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  1. yeh thats what i want to do, it is so stupid because i live in sweden i can't use gamstop.. gamban and betfilter is utter wank
  2. i will be taking a long break..
  3. kretz1

    Dead or alive , wild line?

    Indeed!! I thought that was it! Thanks and yeah very nice!
  4. kretz1

    Bonanza mega big win

    Little bit higher stake than i usually do
  5. kretz1

    F*k You Big Time Gaming!

    One of my worst bonanza memories is: over 1500-2000 spins and i finally get the D,, the outcome is a hole different story....
  6. 30€ deposit. This was the first slot i played, put on 30 auto spins. 9 spins later: BOOM!
  7. kretz1

    Currently Listening to...

    Friday feeling is on
  8. kretz1

    Jack and the Beanstalk

  9. kretz1

    Jack & The Beanstalk Big Wins?

    I rarely play Netents, but when I do I play the old flash version
  10. kretz1

    Currently Listening to...

    Very relaxing,, enjoy