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    14.30 le Brivido 40 pts 15.05 Arizona 10pts 15.40 Mabs cross 10 16.20 King of comedy 20pts 17.00 Coeur de lion 10 17.35 magic wand 10pts Gl ALL
  2. spursman

    Royal Ascot 2109

    2:30 Ascot Queen Ann The Lockinge run at Newbury had 3 of the top 4 in the betting. Runners in the Lockinge usually run well in this race and the standout for me is LE BRIVIDO Having just watched the race, Laurens look to be travelling best but did not find much, Mustashry was being ridden and eventually won and Le Briv, ran no race until the last 2 furlongs. My fancy was drawn 14/14 and for a horse that like a bit of cover found it very hard, he was last with 3f to go, then had his path crossed by 2 horses, he really went in the last two and ended up a 4 length 5th. He has won at Ascot (Jersey stakes) before when French trained, and is now in the hands of Aiden who has won this race three times. In the jersey stakes he was drawn down the middle, the second, third, fourth and fifth were all drawn on the stands side, so that was a very good run. Here he is drawn where the pace will be, in particular Laurens who should make the running, and hopefully when Moore presses the button, he gets the job done.
  3. spursman

    Royal Ascot 2109

    I would just be happy to get the winner of the 230 at ascot tomorrow mate, let alone seeing the future in 2109
  4. spursman

    Royal Ascot 2109

  5. spursman

    Royal Ascot 2109

    Just starting to go through cards now, gonna be a long night, Charlie Appleby 50% strike rate last 8 races and 37% on the season, that is some going, will scrutinise his horses very carefully, The doyler had a treble tonight I was on two of them, with recent events with Murphy and the failing of the breathe test, might do Doyle to be top jock. Usual crap with Coolmore ma this is some event.
  6. spursman

    Royal Ascot 2109

  7. spursman

    Royal Ascot Antepost Selections

  8. spursman

    Welcome Back Sgt Major Bangers

    I'm don't want to say too much on this because there are always two sides to every story, but I find it hard to not say anything at all, the way Miller was attacked about his 10k win was bang out of order and was not right. He is one of the most most open and honest people on here, like many of us he has his flaws in particular to chasing a losing bet, I am one of those in that camp so I understand, and in regards to this, he has always been open and honest, he admits it is an issue and it takes a big man to admit he has flaws and I respect people more who own up to theirs. He was absolutely destroyed and mocked to the hills with tirade of abuse for no reason and was accused about lying about his 10k win. We have all seen his bets of £600, £800 when he is chasing, so why was it so inconceivable that it happened, when he got up 3 out of 4 in his lucky, he posted it, and most of us were happy about for him, this 10k win happened whilst he was on a break from the forum, I have no doubt that had he been on here he would have showed it, yet by one person, he was deemed a fraud and living in dreamland. The accusation on him for being a liar, was wrong, he was asked to prove it, when it was done on his mates account, as all his bets are a while back. Time and time again, in regards to others he has often said "you don't have to show anything mate, that is your personal business", so why did he have to prove it, if you believe, you believe, and those who know him and his style of betting know it happened, he was not like a streamer who profited from lying but simply felt as though "I don't need to justify myself to anyone", and he was right in this instance. Perhaps Bangers has apologised to miller and if so fair play, it takes a big man to say I was bang out of order for whatever reason I vented out. That would command respect because we are all humans and we are all flawed in one way or another, but if he hasn't and still feels as though his tirade of rants against miller was right, then that does not warrant any kind of respect. This is a forum and none of us should fear a fellow member could at any point attack us in any shape or form. The reason I really like this place is because the majority of people on here are good hearted folk. Most of us have had experiences in gambling in one form or another, and those who haven't still contribute which is great. I have no qualms about welcoming back a member who has taken a break, and who hopefully has had time to reflect, but to just ignore what was said and what happened without any kind of acknowledgement or apology to those who were offended would not be right. I remember Centipede asking Bangers if he was drunk that night all the insults were thrown, if that was the case, hold your hands up, it happens, we all say and do things we shouldn't whilst under the influence, its takes a bigger man to admit when he is wrong. Miller can take a joke more than most, he is always laughing at himself and we love him for it, he did not not deserve the tirade of abuse he got, I sincerely hope he got an apology for it, and P.s Taking the lords name in vain is not something to be mocked and I hope it wasn't done so as some kind of joke. We are all being judged whether we know it or to. Hope we never have to read anything like that again for no reason to another member. Royal Ascot soon, at the end of the day our battle is against the bookmaker not each other.
  9. spursman

    Today’s selections

    Mate even the lucky bets might prove tilting at sone point. On sky you can time out for 2-30 days. Mine there ends tomorrow, only had the option of one book yesterday, timeouts everywhere ended up playing a few of their slots, only done £30 but didn't enjoy it and timed out for 6 weeks, tgeir site has bo casino exclusion. My point is there are betting controls are there to stop people like us going gung ho if that is how it is spelt. In a way your in a better sitch than me. You have access to 1 account via a good mate, the moment you feel any kind of tilt coming even with your limit ask him to cool off the account for a couple of days. That chase mentality will go and we start afresh. How about being more selective too, you have been hot recently. You had no reason to bet yesterday as you stated the night before, but it's boredom I get it I do the same at times.
  10. spursman

    Currently Watching

    Just got a free month trial of amazon prime due to purchases on there. Seen a lot of their shows any recommendations on there guys,. I did like that miss Maisey or whatever it was called
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    Does he not know Paul is not afraid of a black eye, seems to get one everytime he goes sparring . Think this should happen like that ksi fight, don't really know what this ksi does other than some kind of blogger, it did however generate a lot of interest. Both put up the 2k for charity and winning charity gets the 4k. Obvious this guy is rattled, I don't watch any other streamer other than our own but it seems he has been exposed and my money would be on Paul inside 4.
  12. spursman

    Today’s selections

    @Miller26 Don't know what to say mate it was a ticking time bomb i said exactly this might happen a few days ago only because I've been down that road so many times. Personally if I did not have limits it would have been over for me, as I said I have them on skybet as well as everywhere else. Only you know what should happen, with you all the way in whatever you decide. Rather not hear from you even though it would sadden me than have you here sad if that makes sense. Your a good guy with a good heart and I hate seeing good people down.
  13. @centipede. Aw mate so good to hear from you and so happy your doing well, I really am. Got emotional seeing the nfl boys talk about, well nfl. If you can bear it would be wonderful to have your insight and thoughts before and whilst watching but if that would prove to tempting of course I rather you didn't. Like I said mate so nice to hear from you and keep up the good work. With you 200%. P.s we made it to a champion league final who'd da thought.
  14. spursman

    The Gosling To Goose Norfolk Style!

    TGC's very own Richard Attenborough. Brilliant mate.
  15. spursman

    Today’s selections

    you were saying mr miller, hope your this hot next week at royal ascot, all done, wd mate.