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  1. Miller26

    Me vs diet

    I've never heard of them mate. Do they do them in the supermarket?
  2. Miller26

    Me vs diet

    Swap the coffee with hot chocolate champ
  3. Miller26

    Six Nations

    Love the six nations bilko mate. I'll reply better tonight champ
  4. Miller26

    Hopefully helps someone

    Pokercade I don't know what you go through but let's say I know how your relatives/loved ones feel. I do have a chink of light for you though. I know a guy who was an alcoholic for years and when I say alcoholic, I mean the type sleeping rough and drinking on Park benches all days. Cut a long story short, he quit 3 years ago and hasn't touched a drop since. He has a stable job and hes now got a relationship with his family. It can be done champ.
  5. Miller26

    Me vs diet

    Serious question people. I don't tend to work in an office etc so will work on the go etc. What can I have for breakfast what's pretty healthy and isn't dust?
  6. Miller26

    Me vs diet

    Now this is my sort of day champ
  7. Miller26

    Me vs diet

    Cheers jess, Well done and the weight loss shug. I think I need to up my game if I'm going to lose anything. I just love chocolate way too much
  8. Miller26

    Me vs diet

    I have some saxa salt mate will that do?
  9. Miller26

    Me vs diet

    Bit heavy for me on a Monday night champ. I'll stick to the cookies
  10. Miller26

    Me vs diet

    Where do you get that from? I need your secrets
  11. Miller26

    Me vs diet

    They have been finished. Its illegal to leave an open pack for more than 3 hours
  12. Miller26

    Me vs diet

    Might start a thread on biam
  13. Miller26

    Me vs diet

    How are you still living?
  14. Miller26

    Me vs diet

    I've ran out anyway now and I'm too fat to walk the shops
  15. Miller26

    Me vs diet

    Well I wouldn't have a bag of chips and say I've had 52 items would I Jok3st3r