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  1. KamenValev

    New Member, Hi to all

    My win from last Sunday - of course half of win already returned )))
  2. OK, why they wouldn't pay it is their mistake, not mine, or maybe the online gambling is different by the land-based??? When I was working in casinos and the dealer made mistake we couldn't ask the player to return money etc, I've been witnessing a dealer paying like $25k by mistake then the Pit Boss asked very kindly the player to return he disagree and that was...
  3. I read somewhere that in Quarantine Slot by MrSlotty it was a bug this weekend (25-26.02) and it was like a 100% chance to win some nig win etc - did anybody play there at this time and did he win, also, the most important question is will the casino pay the money?
  4. KamenValev

    Psychological part of gambling - how big it is?

    check this one guys - my last win at Fastpay casino on Sunday - I started with 2AUD bet and raised to 60 and then my luck came - btw my entire gambling session lasted like 7-8 minutes - thats why I call playing for fun - I started also with 100AUD and said to myself that wouldnt deposit more etc - but then 1 good combination, raised to 7.5$ then another one, raised to 20 etc up to 60 - now perhaps I should stop playing for a while )))
  5. KamenValev

    Psychological part of gambling - how big it is?

    "We have a lot of people coming here with roulette systems. Your post indirectly implies magical thinking and beating the casino, so I just assumed that you're one of those roulette system guys." Come on mate believe me I am positive that the roulette is the worst game in a casino for players and best for owners - too addictive (I've been there, no strategy will help u win), to be honest al lof the know strategies u can find on the net will help u win in a long run BUT the casino owners also know about them and set limits of bets which is the biggest enemy of the strategies - my strategy is having fun but most of the time I am trying to stay away from roulette - too addictive lol "Fair question and I agree with you that it would be bad for business. It's also entirely possible to have long winning periods, but I believe it's just a coincidence and it has nothing to do with mindset. I apologize for my previous comment, I didn't believe that you have actually worked in this industry and assumed that you have alternative motive for starting this thread." It is ok dont overthink it, I am new here and your thoughts were normal - btw I was working for 10 yers in casinos and really love that job very interesting, very attractive, very intensive, what to say one of the best for my personality and I was really good there, BUT in my eyes only for young people after 35 u need to move forward etc
  6. KamenValev

    Psychological part of gambling - how big it is?

    what do u mean by roulette enjoyer? I dont know how to answer your 2nd part of the comment but will lask u smth - let say u are an owner of a land based casino and making like 10k USD per day from winnings, then coming a sweet couple taht are having fun for 1-2 times per month and they win more than they lose but the winnings for monts are like 1000 USD, comparing with yours 300 000 USD winnings, will u ban them and cost the reputacy of your business?
  7. KamenValev

    Psychological part of gambling - how big it is?

    well I believe that if u play for fun you will not target big bets but just those that are suitable for u and let u play for example 3h (if u decided to play 1-2 times a week per 3h and not thinking of winnings)
  8. KamenValev

    New Member, Hi to all

    hi, what do u mean by foolproof system?
  9. Hey, I want to start a discussion about smth that many people don't believe in - the psychological when gambling. I will tell u a story I will always remember - I use to work at land-based casinos in my country for like 10 years and I have been through the lowest to almost highest possible position there, so, I mean saw almost all possible styles of gambling people. I can conclude 1 thing (on the side that the casino always wins) - we all should play for fun!!! The Story - we had players, a couple around 60 years old, very polite, good-looking for the years, I mean intelligent people. So, they were coming like 1-2 times per month and always playing poker (Caribbean, Russian or texas ultimate) and to be honest (I haven't counted how many times they were winning) I believe they were winning like 7-8-9 times from 10 (my experience shows that is opposite). So, once I was a dealer and asked him: "hey, I believe that u are winning more than usual, I mean how the f*uck u are doing it so?" He smiled and said: "hey, I am not here to win money, I am here to relax from my everyday" WOW, this guy do not think about the money when was coming to the casino... Frankly, I was trying this strategy many times but looks like it is not enough just to think about it but to accept such an attitude at the casino at 110% Guys, what do u think about it - can we win more often at the casino if we play for fun (in that case we will have to play not for the big money in my eyes)?
  10. KamenValev

    New Member, Hi to all

    Hi, I believe I did my account like a few years ago but haven't used it - so a bit for me - I am from Bulgaria and recently moved to Australia Melbourne to live with my brother. I am playing all my life in casinos but trying to do it with limits (not succeding every time of course), before I've been working at live casinos for over 10 years and really love the adrenaline when I am as a dealer as well as I am playing ))) just casino is in my blood I believe this is the first poker I've ever played back in 90s
  11. KamenValev

    How the winnings are separated by the provider?

    I am in the gambling business seems 10 years as a live dealer, so with my experience, I realised that the people who are going to the casino with the thoughts not to win, but just to kill the time are mostly winning. That is my point. If u think for the casino to win u are dead soon or late... ?