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  1. Legendary Hamster


    Hi all, It's been a while since I was last on here and it's very possible that I won't be back to respond (so apologies now if you think I'm just being rude, I'm genuinely not around enough to give any time and I want to avoid spending too much time talking about gambling etc). I do still watch streams from time to time but normally have them on in the background while I do other things and it's great to see Rolla doing some streams as they've been thin on the ground of late BUT the chat is always atrocious in terms of responsible gambling... Last night I found it so frustrating. Rolla, god love him, obviously has a "bit of a problem with gambling" and it's very obvious that many regular viewers do too but the continual shouts for him to rip his entire balance on roulette or 'up the stake' when already on £40 max for the site? FUCK OFF. I get it, it's a gambling stream and last night (and the night before) was a 50k stream but honestly, when I watch the stream I want the streamer to win. If the streamer goes on to piss it all away then so be it, that's gambling, but to bombard them with comments like that is not showing support and there were times when I felt really bad for Paul as he genuinely looked flustered and it was tough to watch as he's such a nice guy. Again, yes it's gambling, but I remember it wasn't so long when Twitch (which I was on) was the civilised chat room so I can only guess what Youtube was like... Join in, watch, enjoy but don't go saying stuff like "you've broken your promise so go balls deep and play the lot" or laugh when he does make a loss as it detracts from the stream IMO. Byeeee...
  2. Legendary Hamster

    How to manage and control your gambling budget

    Lots of temporary exclusions :)
  3. Legendary Hamster

    I've Quit Gambling Yesterday!

    Hi kid, first thing to do is not beat yourself up about it. You've gambled and lost but still have enough to get through til payday so give your dad your bank card. David is right, when you get the urge just stop and go do something else, it can be anything - go for a coffee and a slice of cake, for for a run, anything which stops you from giving in. If your anything like most people you just need to distract yourself for a few minutes until the urge passes. There is no quick win, just self exclude from everywhere and put someone else in charge of your money.
  4. Legendary Hamster

    I've Quit Gambling Yesterday!

    Hey hey! How are you getting by kid? Still bearing up well?
  5. Legendary Hamster

    I've Quit Gambling Yesterday!

    Haha, I'm helpful here but my niece recently told me about a problem with her boyfriend - all the advice I had was 'dump him, you can do better' lol. I wasn't really paying attention, luckily I don't think she listened :) Having been through the mill in terms of gambling addiction, it is quite close to my heart.
  6. Legendary Hamster

    I've Quit Gambling Yesterday!

    Hi kid, that's excellent as a lot of people have difficulty opening up to those closest to them and it's them who are able to offer the most support :) I have every faith in you to regain your control, you've opened up and identified and are taking steps to tackle it. Keep going kid, you can do it!!!
  7. Legendary Hamster

    I've Quit Gambling Yesterday!

    Good idea :) the thing is that it will be hard to begin with as you'll find yourself getting bored and might even be tempted to lie to him to get some money back... Does he know about your gambling? I seem to recall you saying that your family knows but am not sure.
  8. Legendary Hamster

    I've Quit Gambling Yesterday!

    Yup, David beat me to it. Do you have a friend you can entrust your cash with? Maybe your family? Try avoid having cash on you, more than enough for a coffee or something anyway - that's half the resource accounted for. I think you've identified at least the one trigger, having nothing to do... You need to keep yourself occupied, or at least have an option so if you find yourself thinking 'why not have a little gamble' then you can literally say NO to yourself and do something, a nominated activity lets say. Or even just go out for a walk or something... If you think it and give in then you've lost. Also, why not give yourself some goals? Maybe set up a savings account (which is not instant access) and save for something you want?
  9. Legendary Hamster

    Captain Venture Are You Feeling Okay?

    The Captain still eludes me... Nice one for you though :)
  10. Legendary Hamster

    I've Quit Gambling Yesterday!

    Morning kid, Sorry to hear you've had a bit of a lapse but it happens. The main thing is realising you've had one and not getting tilted to gamble more. What exactly are the things you struggle to stop gambling on? Do you find it is worse when you have money in your wallet or just funds regardless of being in your pocket or your bank? Is there a specific time of day when you do it or is it part of a routine (going home from work, Uni or whatever)? People have triggers and it's important to try to recognise them, until you do then you'll find it harder...
  11. Legendary Hamster

    5 Line Method - Book of Dead

    It was a sickening feeling to say the least... There are obviously some games which are worth playing on fewer lines, Pimped is a good example as I have literally never had a bonus when playing more than one line and I almost always get a decent bonus (almost) :) but once burned, twice shy and all that business...
  12. Legendary Hamster

    Err. What Now? Bwahahahaaaa!

    I know right!! Hehe, this game has paid me so much... At the end of last year £18k (although I did p*ss £4k away), almost £10k yesterday and just under £5.5k today :) I'm telling you all, low roll and build a balance then play big :) just stay in control and don't blow any winnings going crazy...
  13. Legendary Hamster

    Err. What Now? Bwahahahaaaa!

    at the risk of rubbing salt into the wound of anyone who hasn't had any luck of late... OOP'S! I DID IT AGAIN!!! Deposited a cheeky £100 and got big money on Ted which gave me 200x so I decided to be a dick and see if I could get Magic Mirror to trigger again on £10... Only frikken dropped in 5 scatter lol!!! The bonus gave me a few grand more hehe...
  14. Legendary Hamster

    Err. What Now? Bwahahahaaaa!

    Haha, it is!!! But it's just after Reddit :) got something else to add to this chat now btw... any second now...