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  1. Roger_aka_Roger

    Joint community home game!

  2. Roger_aka_Roger

    BIG BET Tonight!!!

    Its happening
  3. Roger_aka_Roger

    BIG BET Tonight!!!

    The magics about to happen
  4. Roger_aka_Roger

    BIG BET Tonight!!!

    Were not getting paid guys
  5. Roger_aka_Roger


    Twitch.TV/freddy_from_the_hood_ Pretty good pubg player
  6. Roger_aka_Roger

    BIG BET Tonight!!!

    Easy money
  7. Roger_aka_Roger

    Need some tips 4 today

    Crap, done the lot on 3-3
  8. Roger_aka_Roger

    Need some tips 4 today

    Hey guys, just found £150 worth of free bets in my paddy account, need to use them today. This is the place with the best horse tips so any help appreciated
  9. Roger_aka_Roger

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year all
  10. Roger_aka_Roger

    Recommend YouTubers to watch gambling / non gambling etc

    Can't go wrong with a bit of richieFM
  11. Roger_aka_Roger


    Last month they accidentally showed their live chat with casino requesting a funds top up, then quickly ended stream and ban anyone that mentions it
  12. Roger_aka_Roger

    SUPER 6 Giveaway!!!

    Best of luck Burnley 0 Liverpool 3 Everton 3 Newcastle 0 Fulham 2 Leicester 2 Wolves 1 Chelsea 2 Man utd 2 arsenal 4 Tottenham 1 Southampton 1
  13. Roger_aka_Roger

    Starting to get noticed??

    Congrats, what an achievement
  14. Roger_aka_Roger


    Haha, too kind.
  15. Roger_aka_Roger

    Vegan alternatives

    Haha jess, I was going to make a video around it but my vids were getting negative reactions so didn't bother. My diet is now almost completely vegetarian but am finding dropping dairy the most difficult part, think I need the motivation of documenting it to make the last push