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  1. spursman

    Today’s selections

    Beautiful hit mate, nice way to celebrate your birthday too, have a great evening with the fam. Thought that gold cup forecast was the banker of ny meeting. Hope everyone did ok, kev smashed it, wd mate.
  2. spursman

    TheBingoKingx is back... and...

    Nice one Mikey, hope all goes really well. Enbrace the adventure
  3. spursman

    Football, General chit chat

    So did many spurs fans, especially myself, but until you experience it, you can never truly feel the pain it brings, but you are wrong mate, nuno will be nothing compared to jose, there is no one who cam affect negatively the way he does.
  4. spursman

    Football, General chit chat

    Lol, nuno is not going to go 1-0 v brentford after 2 mins and park the bus for the rest of the game bringing defenders on for midfielders trying to hold on to that lead. Mate there is nothing like jose negativity in world football, the guy is toxic in every way, at least nuno smiles, know we wont be winning anything we never do, but so relieved he is not there, and nuno might just surprise with tbe type of football we play, and i am a little optimistic and you never know.
  5. spursman

    Football, General chit chat

    Looks like we got football back, an I don't mean the crowds, of which make football and the atmosphere the spectacle it is, i mean that anti football man they call Jose, my goodness he has the ability even the most hardend fan go off the game, with his negative tactics and attitude, hopefully it will be a great season all round, let the games begin guys and gals, hopefully it is a good one.
  6. spursman


    Charles is very impressive, the plan, long term especially looks superb, the price stayed around the $1 to @1.40 for a while and I did wonder why, with the new chapter now ready, really looks like it will take off. THe market in general now looks like it is going to the next level, with institutions now getting heavy involved, all looks very good in terms of the future of crypto. The boss will be be pleased with polygon, the ups and downs with that, can't believe it hit 66p. He said, i think at $2 he would get out of the crypto space completely, but will he? umm, food for thought, wp to the ones who were in early, now think the use of that phrase cannot be used, apparently 1 in 5 people in the US have a coinbase account, with world affairs the way they are, this number worldwide looks like it will go through the roof.
  7. spursman

    Official FOOTBALL banter thread

    Feel sorry for the young boys taking those pens, coming on so late to take them was disgraceful in my opinion, no feel of the game and then come on to take a pen in what is already an extremely pressurising situation, where was sterling??? Southgate been getting so much credit and i could not understand why. England had the easiest run in i can ever remember, and he parked the bus virtually the whole tournament. I would understand that, if there were limited options, but he had an array of talent going forward, the best i have ever seen england have. To dare is to do, he was not brave enough, he did not utilise the talent and squad available to him. Sad, but same old. Thing is going to next years world cup, will he be braver, probably not. 5 defenders, 3 holding midfielders and kane and sterling on their own, expecting to do what exactly with no service. Oh well.
  8. spursman

    Football, General chit chat

    Finally the end of a crazy season.
  9. spursman


    The markets have calmed down now it seems, what a crazy day on the market. With you MSM. Was tempted to go it on Ada at 1.14, going to regret I think. No worries though.
  10. spursman


    Wow, the guys who know this market knew, seen a couple of videos from an anon, stating there was a message from china, in which they were going to manipulate the bitcoin, the plan was to send it to 30k, that was on tuesday 12pm, reason being that they wanted to annihilate one particular individual, who bought in on bit back in the dip before, that is nuts. I manage to reinvest 30% more of the portfolio value, but missed out on the low and bought again at the wrong time, as it dipped further, but all has recovered nicely, but gutted i did not really go in. This whole whale business looks 100%, MSM analogy of "big money do not want to pay retail", looks spot on, there has been some really great advice on here and much appreciated, i have not gone in big, but was really tempted to go 600% more on my folio yesterday on these dips, but did not know the market or how this things works, think i have an idea of what i will do now going forward.
  11. spursman


    Gutted, tried on numerous occassions to deposit, and "exchange-fiat-error-code-JSON.parse. unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data", the ones i was in were down 50% noe only down 25% grrrrrrrrr.
  12. spursman


    Mate, to me it was obvious it was planned, doesn't make sense otherwise. And in regards to the 3 i have i am very happy with, thinking of buying more in the dip. I just took on board what others had said with regards to sticking with coins that have a purpose. I am out of Shiba for that reason, no regrets. Its all good, interesting stuff this.
  13. spursman


    Reckon the meme coins will bite the dust now, elon was the big draw in regards to it, and now this, but what do i know, i only really got involved last night and lol 1 day later portfolio down 25%, its fun though, not sure if i should reinvest in the 3 i have. In regards to shib coin, i'm out lol.
  14. spursman


    That is bizarre right, he knew the damage mining this stuff was doing long ago, yet his electric cars are esentially created good for the environment. Posts ghat question and overnight develops a conscience about the environment. Not scripted that at all elon.
  15. spursman

    Today’s selections

    Miss that guy so much, really hope he is ok, I'm sure you did mate, deep down your a good soul and a real class act at times, take away your porn/fetish antics and the numerous sly comments to us common folk and what a guy, lol, some definitely deserve those comments by th way, others have me thinking why???? also a wonderful storyteller to boot.