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  1. Lighty45

    Fury's just destroyed the heavyweight division

    Frank Warren was on Talk Sport this morning and said in his opinion AJ Fury stood a better chance of happening now. My own view is it will never happen, AJ is a well manicured heavyweight, he is a PR dream but in truth he is just an average fighter. He talks the talk but then bottles it everytime. You can look back over his last 5/6 fights after everyone he has said he will fight Fury or Wilder next and he has bottled it everytime by demanding crazy purse splits that he knows they wont accept. After the Chisora/Whyte fight when AJ got booed, it really seemed to affect him so he goes on about wanting Fury/Wilder though that was always going to be unlikely because of the rematch clause for Fury. So he turns to the crowd and asks them who they want next and the crowd react with Whyte. AJ promises the crowd if the Fury fight wont happen he will fight Whyte. Surely i am not the only person not surprised he is fighting a bum in Maddison Square Garden in the hope of building his american audience, why ? Because the UK fight fans are getting fed up with AJ making all the noises then bottling it. For what it is worth i think both Fury and Wilder beat AJ
  2. Lighty45

    donuts little win

    I would consider it a good hit, i usually get shafted whenever the 50x comes out, seem to hit better with the multiplyer around the 25x mark
  3. Lighty45


    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!! Look Lively! Look Lively! Busy times ahead for the footy comp as we have mid week fixtures to contend with, so Game Weeks 3,4 and 5 will come up in rapid succession. Whoever is leading the respective leagues after week 4, will be crowned February's Manager of theMonth, and the first to gain a spin on the prize wheel. Week 5 will be thestart of the March monthly contest. So below are the fixtures and Head to Heads for Game Weeks 3 and 4. Please note the first matches are this coming Friday 22nd Feb. You have been warned.  GAME WEEK 3 1. Cardiff Shitty v Watford (FRI) 2. Leicester v Crystal Palace 3. Bournemouth v Wolves (for Rob) 4. Man Utd v Liverpool 5. Nottingham Forest v Derby (for Jess) PIE LEAGUE  @McSplooger VS @Garryboy001(1-2 1-1 1-3 2-1 0-2) @david1111 VS @h0tsh0t87 @Solario333 VS @Robert dimmack @Crunchienut VS @Sirbetsalot @Marky147 VS @Markymark @spursman VS @o0ORyaanO0o @Lighty45 1-2 2-2 1-3 2-3 1-3 VS @Miller26  PASTY LEAGUE @Blampy VS @Denbo147 @Jessr VS @MrUKHackz (AV HIM JESS) @1pstaker VS @Brownman24 @Poker VS @VillaLad @Rocknrolla VS @Mad Slasher McGurk @Kinkerbells VS @centipede @jollyman77 VS @RichieFC  GAME WEEK 4  1. Cardiff Shitty vs Everton 2. Newcastle vs Burnley (To keep Jollyman Jolly) 3. Southampton vs Fulham 4. Chelsea vs Spurs 5. Crystal Palace vs Man Utd  PIE LEAGUE Mc Splooger VS David Solario VS Garryboy(1-0 1-0 2-1 0-2 1-3) Crunchie VS Hotshots Marky147 VS Top Batsman Rob Spursman VS Sirbetsalot Lighty45 2-1 2-2 3-1 2-2 1-3 VS Markymark Miller VS Ryaan PASTY LEAGUE Blampy VS Jess 1pStaker VS Denbo147 Poker VS Hackz RocknRolla VS Brownman Kinkerbells VS Villalad Jollyman VS Mad Slasher Richie VS Centipede Thjink i have done it right, sout at me if not
  4. Lighty45

    TGC SLOTS Cup!!!

    Great idea Steam Tower Montezuma Ninja Ways
  5. Lighty45


    Was just playing some spin and goes on Pokerstars and won a $215 tournament ticket. Now proper nervous, never played anything like these stakes before. Good news is there is none available for at least 24 hours so got some time to work myself up a bit more lol
  6. Lighty45

    I'm Bi curious..

    Is this forum more then an gambling forum ? - For me yes it is much more than a gambling forum. From gambling tips and advice on casino's etc there is also a good banter on here and while i am still fairly new i like the vibe of this place. So many other forums have a lot of bickering on it and name calling etc whereas this one for so far has been fairly laid back and i like that style. Why are you on this forum in the first place ? - I had followed @Rocknrolla on tube for sometime and obviously use to see the forum in the start of video's but unlike many other streamers he did not push the forum, for a while that led me to believe it would either be defunct or extremely quiet on here. I think one evening after watching one of his videos i was looking for a new casino to join so thought i would check out the website. Had a good browse through the content and thought yeah this place looks ok. Joined the forum and lurked for a few weeks before plucking up the courage to join in and never looked back since. What keeps you on this forum ? - I guess for me there are a few factors that keep me here, obviously i like the forum comps, but just the overall feel of the place, i may well be wrong but i have never seen it get heated on here. Another factor for me is that Paul joins in with the posts and the banter, its important to me that the streamer can take a mauling as well as give it out so i like that side as well. And finally for me Paul is the most down to earth streamer there is, i do watch a few bandit videos because i like the way he will max a new machine out just to show you how it can play, but streamer wise this is the place to be for me. I have to finally mention the post the other day regarding depression, and the number of positive comments left on the post. As it is something i suffer with and is close to me this was really good to see, and prove that this forum is so much more than a gambling forum and for that i applaud everyone who helps with the running of this place. What can make you leave this forum ? - Bullying, lack of respect shown to someone who is asking a genuine question. People being judgmental. Just the usual kind of nasty rubbish you see on some forums.
  7. Lighty45

    Holy Diver Level 2

    Playing Holy Diver on 20p stakes cost me around £13 to get to level 2 but got bored so decided to take level 2 and it paid £127
  8. Lighty45

    Cazino Cosmos 407x

    Nice hit, someones having a good run today
  9. Lighty45

    Fat Santa 1103x

    Nice win, well done
  10. Tonight's Euromillions winning numbers are: 31, 43, 14, 25, 37 and the Lucky Stars are: 02, 03.
  11. Lighty45

    Tenants Arggggggghhh Police Arggghhhhh

    The state these new (ex) legal highs get them in is fucking scary
  12. Lighty45

    Tenants Arggggggghhh Police Arggghhhhh

    Oh the good old days, it was trips and E's in my neck of the woods and over the years tried most there is out there with the exception of brown. I took drugs for a buzz and only ever socially, never wanted to be sat in a corner totally monged out lol. Sad how some people are still living that life, i have just turned 48 and a few years ago an old mate got in touch via facebook. We hadnt seen each other for 10 years so arranged a night out, needless to say he was still chasing the dragon and to this day still is. Only ever met him once after that.
  13. A lot usually depends on the Jackpot being won but 5 and 1 star can often be between 60-150k 5 alone 10-20k and 4 and 3 stars over 1k All depends on how many winners
  14. Lighty45


    Apologies I just logged in and didnt read. Done now