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  1. Great question, but im afraid im that old i can't remember . . Its was a problem through my early 20s which i sorted out fairley quick and made sure i paid my bills and the wife had what she wanted but i think the initial bug bite me when i was about 11-12 playing a game called kitty nap with my grandparents. It is strange that i used to play kitty glitter at one stage..... mind you i have always been drawn to
  2. Nomad Red 7

    Spot The Ball Competition

  3. Nomad Red 7

    Few Wins from today

    Following up from your Roulette win...your
  4. Nomad Red 7

    Roulette Streak - Wow!!!

    Please teach me how to do Nice win and congrats. :)
  5. Nomad Red 7

    DHV2 aka The Final Countdown

    Will have a peek but i would prefer peeps from the community as i trust them more...sort depends who lmao
  6. Nomad Red 7

    DHV2 aka The Final Countdown

    So the release date is set to the 13th march. Just wondering who will be reviewing it and at what stakes? Also what are your expectations for it and if you have got any info on the game play. Already the game reminds me of 1986 ish (if your old enough to remember the Will it be like Holy crap Diver????
  7. Nomad Red 7

    No Bonus but a win is a win

    It looks very sparkly, nice one bud, now get another.
  8. Nomad Red 7

    The WORST £500 I Ever Won In My Life

    I would put the site in the bin, what a crap bonus... FFS a story that indeed needed to be told. Your owed one for sure.
  9. Nomad Red 7

    Evolution.... cheating?!

    I am really interested on the outcome of this as it happened to me some time ago. They made me feel like i had made the mistake. It wasn't a large amount of cash around a fiver but i (even now) believed i saw the ball static in my number. I wish i had been a streamer so i could of had it recorded. I must say that it has not happened again though. Good luck with it :).
  10. Nomad Red 7

    TRUMP 2020

    Politics 101... British or Yank they are still a bunch of L****G M****R F*****S. I would like a person like Ben Shapiro in the States or Professor Brian Cox in the UK. Just someone who cuts through the crap and tells it like it is. Maybe one day..
  11. Nomad Red 7

    Genuine or Rigged

    I run worse at real/live poker...i mean A A v AA and he hits a flush...ffs...stupid game :)
  12. Nomad Red 7

    Impossible Luck

    That never happens to me..... mind you i dont play :). Nice one
  13. Nomad Red 7

    TGC SLOTS Cup!!!

    Ok then. 1, Wonky Wabbits 2, Donuts 3, Book of Dead
  14. Nomad Red 7

    Mr and Mrs B night out

    You must have one huge... dick or bankroll... to have pulled that beautiful lady. Your pulling way way out of your :). Nice one and glad you both enjoyed your night out.