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  1. Miller26


    Mans a genius
  2. Miller26


    Ots not working
  3. Miller26


    Extremely encouraging data coming from Israel this evening!
  4. Miller26


    @Jok3st3r can you do a button whats plays san quentin by jonny cash ?
  5. Miller26

    Today’s selections

    Thats very interesting mate .do you work for a company or do it yourself? I won't go big for months now although even these small bets can add up can't they
  6. Miller26

    Today’s selections

    No mate .I might have this totally wrong and I don't want to fudge anything up just in case I'm right
  7. Miller26

    Today’s selections

    Its almost halved in price .not that but another horse
  8. Miller26

    Today’s selections

    If I've got this right after @Denman mentoring me ,I think I've got a big winner tomorrow
  9. Miller26

    Today’s selections

    Can ont get a winner ffs
  10. Miller26

    Today’s selections

    Very interesting outsider in the last Its how we roll Small win single
  11. Miller26

    Chilli Prawns and spaghetti

    Very nice solario. We must swap recipes one day
  12. Miller26

    Today’s selections

    Just putting that up to beat away your Monday blues
  13. Miller26

    Stopandstep has a channel to help the UKGC

    I think I know this secret group that @MrUKHackz is talking about. Ive been tracking them for years
  14. Miller26

    San Quentin xWays Review

    The san quentin song lyrics are probably quite appropriate for this game