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  1. Miller26

    Today’s selections

    Before I say goodbye I’ll actually give a tip on here . fox norton 3.55 the classiest horse in the field. if you can get anything around 5s I’d take it .
  2. I can’t ignore trolls mate . I’m a trolls wet dream
  3. There is some really nice people on here but unfortunately the gambling world is full of hate and bitter people. It’s total poison where they think it’s ok to hide behind a computer banging away .
  4. She’s not an ex yet unfortunately
  5. I don’t stream, I don’t abuse anyone and yet I’m getting it all the time . I even got a weirdo on twitch who keeps messaging me and some cunt in YouTube.i really don’t give a fuck anymore. How some of these streamers put up with it is beyond me .
  6. Can someone tag the three weemigos in here ?
  7. Either way it’s some sad Scottish cunt . I’ve had enough of this shit to be honest. I don’t come on here to be abused , so they either ban me or I’ll just carry on abusing them .
  8. Thought you lot would say fuck all
  9. So come on hotshots howfin bangers which one of you cowards is it ?
  10. You have called it correct who I think it is mate . Just haven’t got the balls but I will call them out
  11. To be honest I did think that at first
  12. So you’re a local crack head
  13. Some troll who’s been going through all my posts