last $22 on, ran out of time.
  3. ANY chance of a stream today? If you play your cards right. I may, re-up my subscription.. If your busy, dont worry about it.
  4. I glanced over Google, couldnt find why. Does anybody know why Canadians cant play Big Time Gaming? -_- ALSO, can Ireland buy bonuses?
  5. Thanks everyone for the help. Honestly, I was hoping for someone to say "oh yea there is these string of slots just like Novomatics downtown. ?? Haha, I should be able to find a couple good Video Slots. While Im there. First time going as well.
  6. Going to Vegas in a month. Whats the best casino's to play at? Staying at Cosmopolitan. Also, where did Paul and the Bandit play at, when they went a few months ago? Just curious
  7. @Chair Slots that cheeky bastard ?
  8. Anyone know if Paul is streaming today? Or will it be tomorrow.
  9. @MrUKHackz you can delete my thread. My question has been answered and I didnt think I was promoting anything. Sorry if you thought I was.
  10. Thanks for the help, looks like im saving for a bigger bankroll for Amsterdam trip.
  11. Does anyone know if Costa Rica has a gambling license? I guess thats not what im asking. Does anybody know if I can play licensed online slots in Costa Rica? My buddy just moved down there. Thinking about taking a trip down there. If I can play licensed online slots while I am there. Im definitely going to see him. I looked into it a bit, and I dont think you can. But im not sure. Thats why I'm asking if anybody knows. Thanks
  12. That was a good 1. Just find it funny, your saying people are sad for watching too many streams. When you have 5000 reputation votes, whatever the fuck that is. Atleast im not #1 blog poster. Who reads every1s threads. And its not even your community. Anyway good day mate.
  13. Last stream of Pauls, I wanted Paul to keep 2k in the balance or 1.5k from the repeat on roulette. He didnt have to go 4.5k on 1 spin. He coulda just repeated and had... What was it? 1.5k 2k for another stream this week. But, I seen why he done it. To try and get those 100€ slot spins back from Vikings. Its just in General man, @Jok3st3r I love watching the Vikings Unleashed gambles. And people say collect after 2 or 3 gambles. I love seeing that slot go bonkers with atleast 22 spins and 5x or 10x multiplier. But, some streamers get influenced by the collects in chat. Im from the states, and I dont get to play the blueprints or progmatic slots. Im stuck with a shit hole unlicensed casino. That i dont dare play slots on. So im left with Tri Card Poker, Baccarat, or Roulette. @Bangers eat a dick, if your referring to me.
  14. I dont like seeing some streamers lose 10 or 20k profit either. But, SOME people are saying Stop or Collect before they even build a balance or losing. You are watching gambling, enjoy it. I do like the degen streams, remember Rolla's old youtube videos? Him playing 4 to 8 poker tables at a time; plus roulette spins? Or 4 slots at a time plus blackjack? Man that shit was amazing. But anyway, its their Money. I think they know when the right time too cash out will be. Plus! I forgot this part. This is probably my best argument on not to do this. Most people are sheep and will follow what other people do. So if 1 or 2 people say stop or collect. 100 more fuckers will say the same thing. Then the chat turns negative and no1 wants that.
  15. I have a question, why do people watch gambling streams. When all they do is tell the streamer to "Cash Out!! Stop!! Wtf those stakes to high Collect! Collect after 1 gamble" For fuck sake whats the point in even watching gambling streams if your just gunna say these things. I understand you dont want the streamer to lose money, but they know what they are doing and they can afford it. Like The Bandit said, " im expecting to lose 100% of the balance before I give 1 press." Your acting like its your own money. If anything you should want the streamer to wager it all, for a longer stream. Thats like telling a pornstar not to take a 12 inch dick, because it might hurt at first. Idk its just fucking irrating. Seeing that everytime some streamer gambles for anything. Sorry for the grammar, just a little bit annoyed. Good Day
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