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  1. Lighty45

    Betting Strategies

    Last nights boosted acca won again at 11/1. So had a 16/1 on Weds and 11/1 last night. Todays is 9/2 for Leeds, West brom and Barnsley
  2. Lighty45

    I see Paul is winning at Poker....

    Is this the one Paul won last year ?
  3. Lighty45

    FOBTs The Aftermath!

    I must admit i am a bit surprised in my local Town. Royal Tunbridge Wells. Yes Royal i hear you say In a town centre that is suffering badly with lack of investment and dodgy dealing with the precinct owners we have empty shops everywhere. The only shops open appear to be charity shops, eating places and bookies. We have 2 William Hills, Betfred, Coral all with a couple of hundred metres of each other. I popped into Town yesterday to do a few bits and pieces and fancied a bet on the footie so popped into Freds and to my surprise all 4 machines are being played. 3 people playing slots and 1 playing Roulette. Maybe it was just a pure fluke but to me it really doesnt seem to have affected my locals. We always get a lot of taxi drivers in there playing and your usual chinese on the slots and roulette, then the dole dossers wasting the giro in it. Pleased to say i have not touched one in over a year.
  4. Lighty45

    Betting Strategies

    I mainly stick to football bets and the odd horse one when there is a big meeting. I have found my football returns improved drastically when reducing the acca's from 6 down to 5. I am not much of a big staker generally £5 and returns vary from 80-150. I also follow some of the Sky Bet price boost 3/4 folds and have had some cracking results on these. Also bet on live games, i find them more interesting to watch if i have a few £ on them and again some of the Sky Bet price boosts are very good. Last night it was 2 shots on target for Sterling and Son boosted from 8/1 upto 16/1 so had 5 on that and as you will know won in 20 minutes. Then when City went up in the tie had another 5 on Spurs to win the at 9/2 so a lovely result on that game.
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  6. Lighty45

    AJ opponent testing positive
  7. Lighty45

    AJ opponent testing positive

    He beat an old Klitschko to win the belt, the heavyweight division over the past i would say 10 years has been very poor. I certainly am not a Fury fan, in fact i am annoyed he is even considered as a challenger. The fact he is a challenger after 2 years out of the ring and then coming back and fighting to bums is only cementing the poor division further. Out of the 3 AJ, Wilder and Fury i am more inclined to back Wilder. If you are talking pure boxing then yes AJ would edge it, but out of the 3 Wilder has the deadliest punch as Fury found out. If you want controversy then he it is....... I do not agree that Fury beat Wilder, rewatch the fight, the 1st 4/5 could have gone either way, and as it the norm in boxing the favour the home fighter, then throw in the 10-8 round and i can fully see how they came to a draw. Even the commentators during the early rounds are saying these rounds can go either way. Like i say my biggest issue with AJ is he talks the talk but when it comes down to it he never backs it up. His past 2/3 fights he has been booed, why do you think that is ? He keeps saying he will give the fans the fights they want, well who wants AJ Miller in Maddison Square Garden ? His bank manager maybe. Until he fights Fury/Wilder/ White for me he can not be considered the best in the division.
  8. Lighty45

    AJ opponent testing positive

    The trouble with doping in boxing is when they get caught in the States the bans they get generally only ban them from fighting in a particular State so they simply fight elsewhere. From my point of view its a waste of time anyway. I am a huge boxing fan, but not a fan of AJ. He is an average fighter who has been very well managed and promoted in a period when there was very little challengers in the heavyweight division. He honestly winds me up more than any other fighter out there ( Khan aside ) For years he has given it all the mouth, ill fight anyone anywhere. But in truth no he wont, he will only fight people he knows he will beat. I think it was after his last fight, he got booed and asked the crowd the fight they wanted, they responded with Wilder or Fury to which AJ replied 100% thats my next fight but if for any reason it can not be made then it will be a London fight against Dillian White. Well fast forward a few months and its none of the three, its an average fighter at Maddison Square Garden. Why? He knows he is losing the faith of the British boxing fans so wants to try to crack America as there is some serious money to be made out there. He is fully aware the public are behind Fury. And for me both Fury and Wider beat AJ. Like i say he is an Ok boxer but has been expertly managed and is a PR dream.
  9. Sorry @Crunchienut totally forgot about this
  10. Lighty45

    Gambling confession(s)

    Incredible story and thanks for sharing it with us. I take it you managed to rekindle it with the family afterwards ? I think most of us can probably relate to this in some manner, i have just this minute blown the last of my bank balance until middle of next week. I dont have overdrafts or credit cards purely because i know i would max them out. So yeah im on my arse for a few days but ill survive one way or another
  11. Cool just take long shot
  12. I posted mine a week or so ago